2012-09-20-Changes on Urantia re: Spiritual Directive 55

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Topic: Proclamation About Changes on Urantia

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Eternal Son

TR: Felix Caro




I take seat in the heart of every mortal that loves the Universal Father and follow His will as, whoever loves my Father loves Me, and I love this mortal a thousand times more, not in return, but unconditionally.

I am aware of the feelings of all of My Father’s and Mine children, I am aware of their happiness or their sadness, just as I am aware of their joy and sorrow. Wherever My Father’s presence goes, I go.

I am aware of even the smallest reflection of the flame of faith and love for My Father in the mortal creatures of all time and everywhere in space. My love and My presence in the hearts of all mortals is a fact, regardless of whether they achieve fusion with the representative of the Universal Father in their minds, or the representative of the Infinite Spirit.

I was present in the heart of every mortal that, even with their very limited knowledge of matters of the spirit in those far away days of Andon and Fonta on Urantia, and even beyond, they felt the desire to be loving to their families and friends, or good to their neighbors. My love for My Father’s and Mine children is not conditioned by their knowledge or understanding of Father’s presence.

As My Father loves, I love. Just like a very loving parent that cares for his or her children, I watch your steps in every world of time and even beyond. If My Father, in His infinite love and wisdom, decides that something needs correction, His will immediately becomes Mine and I do My part to effect such correction.

The state of affairs on Urantia is so difficult and convoluted that I was forced to intervene, in the name of Father, and issue a directive, what you know as Spiritual Directive 55, which will be followed to the letter. [Editor: Contemporary readers may view Spirit Directive Number 55 at this reference on the internet.

This will be done so that the mortals of time living on Urantia can find their inner pillars firmly founded in Spirit, and not the shifting sands that they find themselves in today. It is not the custom for Us in the Paradise Trinity to intervene directly in the matters of the world of time, which is what Our Creator Sons and Infinite Spirit representatives are normally tasked to do, but in the case of Urantia there was no choice.

Everything will change in your world, and those changes will be anything but subtle, but they are nevertheless absolutely necessary to bring Urantia back into Father’s fold. Life in your world will not be easy for some time, but you will have a lot of help from the Magisterial Son’s staff and supporting personnel, which will be arriving shortly, and in time to help prepare humanity for the changes that will eventually turn this world into one like no other in your local universe, and very few in the entire creation.

As you seek Father’s counsel and strength in His representative taking seat in your mortal mind, look for my love and affection for you deep in your heart. In due time, help many others to learn to do the same and to realize that We have always been in them and all around them.

One day Urantia will be spiritually settled and the halls of education in it open to the vast number of Supreme Creator Sons who will be flocking to them to obtain incredible lessons learned from the works of restoration of a world once so lost and confused. These lessons will prove invaluable in the creations in the outer space levels. Many of you, after you have completed the long trip to the seat of all things, to Father’s presence, will have an opportunity to help make those worlds in those vast new universes beautiful gardens indeed. This is where beautiful souls will grow like flowers in a well tendered garden, My Father’s garden.


As My Father is with you, so I am. I send you now My love, from My seat in eternity and await one day your arrival in the center and beginning of all.


This message was received and translated by my Thought Adjuster, via Kuwaya, Master Spirit # 2, and from the Eternal Son