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Topic: Marginalized Groups, Individual Maturation

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we are your children ever safe in your benevolent over care. We sincerely thank you for your efforts and those of our Avonal Son and so many others on our behalf during this Correcting Time. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Good morning. I and my staff are here. We are eager to engage your questions and the topics that you present.


MMc: Is there anything that you would like to say before we begin?


  • The cataclysms have obviously begun

MONJORONSON: Yes, briefly, and that is that the cataclysms have obviously begun, have they not? You had a foretaste of that with Katrina in New Orleans some years ago, and now you see this once again, but on the East Coast. It is not a prediction, but rather a forecast that the East Coast of your nation will be battered repeatedly in the future. The tragedies that have come upon the populace of New York and its islands and low-lying levels of the city is a foretaste of what is to come, but more severe and for longer lasting periods of time.

It does not give us any pleasure to announce that at all, but it is given to you as preparation for what is to come. Lastly, that the weather problems of your world are being exacerbated by national governments who are striving to control and manipulate the weather. Obviously, they cannot control it, but they can manipulate it through the influence of long-distance powerful radar processes. These are unnatural additives to the severe weather patterns that have developed and will become more so as global warming increases in its presence, as it will increase the severity and wide swings of weather phenomena.

What are the celestial teams working on currently?

MMc: You say you’ve stepped back from talking more about design teams, giving our readers a chance to take action and form pragmatic questions. While you wait on this to happen, would you share with us what your team is working on now?


  • 1. We continue to be a presence to individual lives

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to. First, we continue to maintain our presence and energetic connections with those of the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission and others who may not be affiliated, but who are interested in the topics that we discuss. We may withdraw from providing discourse about topics and subjects at this time, but we are still open to questions and we will continue to be a presence in the individual lives of those who wish to, or who are considering to move forward with devising their own design teams.


  • 2. We are developing affiliations with organizations

Secondly, we have begun quite some time ago in developing affiliations or points of ignition—or points of initiation—in many organizations, which could be affiliated with the work that we are doing. Social sustainability is a topic that has tremendous widespread interest, even though it takes second place to material sustainability considerations. We have begun to develop those contacts and the receptiveness of those points of initiation—meaning individuals within organizations who may not be God-believing or interested in the topics of spirituality. As you know, the Father’s work engages everyone in all regards, whether they believe in him or not. Everyone can be useful in contributing to the welfare and good and future evolution of this world, from the individual to a global civilization.

You will see that our work, if you examine the broad scale of media and the development of organizational agendas and topics of interest for discussion, leaves footprints or fingerprints on many thousands of organizations. We work conjointly with the Most Highs, and our efforts are coordinated with them, and theirs with us. We have the capacity to embellish those thoughts of individuals in the organizations in which the Most Highs are involved. We also have the capacity to give these individuals options for thinking, and the development of coincidence, happenstance and serendipity are wonderful methods by which these individuals can come into contact with diverse ideas that they can develop.


  • 3. We are deeply involved in mass media

Thirdly, we are deeply involved in mass media. We have begun to develop resources through the first two methods I mentioned, to take advantage of your social media and your Internet, and other mechanisms of communication. We find that computers are easy prey for our “benevolent angelic hacking.” We can manipulate the messages and the circuitry and the routers and so forth, in ways that are benevolent and work well for our benefit and your benefit. Some of you have remarked that you have received emails or notices from sources which were very diverse and ones that you had not actually asked for or subscribed for, and that this is our handiwork at the individual level.

Socialization, Sustainability

  • 4. We are networking with groups involved in social sustainability

Fourthly, in summation to the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, whereas the Teaching Mission is individual, the Magisterial Mission is social in nature; their work is to develop the social evolution of your world. The development and the products of the Teaching Mission are those individuals who have an interest in working with the social and global level of development on your world. These individuals have been taught the moral and ethical and service mode of thinking and choice making, through the Teaching Mission, which is highly useful to us. We are most interested in those individuals who are highly ethical and moral, and who are service-oriented, those individuals who have fundamentally completed their first stage of social evolution and are ready to move into service. As a social activist organization, the Magisterial Mission uses individuals selectively; we have been most careful to sift and sort individuals who could be useful to us on a consistent basis, not for months, but for years and decades, and for the remainder of their lives. Our work is the collective of all individuals’ spiritual development; individual lives are short, but the social evolution of societies, of communities to a global civilization is very long-term. Therefore, it is essential that spiritually mature and evolved individuals participate in this program, as their contributions will have immense longevity; their signature has a potential of lasting not decades, but centuries, and some, even for millennia.

