2012-08-21-The Power of One

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Topic: The Power of One

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Michael

TR: Paul Conklin



On this day I was born some two thousand years ago. To tell you that my experience as a human was astonishing would be an understatement. How ironic, since I am your Father, your Creator Son. How could it be that I, your Creator, would be astonished at my sojourn here? How could it be that I learned so much more about all of you when I know all of you intimately? Well, how much can you learn about a culture that you have read about? Certainly you can gain much valuable insight, but something seems to be missing. You know that it nags at you. Ah, I know, I will live among them and then I will really know them. Do you see, my children, even my intimate knowledge of all of you did not prepare me for the actuality of that experience. It was not until I felt the sand between my toes and smelled the smells and saw the sights that the true import of Urantia found me.

When I walked among you AS ONE OF YOU, I really began to understand. I really began to understand your hardships, your sorrows, your walk upon this planet. From my perspective as your Creator Son I was certainly missing something. I was missing the ACTUAL experience to live as you all live. That thrilling, enthralling life that you all live here became mine. Forever and ever I shall remember those few brief years on Urantia and I will marvel. I will especially marvel at the goodness, love and wisdom of our Paradise Father. He knows that we can only learn so much by exploring a foreign culture in a book. To really begin to know them you need to become as one of them. Now I can say that I really know you my children. I marvel at how you are able to stick with something and yet you cannot see the outcome. You often muddle through this life not knowing where you are going. But something unseen, something mysterious, is guiding you. Unseen by your eyes a piece of the Paradise Father is guiding you in this life. No matter what has befallen you on this sphere that fact cannot be denied. It cannot be denied that the Paradise Father always looks for His children that are lost. There is nothing, there is nothing that will stand in the way of finding a lost child.

And so, and so my children, you were lost, drifting aimlessly among the stars. Who would come to show you the way? Would a spirit from on high show you the way? Yes, Spirit does indeed show you the way. But there is something that you are missing. You have always been complete and perfect in every way. What if, what if, one of your fellows that walk among you showed you the way? Certainly that would be far more of an impact to you than a voice you may hear in the sky. So, I was that voice. I was a voice that actually walked among you. I walked the walk and I talked the talk. After all, what difference would this life make if you could not ascend to the Paradise Father even as a child of the realm; even as a child of the flesh? You see my children, in each life that you live you have the opportunity to change your world. You, you can do it!

Here I was one voice, one solitary person. Just one voice that has affected the world in such an extraordinary way. How about you my children? Can you change the world? Can one voice, just one voice change the entire world? YES, my children, YES! If I, a mere mortal of the realm could change the world with just my one voice, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Ah, ah, my children, I have been waiting for these days. I have been waiting for these days when the voice of one stands up and begins to change the world. Don’t you understand the power that you have children? Just one of you, just one of you, has the power to change the world. How can that be? How can that be? My children, my children, you can change the world because living inside of you is the First Cause. That First Cause is One, just one. But look at how that One has not only changed His own world, but the worlds of countless children in His far-flung realm. Ah, can’t you see it? Can’t you see it? If you, if you, that mere little voice in the wilderness were to stand up, you would be everything and everyone. How can you be everything and everyone? You are everything and everyone because you have the Paradise Father living in your heart. When you, just you, the voice of one stands up, it is like you are an invincible army. You are everyone that has ever lived, every one that has ever died. YOU ARE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. You are everyone and everything because the ALL that is and the ALL that shall ever be lives in your heart. HE LIVES IN YOUR HEART!

If there was one lesson that I would learn on this sphere, it was this lesson. As one mere child of God I AM INVINCIBLE. I am invincible because there are no powers on heaven or upon earth that can ever defeat me if my Father is for me. Me, just one voice, just one being among a sea of beings, am a marauding band, a mighty army that sweeps across the countryside with astounding speed. YOU, YOU ARE THE VOICE OF ONE MY CHILDREN. In that Oneness you have all the power that you could ever imagine. Your power, your strength is limitless. It is limitless because the Infinite Father lives within you. He lives within you.

Ah, on this day, on this day I look back. I look back on what I have accomplished and it brings me great satisfaction. I was just one, but the voice of one changed the world. Will you contemplate this my children? I shall soon see an army of one voice crying out. I will be astonished as I watch these little voices, seemingly powerless, change the world. I WILL MARVEL. I will marvel at what my Father has accomplished with just one, with just one voice. You, a little body of flesh and blood, a conglomeration of atoms, a mere dust in the wind, will change the world. Rise up, rise up as one and watch the world change. On this day I shall remember those few years. Those few years when the power of one was demonstrated for an entire world to see.

One day when you look back on your brief lives on Urantia you will also marvel. You will also see the effects of just your one voice. Oh, how you have changed the world. YOU, YOU, HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD. As you walk the walk and talk the talk know this, YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS. You have all the might and strength of the Paradise Father at your disposal. Go forward my children. Go forward as an army of one. Go forward as an army of one and I shall watch. On this day and the myriad of days to come I shall watch. I shall watch as one voice, one man, one woman, one solitary creature crying out, changes the world.