2012-09-16-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Manifestation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Jonathan, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Henry Z.




Jonathan: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Jonathan here to with you this morning because I want to be. My desire is strong to revisit my friends and to maintain some connection with this wonderful experience of being mortal on this earth and so I am granted the opportunity to exercise my desire to reach out and utilize this process that has been created to make my desires become real. I fully understand that you have done the same; likewise your desires have been made real through the exercising of your intention and your will and the focusing of these characteristics.

In a very real way it can be seen that everyone is where they are, doing what they are doing because they want to. Everyone is exercising their freewill choice. Everyone is manifesting a certain position that they enjoy. Everyone is attempting to form their reality into a more and more pleasing one and so all that happens, all that transpires can be said to be a matter of transpiring because someone wanted it to, someone desired it, someone executed the beginning of thought and contributed to the equation until in fact, that which they desired became real.

This universe principle is what will become so instrumental in the time we move into ahead where there are more opportunities, more possibilities before us. We exercise one of those today, even now, in this endeavor to be with each other and even communicate. It is always such a pleasure to rejoin this group as I feel a rather eternal connection to having been so engaged and involved. There was an investment made which was enduring. I assure you all the investment you make in your spiritual growth through moments such as this have a big payoff. You will come to enjoy these benefits that you have earned in due time but now it would be good to simply act in the faith, act as if you know this truth to be real even in the absence of any real evidence. You could still hold to this belief, you can still uphold this truth. I assure you that all you invest in in the spiritual realm is very real, is quite significant.

So your forays that you expressed in going out in spirit may be more and more fruitful, I pray that we all can ride this surge of energy and take it to new places, perhaps surf on this wave further than we ever have and come into these situations seemingly easier than we are familiar with. Let it be so for all of us as we remain in a state of seeking so that we also remain in a state of finding. Let us all endeavor to maintain this posture as we move forward. I am grateful to be with you. Thank you for this opportunity, I will now make way for others as this is a cherished opportunity. I bid you all a great day, good by now.


Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I Charles, here to make a few observational comments on your conversation within this circle this morning. I would like to start by saying that the tremendous discrepancy which exists between the technology and human behavior on your world has been a point that spirit has been observing for a tremendously long time as you on the planet realize the amount of confusion and dilemma that this is causing. For centuries spirit has been working to prevent this discrepancy. Up until now it has taken its full measured course and you find yourselves in the state you find yourselves today, rampant fear, the building up of armaments, the political posturing before nations, the human outcry with outrage.

One positive thing that you have going in your favor is that the majority of political systems on the planet are associated in some form or fashion with religious organizations within those political boundaries. Within those religious organizations there are a number of groups of people like yourselves who are somewhat enlightened and conscious and at some point the consciousness of these religious groups will grow into a potent force to reign in the unbridled political endeavors. Unfortunately this will probably not happen as soon as it is needed, especially at this point, but mankind will reach a point where he has exhausted all rational choices and will gravitate towards more conscious and peaceful solutions to deal with the world problems of overpopulation, dwindling resources and this tremendous spirit which resides in each and everyone, seeking to find an expression, whether it is in outrage, whether it is in protest or whether it is in humble service.

At some point in your future these factions will come to a resolve. Mankind will learn to put away these tools of destruction and learn to grow the food of consciousness. Remember, this is an experimental world, you have no restrictions. You can do anything that you want to do and though this is part of the problem, it will be the solution once enough people figure out that they can choose to live beyond the restraints of fear. Technology has provided a tremendous resource on your world, a resource of information, the resource of communication, and even though this technology is generating a somewhat turbulent beginning, the fact is that this technology in place is the same technology that will help to bring about compromise, negotiation and peaceful effort.

So you are near the apex of this turmoil. What you cannot see is that beyond this apex there is a tremendous calming down on the planet and a more resourceful and processing position will come into place and into play. You are almost to the point where everyone is calling is calling everyones bluff and you are able to see who isn't bluffing. Of course, the ones who aren't bluffing are the problem ones, so even this isn't tremendously comforting for you. I can say that the worst is almost over and it is important for the few of you out there who can see this to understand that the work of peace has just begun. Peace requires a tremendous amount of work, but once there is a concerted effort to go this route, you will begin to experience wholehearted change.

