2012-09-25-The Flurry 8

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Topic: Before This Year Ends

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Aya

TR: Felix Caro, Ron Besser


  • Proclamation to Urantia


Once again we have received a lesson in humility. Our course on Urantia is out of our control but is guided and arranged through the inscrutable Paradise Triunities, particularly Triunity Number One. Triunities are absolute, and by their nature, difficult to understand by we mortals because, among other things, they embrace the Absolutes and Infinity of Paradise. All of them are a solidarity decision in each particular function of God they represent and as prescribed by the Universal Father. Aya, the Master Spirit which presides over our superuniverse of Orvonton, speaks for the Universal Father when the Father is in personality association with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Aya speaks for their combined application of universe power and authority, not always as the Paradise

Trinity, but as their one collaborative voice in the controlling apparatus revealed to us as Triunity Number One. The Proclamation Triunity Number One, below, processed through Aya is the first time your editor is aware that a Triunity has made its voice public on Urantia. Their collaborative decision in the Triunity speaks to the last few hours left to Urantia to clear the verbiage of so-called political leaders and find a way to gracefully retreat into the background on Urantia as the Father’s will, as seconded and triunely confirmed by the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, becomes fully operative within the embodiment of Urantia’s central structure on Paradise.

Triunity Number One Proclamation

I am Aya, and I speak for the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Listen with the ears of Spirit the message that I am about to convey.

The Universal Father has decided to intervene directly in your material and evolutionary affairs of your world, with the assistance of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

The Father’s intention is real, and its manifestation will become evident before this year has come to an end. In the realms of time, as well as those in eternity, the affairs in your world have been constantly watched with great interest and even apprehension, as throughout the centuries your capacity to recognize Spirit has become increasingly denigrated, to the point that the Universal Father no longer finds any value in the continued existence of the “brute of a man” race, the “homo sapiens”.

There are many kind hearted servants to the Universal Father in the numbers that study His gift to humanity in the form of the Fifth Revelation. Father is eternally pleased with the service of all of these dedicated children and expects them to continue at His service, even after this world has drastically changed beyond the understanding of some, and perhaps the acceptance of others.

From the destruction of the old, the new will gloriously rise up; Father will indeed make everything new with the cooperation of the Magisterial Son of assignment to this very important and critical task, as well as the Sovereign Creator Son and the representative of the Infinite Spirit in Nebadon. The apparent position of power and control of many unrepentant mortals is at an end, and in order to prevent unnecessary damage to Urantia, its Planetary Supreme will very soon now commence its changes in order to prepare itself for its new role as an eternal sphere of perfection dedicated to the training of Sovereign Creator Sons and Father’s garden in Nebadon.

Those that have and continue to cause suffering to their brethren, through their abuse of power and false sense of superiority over their brethren, will have no place to hide from Father’s justice and the consequences of their acts will be paid for with extinction. Some indeed already walk among you as dead in spirit, so wicked they have been in their existence in the flesh.

The mortals of this world are on a course of self destruction that not even the good deeds of the readers of the Fifth Revelation will be able to change without the direct assistance from Paradise and the apparition of the Magisterial Son with his staff.

My dear children, the worlds of time are not yours to do with as you please, you are merely their stewards. You are allowed to live and thrive in them, to take the first steps in spiritual experiences in them. They are merely temporary homes for you where it is expected, during your sojourn in them, that you seek to understand the Universal Father and to decide to be as He is, where it is expected that eventually all mortals make that supreme decision.

Open your eyes and ears of the Spirit mortal! Observe Father’s will become manifested on Urantia!

Additional Announcement from Paradise

[Editor’s Note: I have, in the process of preparing this document for release, been asked by Master Spirit Seven to speak to the additional processes and statements he wishes to amend the above proclamation with. The following remarks should add to the further understanding of what you the reader is hearing and to what extent the serious redemption of any planet is entirely in the hands of the Deities on Paradise and the Son’s Sons in time. For the reader’s edification, I am placing my mental discussion with Aya, Master Spirit Seven, to show the reader how what Aya said raised questions in me even as the words flowed of the addition announcements to me for transcription. I have placed my questions and thinking in brackets to separate the human side from the divine side as this message flowed to me.]

Master Spirit Seven, Aya, Voice of the Trinity and the several Triunities associated with the First Triunity, a liaison of power and force unknown to Urantia until this time:

Paradise holds every world sacred. Even those which do not have life on them yet, or may never hold life as you know it.

[Editor: I thought, does every sphere, even a dead (to us) moon, have its representation on Paradise?

The answer was naught. They declined to answer.]

Each world that comes into existence has a placement on Paradise in a central lodgement called The Spheres of Perfection, where they are tended by the Supernaphim of the Third Order of creation by the Seven Spirits of the Circuits.

The Tertiary Supernaphim serve the Master Spirits, and in turn, the Master Spirit serve the Father, Son, and Spirit. Each planet in the creation of time receives its central origin or destiny badge as it clears the hurdles of protection and creation, and as it ages, it becomes one with the Father, Son, and Spirit upon receiving its affirmation that it will survive the vicissitudes of space and time.

[Editor: My thought upon receiving this was to ask how the representation appears on Paradise. Is it a miniature of the physical presence in space, or is it a thought form made visible by the Deities so those of high spiritual nature may perceive even the physical as an extension of the spiritual?

The response to my thought/question was that it indeed was a “thought form” unperceived by all except the highest spirit personalities on Paradise of which we have been informed of less than 10% of what exists and calls Paradise home.]