Therefore, you will see that our work is progressing from the individual level to the networking of individuals into new organizations and teams, whether they are personal and present in a local community or diverse and scattered through the Internet. There is a need for building organizations that have a lasting capacity. Thus, we begin to reach out from these embryonic organizations to those who are already well established. You will find that those large organizations, which are well funded and smug and arrogant and not willing to be open to even moderately innovative ideas, will reject our work. Yet those that are in jeopardy, those who are membered by individuals who have been marginalized, rejected, or have prejudices against them or their organizations, will welcome our work. They who can be empowered through the egalitarian nature of social sustainability principles, they have much to gain through very positive conceptual and philosophical development at their core. When these accept the principles of social sustainability and publish their work, they will rise in eminence and in social authority and stand as examples for other organizations.

Gender, Race

  • Marginalized groups: Of gender, racial, ethnic, and sexual preferences

When we speak of organizations, which are membered by those who are marginalized, we are considering, of course, the huge global population of women. Women constitute the largest marginalized population in the world, where there is active and open bias and prejudice and bigotry against them by males. This is gender-wide, this is race-wide, it is ethnic-wide and culturally wide. Thus, it is essential that the plight of those women who have been marginalized and who have tremendous social and cultural bias—and even legal bias—against them, should be given the first opportunity and means by which to raise themselves—not through power and might, or through aggressiveness—but through evolved social process, even evolved political processes, to gain their rightful place alongside the male members of the global civilization.

Yes, and there are those who are racially marginalized and discriminated against; there are those who are ethnically marginalized and discriminated [against], and yes, there are those who are culturally marginalized. Those who have sexual preferences that are at variance to the established norm, have been marginalized and discriminated against as well. You can extend this even to geographic groups and to national groups of people. Even within nations there are provinces of individuals who are marginalized and discriminated [against]. These are the ones who are invited to the “wedding.” Those who were originally invited have thrown their invitations away and have disregarded our work. Those who are on the streets of the world who are less than others, these are the ones who will come forward; these are invited and these are the ones we will empower from the individual to the organizations to their global organizational groups. This is our state of existence at the present.

Teamwork, Social Movements

  • What is the current status of the beginning design teams?

MMc: Lest anyone thought that you had withdrawn and were standing, waiting, tapping your foot to see what happens with the design teams… there was reported activity early on, and I haven’t heard anything this last week from any of the fellows in the design teams. I assume they are out looking for members at this point, or getting themselves together to try to get their design teams up and running.

MONJORONSON: It is a dual situation. They are looking for leadership and they are looking for members. This is a nascent movement; it is a nascent development; it is highly embryonic and it is still very fragile. In this state of development, particularly as we are working on global, cultural and national/international levels—as well as the individual level—you will find that impatience does not serve one well in these long-term, longitudinal projects as this. Know however, that as the material develops, it will be of tremendous assistance to individuals who are striving to initiate and organize and develop their own local teams. This is a slow process, but will be essentially complete within two years. We are on the cusp of publishing many works at this time; these will be seminal in nature and will beget many further comments, articles and even books and Internet materials as outsiders of the Magisterial Mission begin to contemplate and consider the repercussions of initiating socially sustainable social activist movements and that social activist movements would begin to see our published works and begin to see how they can devise and implement and integrate these long-term, positive, constructive, social concepts through their social activist agendas. Once this begins, then you will see tremendous traction and movement in our work.

There are many who are waiting to see what is going to happen in their world now. Most people in developed nations are consciously and intuitively aware that their world is changing rapidly around them and under their feet, and they are waiting to see whether there will be leadership, or whether there will be a broad-scale social movement that is positive in nature to lead them out of this morass. This huge population in the developed nations, as well, knows of the incompetence and incapability of their current regimes, and even the incompetence and incapableness of their organizational philosophies and operating processes. There is also the guarded optimism that a “savior person” will come forward, though there is as much or more pessimism about that individual who may come forward, who would be susceptible to the wiles of power, authority and control, and the benefits that accrue to it, which are personal and would divert that individual from altruistic service to humankind. Thus, the world is on the “brink of optimism” and simply “scared to death” at the same time, as there is no visible means, or no visible option to place their hope or their energies for positive outcomes. It is this tremendous “gap of all possibilities” that we enter with the spiritualized individuals who carry forward the social sustainability concepts, which will be a tremendous aid to the development of the era of light and life. We are stepping into this fray not reluctantly, not pessimistically, or cynically at all, but with tremendous hope and optimism in the timing that Christ Michael has given to all these events.

Energy, Power Directors

  • What have the Power Directors been doing on our world?

