2012-09-30-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, gather yourselves in me. This is Father Michael. You exist as an integral part of the body of God and you grow in comprehension of what this fact of life means a little at a time, adding new value to the quality of your life as you explore the universe. While you live on a small planet whirling around a sun, you are part of a massive aggregation of starry matter and your personality—the fact of who you are—is very important to me and the universe family. Never forget this, my children: You are a part of the very fabric of reality.

Now many of my children intellectually know this idea, but what makes you increasingly spiritual is how you relate to this basic life fact. What will you do with this information? How will you demonstrate its meanings? What will you portray to show the creative quality of its simple fact? In other words, how will you think, feel and act that reflects your comprehension of who you are? The answer is simple: you go within and make contact with the Spirit that is the driving force pointing the way—encouraging you to choose the path of Godliness.

The beauty of your lives is not so much in the pre-existent fact of your being-ness, but in how you will add color and texture into the fabric of life by your thoughts, words and actions. Here you get to roam about and experiment with new ideas for consideration, meeting new people, entering into relationships—all of which will bring you into greater opportunities to act in the ways you are internally being prompted. All of these factors combine to help you mirror the divine attitude that waits within you—yearning for actual manifestation in the material level.

As you ponder this message, ask within for the meanings and values of your life to grow out of the fact of your existence, and allow the Spirit within to ever lead you into greater opportunities for you to demonstrate what it truly means to be a part of God! Thrive in my LOVE!