Urantia has such a placement on Paradise near the central lodgement of the Deities, but located outside of the Most Holy Sphere and the Holy Land areas (dedicated to material reminders of the historical past for ascenders). Here with trillions of other spheres, Urantia in its divine form holds a place of honor as the home of the descending Son of Nebadon. Such a sphere, when consecrated, bears no resemblance to other spheres, for it becomes, if not eternal, a Most Holy Grail of material pronouncements about the love and mercy of the Universal Father and his Coordinates.

Urantia’s central structure on Paradise contains all of the world’s resources and its potentials for citizenship within the community within which it takes origin in time and space. Today the placement for Urantia has become enshrouded by the Father and is no longer visible to the visitor who visits this area to learn of the nature of the time-space worlds and their place on Paradise.

[Editor: My thoughts questioned what a central structure is or means to us in plain language. I reasoned the representation of Urantia they are speaking about is not literal as we would view a central structure, but representative of all that Urantia is. But, I asked, how is such a thought representation seen? Is it voiced? (No). Is it dimensional as in height and width and depth and perhaps its time dimension too? (No). I exhausted my mental ability to see into the central structure and waited for a response. There was only this response: Stay clear of demanding time wording for superlatives of immense grandeur and completely beyond your capacity to comprehend at this time.]

We [Aya and his Associated Liaison Forces] are informed that Urantia can no longer be provided for as it presently exists. Its nature is beyond comprehension to mortal man, but its nomenclature (its name and placement among the heavenly bodies in the universe) is presently being withheld from the view even from those on Paradise. Your world must learn the state of existence that precedes rebirth, and that the rebirth of Urantia will be unlike any other in the entire universe of Orvonton. In fact, the rebirth of Urantia is so well guarded that its very name is being reviewed to ascertain whether it applies any longer. Its visual presence on Paradise is now being shielded by the [unrevealed] Paradise authorities in charge of such functions.

[Editor: The meanings of the above shroud my ability to hear sometimes as I get deflected into material mind, but in this case, the statements shocked me when I realized that the Master Spirit was telling me (and you), that the meaning of the word Urantia represents a value, and that value may change, and so the name may change. Since the name itself is a divine value, the Planetary Supreme who brings this value to Urantia then most also be renamed, or whatever else the alternative could be for revaluing a Deity response to the nature of the universe. Clearly I am over my head by attempting to assign meaningful context to the existence of Urantia as it is seen by the Paradise Deities and Michael himself.

It also occurred to me as this was delivered to my brain stem by Aya, that the very existence of the space backdrop to Urantia is being questioned. What does that mean to the associated materializations Urantia is part of? Will the great powers on Paradise reassign Satania to a new divorcement of Urantia and have Urantia exist as a status system replete with all the local universe controls to itself? (No). Or does this mean that the errors of the Urantia legislature on Edentia will come back to haunt them even as they followed the advice of the Eternal of Days on Salvington at that time? (No). Then, if destiny is to change for Urantia, does destiny change for beings taken origin on her? (No). I received this response only: Do not take the name to mean her legacy (the Supreme’s), but take her name to mean her abilities to work with the Father exclusively.]

Your sphere is about to welcome the Magisterial Son, and it is this Son who shall commit to Urantia’s regeneration in accordance with the specifications of the Eternal Son through Spirit Directive Number 55. That Directive no longer appears among the secret tablets on Paradise, but is now released, declassified, in its entirety, and has been distributed to the commanders [the divine authorities supporting the mission as directors within the mission] of the Magisterial Son who shall appear on Urantia within a short period of time.

When this Directive becomes public to man in its entirety, and it shall, there will be a continuation of the Teaching Mission as it was meant to be started and maintained from the beginning. Revisions are necessary to provide an equal opportunity for those who become enabled to transmit the divine authorities and the Deities for those who have a need to hear the lessons of faith once more without the rancor and disassociation of disagreements within the present organizational control of this mission.

[Editor’s Note: Since my work for over 20 years has been in what Aya refers to as the Teaching Mission, I became concerned that this statement could jeopardize the material organization of the existing arrangement of transmitter personalities on Urantia. Aya’s response to me was: Take heed that all arrangements entered into since the bestowal of Michael on Urantia will become null and void when the new dispensation arrives in . . . . We can no longer provide sustenance to that which failed on so many levels and that which has fallen below its original estimate of conversion to the Magisterial Mission as it was expected to do. I have elected to remove the time given as this always leads to controversy and it is unnecessary since the arrival of Monjoronson is within such a short time frame, none of us are willing to stipulate the precise moment anymore.]

In addition, there will be several more supporting Directives either from the Eternal Son or the Father himself in order to provide direction to those who must remain at their stations as the world becomes embroiled in the various aspects of its remaking and its redistribution as a sacred sphere as maintained in perpetuity on Paradise. These announcements will be forthcoming in the next few months and perhaps later depending on the circumstances Urantia finds itself part of later.

Before concluding these remarks, we address the situation concerning the changes within the Planetary Supreme. Urantia, as her name now stands, is undergoing the process of rejuvenation in the sense of being able to hear the presence of all disagreement among those who preside at the lower levels of creation. These disagreements are intentionally filtered in divinity, but upon the request of the Universal Father, the Planetary Supreme has been allowed to hear all of the views concerning the creation, maintenance, and destiny of Urantia. This is unusual since it entertains disagreements which are partially folded in the reasoning of the Lucifer adherents of long ago.

As you know the cleansing of Urantia is nearly complete. The Sentinels from the various Deities have convened their legislature and have received the divine mandate to proceed according to the laws of the universe. This shall rid Urantia of a vast host of undesirables and we may then proceed to the cleansing of Urantia based on the need for spiritual uplifting.

That concludes our statement today.

I thank you all.

Aya, Master spirit Number Seven Voice of the Trinity and the First Seven Triunities.


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