We have told you that the Power Directors of earth and around earth have taken much liberty and direction in curtailing and withholding the natural cataclysmically inclined forces of your world. We have also used the angelic corps to tremendous extent to withhold and to dampen social upheaval, which is imminent, in order to give us time to bring forward the conceptual development of the new era, which must be seeded wide-spread and consistently and persistently from this time forward. When this happens, what we also can do by withholding those natural and social forces—and the social meanings of economic, political and military—we can also put forward tremendous energy into positive developments which aid our work and our program, the programs of the Correcting Time. What you will see then is the almost meteoric development of ideas, once they are in the public media and social media. You will find almost the meteoric rise and widespread acceptance of these ideas to create a new paradigm of peace and sustainable social stability. When this happens, it will have a tremendous dampening effect as well on the potential for social, political, economic and military upheaval and aggressiveness. It will be those who are thoughtful who will wish to step back from the brink to reconsider their position and their options. Even those who are not God-centered or spiritually infused can recognize the optimum time to make decisions that keep them in power and authority and control, by using positive methods which we promote. This is the burgeoning era of light. It must precede the era of light and life.

Are these statements clear to you?

MMc: Yes, I’ve refrained from interrupting you because I wanted to hear everything that you had to tell us. I didn’t want to cut you off.

MONJORONSON: Thank you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, as this is a set piece that we have prepared to present to our readers and listeners. You may ask your questions now.


  • Intellectual maturation of individuals

MMc: Thank you. I’ve been reading a great deal about the way humans intellectually mature. I wonder if you would dialog with me on this subject? (Monjoronson: Begin.) A little bit of background first and then I’ll ask my first question. Jean Piaget is a Swiss that speaks French and I am not sure exactly how you pronounce that name, and William G. Perry, as well as others, have shared that children pass through certain stages as they intellectually and ethically mature. Piaget calls his most mature stage, “formal operations.” Perry calls this stage, “abstract thinking” and John Chaffee the stage of “critical thinking.” Eric Johnson estimates that nearly half of all Americans never reach this most mature stage of intellectual and ethical thinking, and several others back that up. My question is: If nearly half of all Americans do not engage in critical thinking at this time, can it be taught to the majority of these people, or is there some intellectual defect that will make learning to be a critical thinker impossible for these people?

MONJORONSON: Let me give you this to consider: In an immature society, as the American nation, it is not necessary that everyone be a critical thinker. There is a reality that not everyone is socially, emotionally, and organically mature enough to be a critical thinker. If you had such a highly advanced nation as that, you would need a highly developed and evolved social milieu, structure and environment in which for them to not destroy each other, as you would have “too many chiefs and not enough Indians,” as the old saying goes. There are those who know they are not leaders, but are good followers, who look towards those who can provide the critical thinking skills and present that in an authentic, forthright, humble manner in their leadership to encourage those with lesser capability to follow their lead.


  • What is needed are good role models of moral and ethical leaders

What your world and the nation needs—your social culture needs—are moral, ethical and social leaders, who are also good models, good role models for those with lesser capability. It is essential to the evolution of a society that leadership evinces those qualities. Critical thinking can be a topic that even national leaders can use in an educational means. We hold in less regard those pompous leaders who hold themselves above the ordinary individuals, that they are not capable or their roles are not sufficient to become role models or educators of their nation of people. I know I have taken your question quite afar, but we wish you to seek a balanced thoughtfulness about critical thinking. Those individuals who are critical thinkers strive and seek those who are also of their kind, and they are in some regards, quite lonely in this regard. There is, however, a very broad role for them, where their loneliness would be assuaged by providing educational leadership to those without the quality of critical thinking. I am not speculating, but projecting into the future where this will actually happen, and it could happen as early as decades, rather than centuries. Surely, this must come forward in the next fifty years for your nations to evolve to the level where thoughtful and critical thinking is admired, appreciated and rewarded.

Teaching, Inquiry

  • How to teach the art of critical thinking

MMc: Thank you. You have carried [us] quite far from what I was thinking. My own thinking had to do with developing or educating the people in the design teams to become critical thinkers, so that they might take part in the design team process. I understand that overall, not everybody is cut out to be a critical thinker as the intelligence quotients and the potential for growth and maturity is not necessarily there for everyone. The question I should have asked is, can we teach the design team members, at least, the art of critical thinking?

MONJORONSON: That is quite a different question, sir. Yes, it is possible and necessary to teach team members to be critical thinkers, as much as it is to teach them the art of inquiry, for one goes hand-in-hand [with the other]. This is a necessary skill development for design teams. It is our hope that there would be an academy in the future that would be capable of teaching individuals more developed skills of design teams and design team process, that this would be dedicated to that work, and to provide a uniform leadership, management and uniformity to local teams. It is our hope that eventually, at least one local team member—perhaps the facilitator or a consultant—would attend this academy to bring back and return to their local team with the skills that they had learned, and that their effectiveness would be much enhanced. This is a necessary process and development in the future, but one that should not be too far off.

