2012-11-06-Whispers Session 7

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Topic: What We Fear and The Nature of Fear

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael, Malvantra, Thought Adjuster, Nebadonia

TR: Michael Xavier


  • Moderator: Paul Conklin


Opening Prayer, Paul: I would like to offer a prayer now to our Beloved Eternal Parents, Paradise Father, Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit; what a blessing that you are in our lives and that it is because of all of you from eternity that we have life and we can enjoy that life in abundance. And we are also grateful to our Divine parents Nebadonia and Christ Michael, for also because of them that we are all here in the universe of their making. We know that Spirit is very active right now; I am very excited about that, and we ask that Spirit guide us and lead us and help us to put aside any preconceived notions. We know that whatever comes through that Spirit will lead the way. Thank you.


I was thinking about this over the last few days that we are all very excited about the imminent arrival of our Magisterial Son in the flesh. A few years ago, in consonance with my spiritual awakening, I learned about Monjoronson and I began to pepper my dear friend and big brother with many questions and he lovingly and kindly answered my questions and of course the questions of many others. And the reason that I broach this subject is because there was a time when I was bringing through certain transmissions that were a reflection of my own mind or my own state of consciousness. So with that in mind I would like to state a question that I received to the Whispers in The Stillness site from a reader. This is what this reader asked. I am going to read it verbatim:

I have read, because I cannot T/R, that when adjudication takes place that there will be an enormous amount of energy released as at the time of Pentecost, and we should expect earthquakes, etc. I also read in Document M that there will be a celebration in the sky on December 30. Are these two events directly connected, and if so will I be placing my wife in harm if I take her to a friend’s home literally on the San Andreas Fault in January and February? Then I would just like to add my own question then; Is there anything for this person to fear Monjoronson?

Transmitting, Fear

Monjoronson: Hello my earthly brother Paul. It is a pleasure to be here with you tonight in Spirit; and just to briefly give my love to all those that read and to receive these words as I, as a Magisterial Son, have been chosen to come to your world to prepare the way for your Creator Father Christ Michael and his universe consort Nebadonia. First of all, in previous sessions I will just reiterate the concept of concepts when Spirit is trying to work within a human mind. With the many questions that were formulated within your question, at the very core there is an underlying factor within the realm of the human mind that needs to be addressed first before Spirit can fully operate. Paul you’ve learned this yourself in previous times when you had to go through a cleansing process of your own fears, of your own inadequacies, and they may have felt like an upheaval or a cataclysm within your own soul. Because when light comes in to replace fear, the fear will bring out those parts of you that are fearful. The fear in this case is asking if there is going to be an earthquake and if there is going to be a great upheaval.

First of all, as we address other transmissions I won’t get into either confirming or denying anything in any other documents or transmissions because what is important now is that the information that is being brought forth here is pure, it is spiritual, it is unhindered by fear. The underlying basis or the factor of the question for any human being, for any son or daughter of the Most Highs and a son or daughter of Michael and Nebadonia; you have to ask yourself the question of, what do I fear? If you have any identity or identification with fear you’ll be able to answer that question in the form of, loss of, and then you will start naming usually those things. Or you’ll start thinking of all of the bad things that can happen to you and will cause the loss of the precursor to the answered question.

There will be a great celebration in the realm of the new year of your life when you are able to see the fireworks blaze in the sky of your own soul. When we’re dealing with concepts once again we have to break down things in terminology and also in understandable format so Spirit can work in a way to not overwhelm the mind with concepts that are not adequately definable within that human mind. As you spoke of last week you tried to ask Siriaya regarding love. Love cannot be defined by any stretch of the imagination. It can be conceptualized. But it cannot be really brought forth in a word. It really is felt through an act and then the reciprocation of a feeling from another that received that in love, reflected back at you in gratitude, a smile, a gift or an offering. As these small impartations of truth permeate your soul you begin to understand that the process of receiving Spirit through transmitting/receiving many times convolutes and also distorts Spirit’s true and pure motive; and that is for you to really feel the love in your own heart and soul; when you can purge yourself of the fears and dark places of your own fear and thinking. So hopefully that dissertation on that question clarifies that a little clearer.

Paul: Thank you so much Monjoronson; it really does. I can feel it resonating within my heart and soul when you were talking about those things and it is really beginning to make a lot more sense now. I would just like to follow up on that a little further. We had learned in previous sessions that there is no judgment or anger in the Father’s consciousness nor any of His children of light. So, in consonance of what you were speaking about; what is it then that keeps fear alive on our world?

Monjoronson: Well this is Monjoronson and I will answer this one again. There is many that were willing to answer this, but since I have taken the first question I would love to take the second. In the realm of thinking there is an operation within the human soul that comes to an understanding usually when the human being reaches a certain level of desire to find God. As it goes through the psychic circles and also through the adjutant mind Spirits progression leads to a pinnacle and the pinnacle identifies with a divine presence or a greater reality. Now when you’re faced with giving up everything that you thought you knew and were taught and programmed and give way over to a new identity or identification with spiritual reality, there is an intervening factor that is usually based on the primal attributes of the primitive mind of a man or a woman or a human being that has been programmed with preconceived notions; and not only preconceived notions, but also inherent programming from mother, father, institutions, educational systems, political parties. All of these different factors come into play when you have to look at, identify with something greater than all of what you have been taught and release it and let it go.

Now the problem here within the realm of your question is; what keeps it alive? Fear is kept alive by the fact of any conscious being faced with a greater reality of light, a greater reality of divinity, unwilling to relinquish a preconceived notion, a judgment, a thought, or anything not in line with light; and fear is the absence of light and that is all it is. When you look at the word ‘fear’ there is a concept there that really cannot be defined; it can only be felt. So if you’re feeling fear then you’re not feeling love; and in order to feel love you must first release the fear. In order for the fear to be released you have to allow it to come into the light; to be identified so it may be released. The only thing that keeps that alive is your unwillingness to let it go.


