2012-10-28-Staying Focused on the Moment

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Topic: Staying Focused on the Moment of Now

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are here today to serve our Magisterial Son by focusing our energies where we are guided and directed by Him. We ask that you now encircuit us in your will as one soul, one mind, one heart, that all of our energies may gathered, collected and woven together as one in service to you, to our Magisterial Mission, and to our brothers and sisters into this world. Thank you so much for helping us this day. May your will be done.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren. This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to this forum today. Gatherings such as this are very helpful for us to use the energies that you convey from your heart to form a humanly constructed desire to be in alignment with the Father’s WILL. This indeed forms a mighty presence in the fabric of human consciousness—those mindal energies that are created from your own conceptual understanding and experiencing. Much of what we do here on these calls is to use your human will and desires and place it in those areas where change is required and necessary for the continued evolution of the planet. Much of what you generate is even beyond your conscious recognition, but it does add greater meaning and value into what is being created here on the planet.

I welcome those who have joined us for the first time and appreciate your willingness to serve as a part of the Magisterial Mission and as a part of Michael’s plan of correction and redemption for Urantia. Your presence is so appreciated and needed, and we use every bit of what you generate that has true spiritual meaning to change the fiber of planetary consciousness.


Today, I would wish to draw your attention to those energies of anticipation which are circulating around the planet. There is an increased awareness that something is stirring in a realm beyond what you can consciously see. Yet within your mind, there is a sensing mechanism and it is increasing the anticipatory energy of something about to occur. While this is normal for you to sense this anticipatory energy, I do caution you today to be aware that it is very easy and even common to use your mental currents in this realm of anticipation.

Thoughts such as: “what is about to occur, I wonder what the new world will be like, how will I participate, what changes will be made, how much destruction and reconstruction will there be,” these are the types of thoughts that tend to divert your ability to remain in the present moment wherein what you need for that moment and to be added to you in terms of your thought construction and comprehension. I encourage you to become aware of when you project your thoughts into the future, so that you may harness them and return to the present moment. Stay focused on the Father within you, and to increasingly open yourselves to the presence of Michael and Nebadonia that you may grow in more conscious cosmic understanding every moment of the day a little at each time. This is far better use of your mental energy, and I encourage you today to use your abilities, your thoughts to stay present in whatever it is you are engaged at any given moment.

When you do this, you are expanding your capacity to live in that moment of the eternal NOW, and what you need is more able to come your way in terms of spiritual help. In so doing, you are, in many ways, shifting the train of human consciousness in a better direction and that your aligned thought energy is able to be added into a better stream of consciousness.

I encourage you to let these thoughts settle into your mind, that your Father Fragments may expand the meaning and value of what has been conveyed to you. In this way, you will be of greater usefulness for those energies of the Magisterial Mission to build upon the planet, for your minds will then be seeded with more PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, STRENGTH, COURAGE and many more lovely spiritual attributes which will shift your consciousness to a higher state, and thereby add more spiritual current into the fabric of planetary consciousness.

In order for divine will—Father’s WILL—to prevail upon Urantia, your mindal energies must be focused in that direction of the stream of WILL from the Father. Succumbing to this anticipatory energy will divert your focus, so let us take a few moments to help you stay in that present moment now. Simply relax and breathe deeply. Let your Mother expand you in this moment of the present; the moment of NOW—the eternal moment. Feel your desire to open to these energies and let us move in this circuit now. (Pause)

Allow your thoughts now to move into the desire for more of Michael’s TRUTH to penetrate into the fabric and fibers of Urantian consciousness. Let us use a visualization of the word TRUTH embracing the planet as you see this in your mind’s eye and as you send a line of energy—love energy, desire energy—from your hearts to intersect with this TRUTH language as it embraces the planet. Feel your love for your world. Feel your love for your brothers and sisters. Feel your love for your Father and ask for His TRUTH to go deeper into that which needs more of Michael’s LIGHT to liberate and illuminate the human heart, the heart of the world, the heart of consciousness. We will add our efforts to what you are generating now. (Pause)

Let us add another layer into this focusing today, and that is to allow the energies of TRUST to penetrate into this fabric of truth-recognition; that the dynamic of trusting in Michael’s TRUTH will also reverberate in the human heart. To help you visualize, simply add the words TRUST IN TRUTH to what you are focusing on. Again, projecting that line of energy from your heart into what is before you in your mind’s eye: TRUST IN TRUTH, and let this penetrate as we continue to seed this where it will leave an indelible mark upon the human heart. (Pause)

Now in your own desires of your heart, you have certain areas that you would like to see more change occur. It could be in a political situation, a social situation, a geographic region, in cultural mores or traditions. Let your heart gravitate to that area in which you would wish to see more of the Father’s TRUTH, WILL, and LOVE prevail. As you do this, we will add more of our efforts into the energies of the areas you wish to focus upon. Take a few moments to seek guidance from your Father Fragment about where it would be most advantageous for you to focus and then simply send what you have been focusing on to that particular place or circumstance. (Pause)

We will now add more of the Divine attributes of MERCY, JUSTICE, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, PEACE, and FORGIVENESS into these areas where you are focusing. Let your hearts swell with JOY at these mighty words which come from the source of the Living Word—the Eternal Son. Feel your desire for this to light the planetary consciousness, opening the arena of human consciousness for these divine attributes of the Living Word. (Pause)

And now, my dear brethren, join with me for the remaining moments of our time together to elevate your gaze to the Father in Paradise. In your mind’s eye, lift this world up to Him and let your heart simply reverberate in those energies of LOVE that you may grow in this pure source of all LIGHT and LIFE the Father shares with all of us.

Father, we lift this world up to you and you thank you for your WILL being made manifest through your children and through those celestial presences who love this world and are assisting in the efforts of returning it to the bosom of the Father. Receive the love of your children as your LOVE continues to flow through them, expanding them in your WILL, through your GRACE. (Pause)

Take a few moments now to descend back to this plane of consciousness, back on the earth. Even though your awareness has been expanded, we know that you will increasingly turn your thoughts to the Father and use your mental energies in a more productive manner. As you listen to this call again and read the transcript, I ask that you remember to keep your thoughts focused on whatever you are engaged at the present moment. You truly have yet to experience the fullness of the help that surrounds you and wishes to permeate your understanding at the deeper levels of your whole being of consciousness. This will further help you trust in the WILL of Father, and how the plans of correction are proceeding to further its hold upon what is necessary to be conducted here for the healing of this world. TRUST in the Father, stay focused on LOVE, loving in the moment a best you can.


Thank you for your participation with us today. My LOVE and MERCY embrace each one of you now. As I leave you in this manner, let your heart receive my energy presence to help you appreciate my affection for you and my appreciation for your devotion to the mission of MERCY upon Urantia. Good afternoon.