MMc: In my reading, it appears that at least there are several spots around the country, there are professors who are in the process of teaching critical thinking to various university and college students, and I hope to incorporate some of what they teach within the book that I am writing on asking questions. In preparing the book on asking questions, I’m going to be asking readers to analyze every claim and the reasons and evidence that support that claim. We are making the claim to the design team that using the schematic for sustainability and the three core values will work to produce socially sustainable plans for our world. Can you give me a set of reasons and the evidence to support those reasons why this claim will work?

MONJORONSON: Would you repeat that claim again, please?


  • Reasons and evidence why this work on sustainability is valid

MMc: The claim is that using the schematic for sustainability and the three core values, we will be able to produce socially sustainable plans for our world. That’s our claim.

MONJORONSON: And your summation question?

MMc: Can you give me a set of reasons and evidence for those reasons, why this claim will work?

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course. I have three reasons: The first reason is that the quality of life is fundamental to all life and that its development is primary to the evolution of the individual psyche and their spirituality and their spiritual evolution. Secondly, that growth is necessary, and that life in this evolution and the quality of life cannot increase without growth, and that this is primary to not only your world, but also primary to all worlds. And thirdly, there is the necessity of equality, that there is no preferential treatment of anyone in the universe, and that every sentient being who is invested with the Spirit of the Son, or the Spirit of the Infinite Spirit, or the Father Fragment, is one who is given equality in all the universe to grow and to have a quality of life as a mortal and as an evolving morontial individual and spiritual individual, and eventually an inhabitant on Paradise. This is fundamental; there is no argument against this. These are the fundamental reasons why the schematic will assist your social groups to evolve and develop plans for doing so. It is our mind that this is self-evident. The claim that it will work is obvious. Take away these things and your civilization would die in one generation.

MMc: I’m sorry. So you’re saying that this is self-evident? (Monjoronson: Yes.) Okay. Well, it certainly seems self-evident to me, but I guess the evidence of whether or not these will work in our society, will be, as they say, “The proof is going to be in the pudding” in what the plans actually are.

MONJORONSON: We are not so much concerned about the conceptual framework being correct or adequate as we know it is eternally true. The proof is, do you have the courage to even try to invest these qualities, these virtues, these values in your society, from the level of the individual to a global civilizational organization? The questioning of these concepts or these values is extraneous to the discussion. What is most important is that you have the courage to try to follow our lead, to use some kind of an instrument for investing the values in your society. Whether you use the schematic or some other mechanism to invest those values into every social organization is “your choice.” If you can come up with a more evolved mechanism, please do so, and we are quite sure you will. This is the most elementary mechanism we can present to you that is capable of investing these values in your social organizations and the social and spiritual evolution of children into mature, spiritually evolved service-oriented adults. You may challenge the claim of the schematic being adequate, which is well founded, but challenging [that] the values of a sustainable civilization is questionable on your part [is not]. When we see individuals challenging these three values, we see defensiveness, deflection and dithering; we see individuals who want to be negligent in participating with us.

MMc: Thank you. I agree. The question was put to me and so I thought I’d put it to you to get your ideas about how I should go about answering that question, and I find your answers more than adequate. Thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome. We have anticipated it.

MMc: I don’t really have any further questions for you today. Perhaps Roxie has something?


  • Will the Presidential election have an effect on the progress of this work?

Roxie: Do you see any differences in the outcome of our elections in terms of how this plan of improving social sustainability will be able to go forward in becoming more active, using the co-creative design process?

MONJORONSON: We see that the political environment will have no effect on what we are doing. The political organization and machinations of those individuals and organizations which are involved in this, is simply a veneer of political reality in your world, that people are invested in. This election will have no effect upon those individuals who will be accepting of our work, as they will know what is pragmatically useful to elevate and evolve their social organizations from their local community to the national and international level. We have no concerns about the political elections.

Roxie: I have no other questions at this time.

MMc: Would you like to make some closing remarks, sir?


  • Invitation for mortals to engage the celestials in this work of design teams

MONJORONSON: Yes. As you can tell from the questions and the answers, we are getting to the trailing edge of the development of this work. There are some fine-line questions that need to be asked and answered, and that individuals begin to engage us personally at the material and morontial level, to engage us with our energies and capabilities to assist them in developing their local teams and organizations, and even the receptiveness of individuals in their communities whom they may not know personally. We have the capacity for tremendous influence, but again, we will remain passive to you until you ask us to assist you. We are striving to develop at the utmost, a personal and co-creative relationship with each of you individually, and each of you individually in your organizations, in your local design teams. You will find that your teams will have tremendous capability and productiveness when we engage you on this multi-dimensional level with open hearts and open minds, and willing hands to work. Thank you for your willingness; we thank you for your participation and your open mindedness to accept us as legitimate and real in your world. Thank you very much. Good day.