We feel that this is imminent given that people are quickly manipulated and ideas and notions and opinions are firmly grasped, that once the notion and the process of war and aggression has ceased to rule the roost of your planet, that the grounds and network for peace will have been prepared properly. Continue to work as individuals for peace within your consciousness and your own lives and when given the choice, choose peace, choose the peaceful route. Learn to negotiate, learn to compromise in your own life for one cannot expect everyone else to compromise unless you first are willing to make an effort.

This is probably the most difficult learning period that this civilization will go through, learning that it can move ahead with peace rather than staying in your nest of war and aggression, weapons proliferation and shoddy statesmanship. All of this is preparing the groundwork for peace even though it is not showing it at the moment. As we as spirit uphold a peaceful and loving intention for your world, we greatly support those who are working towards these means to exist.

I have nothing more to add. I thank you for allowing me these few thoughts this morning. Go in peace, have a tremendous week and we love you, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I wish to add that light can be an integral part of this process. Continue to add light at every opportunity.


Light: [Mark] I'm here to add a few words to the ongoing dialog right here. I would seize on the offering by Jonathan of the simple illustration of wanting to do something and it occurring as a result. He illustrated that we are all here by virtue of wanting to accomplish this and we have en-circuited and accomplished this very real exercise. I now extend that out to your view of the world at large and how peace will one day reign and how this is accomplished by virtue of all the individuals involved wanting to choose peace, wanting it enough to actually choose it, wanting it enough to trust it and believe in it, wanting it enough to forsake other ways which may be engrained deep within which may be very traditional but wanting peace enough to forsake these influences and choose fresh a new and as yet unknown approach of choosing peace whatever the consequences may be.

Therein is the rub for many. They don't know what choosing this path is, what choosing this path means, what choosing this path does. Where does it lead and how and what are the steps from here to there? There is not a lot of experience on this trail. This world has been shrouded in following the path of war for so long that there are not many examples to choose to follow the path to peace but I encourage you to adopt the ones you are familiar with, the path of non-violence, the path of acceptance, the path of tolerance, the path in the end of awareness and in so choosing this consciously and with awareness each and every time it becomes easier to move from that place of vision and faith into that place of secured reality, of coming to existence all the way down into the material plane as a reflection of what has happened on the spiritual plane.

So first our task is to go there in spirit, to build this path and envision to execute this path in faith and to steadfastly uphold this new version of truth that we would see, this higher version of reality that we would promote and to hold those visions in faith and as a placeholder to arrive at when conditions are right. I assure you conditions are ripening. So, in advance of this movement, I invite you to work with us alongside in creating these pathways and envisioning steps in between where you find yourselves on this path of peace that you would choose before you. Start to feel it, start to walk it, start to talk it, in short, transform yourselves into a reflection of this manifestation as if and indeed it already exists.

I assure you, if you create it in spirit it already exists. There is merely this transformative step to bring it from spirit truth and reality into material truth and reality. Of course, as you know, you are this fulcrum point. You have the power to donate your energies and create living circuits. So let us work together to envision the creation of accepting pathways, of wide portals, of generous paths so that many may find their way to choose peace and find that there is a path thereon to walk because others created it and walked before and together you may lean on each other in this process, creating and enjoying the strength of others creations side by side. In the end we will make a wide road that leads straight to peace, together with all of our visions of how it could be done, how it should be done, how it might be done.

So let us be about this building, this creating. There is a road to be built and I see many willing participants ready to show up for the road crew. What a pleasure it is to bring these thoughts for presentation today. I treasure that you welcome them and allow them. I feel with Jonathan as well that I desire so much to be involved with this group that it represents one of my greatest pleasures. I thank you all for accepting me and welcoming me into your environment and I look forward to being here with you as events unfold and opportunities arise and choices present themselves. Thank you all, have a wonderful day, farewell.