2012-08-07-Growing Pains

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Topic: Growing Pains

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Emulan

TR: Paul Conklin



Greetings my brother, this is Emulan. I have been watching your progress for some time now and I am so proud of you. The life that you are living brings back such memories. It seems like a very distant memory of course. But there are times when I sit back and reflect on the life that I once lived. What was that life teaching me? Why did I go through what I went through? My dear little brother I went through what I went through to become that which I am right now. Everything that I am is as a result of that auspicious beginning of mine. That life was the scaffolding for all the lives to come.

I know that you feel lost at times little brother. You feel like you are the only one going through what you are going through. I can tell you little brother that you are not alone. What you are going through is quite common in the cosmos. When you begin that transition from the seven adjutant mind spirits to the cosmic mind you begin to feel it. What you are going through Paul is growth pains. It is necessary that you go through these growth pains. You remember when you were a child and you had these growth spurts. You felt a pain here or a pain there and you became concerned. You shared your concerns with your mother and she assured you that you were experiencing growth pains. She assured you that there was nothing to worry about. What you were going through was just a normal part of your growth. So, I say to you little brother, the pains that you are feeling are quite normal. All is well. Everything is as it should be. You are growing! You are growing. And the universe rejoices. They rejoice. When the universe sees a child of the cosmos experience growth pains they rejoice. They rejoice because you are becoming that which they are.

If you knew how many persons were here to help the children of Urantia you would be amazed. When the call went out that there were persons on Urantia that were awakening the floodgates opened. The floodgates of love came pouring in to your little sphere on the fringes of Orvonton. You may have felt that you and your little world were left all alone. That you were left all alone to drift through endless space. But I tell you little brother that is not so. This has been an opportunity to give back. An opportunity to reflect and to see where we have been; where I have been. This opportunity has been a great learning tool for me. No matter how far I progress in a spiritual sense I will never forget my humble beginnings. Those humble beginnings are far more important than you realize. I could never be who I am now without those humble beginnings. I marvel at the wisdom and the love of our Paradise Father. I stand before Him in speechlessness. He knew all of this beforehand about me and He knows everything beforehand about you. He knew that forever and ever you would remember where you have come from. In that remembrance would be born the attributes that the Father possesses. The attributes of tenderness and kindness, gentleness and love. These attributes have been born on this little world, this little world known as Urantia.

You may think that I do not understand what you are going through little brother. No! I do understand! I do understand. The emotions that you have been subject to I have felt in spades. That is why I am following your progress because we are not so different you and I. I may have come from a planet far from your little planet, but our experiences are similar. That is what you will find as you ascend inwards to the Father. Oh, you will see the obvious outward differences amongst your brothers and sisters. Yet, what you see on the outside cannot prepare you for what lies on the inside. On the inside we are all connected. It may seem that we are separate. That we are far from one another in experience and in background, but we all spring from the same source.

My little brother, my little brother you are going through growth pains right now, But what is happening to you individually is happening to your little world collectively. Urantia is going through birth pains. Her growth is reaching a critical stage. As the humans residing in her continue to awaken she continues to grow. The growth of Urantia is precipitated by your growth. She is feeling some discomfort, some pain right now. But all is well. She brings her concerns to her “Mother” and she is assured that all is well. “These are just growth pains my child. There is nothing to worry about. In the offing are the beautiful rainbow colors of light and life.” That is why these growth pains are necessary. It may feel unpleasant at the moment, but soon she will be fully grown, completely adapted to her environment.

Ah, this brings back such memories Paul. Such memories of those early days. All those memories of pain and doubt and fear and uncertainty. And for all those discomforts I would not change a thing. Those discomforts made me into who I am right now. So, there are times when you wish that it would stop. That you could just run away from these things that are pressing in on you. But I tell you little brother, don’t give up. Your example will help millions to prosper and to advance; to ascend inwards to the Paradise Father. As you prosper, despite your growing pains, others will prosper. Others will grow because you have grown. Others will grow because you have stayed the course.

One day little brother you will look back at your life here on Urantia and you will be amazed. Your vision here has been limited, so you could not see it. Your growth pains means that you are ascending to that which you are. And when you grow despite being subject to those pains, others will grow as well. Yes, I could not see all those that I would help one day. I could not see it Paul. But now I see it. So, when you feel like giving up, know that I have been where you are now. I am a first stage spirit. Do you think that in your wildest dreams that you will be where I am? I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be where I am now. Yet, here I am. But where I am you are. You are now journeying with me as I journey to the Father on Paradise. Let us grow together. We may be at different stages on this spiritual journey, but we are one. We are headed in the same direction.

So little brother, stay the course. Just as I look back with fondness at my origins, so you too will look back with fondness. You will wish one day that you could do it all over again. But when once this experience is done you will not pass this way again. You will look at these days and long for them again. You will long for those days when you were just a child. When you were just a child on a little planet known as Urantia. Your growth pains will have passed, but your love will ever live within you. I have wept when I remembered who I was; who I used to be. But who I was is who I am now. That little child still lives within my heart. Oh, the doubt and the fears and the uncertainties are all gone now. But in their place is love and joy and thanksgiving. Those pains that I tried so hard to avoid made me into who I am today. So, those growth pains that you are experiencing will soon pass. When they do pass you will see yourself as you really are. You will see in yourself reflections of the Paradise Father.


I will be here for some time to watch your growth. I marvel at how you have grown. I am here whenever you need me. All you need to do is call out my name and I will be there. This is your big brother Emulan signing off until we “speak again.”