Paul: Thank you Monjoronson; that was awesome. I am really learning a lot this evening. I very much appreciate that. To follow along with that, I know personally and many others look forward to your visit here on our world and we’re very excited about that. But when people hear the word ‘adjudication’ they might think of that word in a different way than perhaps Spirit looks at it. We may think of it in a sense of stern justice. So I would just like to know what adjudication means form Spirit’s perspective?

Michael: When you’re dealing with the realms of Spirit my son, and this is your Creator Father Michael, I would love to talk to you about the word judgment as a concept in my universe. But not only as a concept but also with the fear identified with the lack of understanding the process of judgment. When you are born and you experience life as a personality on any world in my universe, or any universe for that matter, you gain great wisdom and supreme values. You form relationships, go through jobs, you have a journey, not only through your daily life, but also through those that you create relationships with. At the end of your life your body goes back into the ground and then you are faced with the identification with a greater reality and that greater reality is one of greater divinity. But before you can get to a greater level of realization of divinity you must first reflect upon your journey, and to a certain degree not only your journey, but what your life really means in the light of eternal value.

Now here is where the word judgment can be misconstrued because, guess who the judge is? It is none other than you reflecting upon your own life seeing it through the eyes of divinity. With you identifying with a greater level of realization within yourself or oneself you’re able to glean a greater value within your experiential process and judge it, based on, not ignorance now from a human perspective, but judge it so you can gain experience for later experiential processes in higher realms in universal progression.

So when a child burns its hand, it looks; it feels pain; it heals from the pain. Then it comes back to, maybe a few years later, the place where it burned its hand; and it judges in its mind whether or not to put its hand over the fire or grab the pot handle because it knows inherently that it will get hurt. So judgment here has been passed on a pot handle. The concept of judgment is so misconstrued on a planet such as you’ve come from because it is inundated with fear; your judicial systems, incarceration, and all of the primitive acts that come from a world that is not in line with divinity and harmony. So when you look at divinity and harmony and judgment through the eyes of God, judgment through the eyes of God means that you are essentially reflecting upon your own experiential process and judging, not what you’ve done right or wrong, but gaining so that you can do right and gaining greater wisdom in the future.

Paul: Thank you very much Michael. That was a wonderful answer and I think that it really does answer our question in that regard. I would also like to, obviously I am following a similar line of thought this evening; and I’ve heard that if we have something in our consciousness then we have it. For example, if we put our attention on something such as the energies of fear, that the mere attention to it, although inadvertent, increases that energy and makes it grow. Can you please expound on that?

Malvantra Melchizedek: Well hello Paul; this is Malvantra Melchizedek. I would love to bring out a little bit more of clarification on consciousness this evening.

Paul: Hi Malvantra.


Malvantra Melchizedek: When we’re dealing with the word consciousness you have to first look at it through the light of energy and understanding of your own reality. Consciousness is in this case, and in this question, being perceived of looking through the lens of your life of, you not only as an energy being, a being of divine energy, and also one that is made of energy, but one that also can draw from and disperse its own thought forms as energy. So say in this instance that there is a restaurant on the corner that sells very, very, good food and it just opened; and you have turned your consciousness toward the restaurant. Now your consciousness has made this restaurant real. It has become a part of your reality if you go and partake of the food there. You are feeding from the restaurant that has opened; and as you feed from it in your mind and those in your reality, you tell those people, “Hey, I found this new restaurant on the corner, it has the greatest food I’ve ever had.” Your friends take your word of mouth and go; and now this energy has been brought forth to your friends and family, and they too have gone to feed from this restaurant that has been opened. Now it has become real in their realities; and so on and so forth as they bring forth to their family and friends; and their family and friends until the restaurant can no longer hold to its capacity and it has to expand and grow. So, in this small concept you get a greater identification of how energy and consciousness really, effects not only your daily reality, but all of the universe.

Paul: That was an awesome explanation Malvantra. That makes a lot of sense now. I understand exactly what you are saying.

In the last few years I have grown very fond of Monjoronson and I love my big brother very much. I know that, in our eagerness to see Monjoronson here in the flesh, sometimes , there is obviously many things that we don’t understand. I know that, if we have the God presence within us we can say, “I AM that I AM.” If the presence of Jesus or Christ Michael is within us we can say, “I am the Christ.” So similarly, if Monjoronson is born in our hearts, first of all could we say, “I am Monjoronson,” and similarly that, we are his hands and feet while we are here in the flesh?


Paul’s personal Thought Adjuster: Hello Paul. I would love to not only bring forth a clarification to the question that you have posed as the highest reality within your understanding, for I AM your Thought Adjuster. I AM the one that indwells you within your heart and mind. When you look at the word ‘incarnation” and even the word ‘bestowal,’ you first must understand the spiritual identification within the realm of the material world. In the case of the incarnation of the Creator Son of this universe, Michael of Nebadon incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, you had a being, a human personality that was divine, in as much as he was able to fully, one hundred percent, identify with the Spirit within him during his human lifetime.

Now as this goes forth within the realms of your spiritual progression as a human being on this world, you not only grow by making contact with the Midwayers, and on to the Melchizedek teachers, and on to the Magisterial Son, the Trinity Teacher Sons, your own Creator Father, which is the presence of the Universal Father in your local universe, the local universe Mother Spirit, and on to Uversa, where there are many teachers that prepare you for the adventure in Havona where you will meet unfathomable personalities of divine nature; ones that cannot even be brought forth in concept.

When you are here, in the flesh, and you are filled with the presence of the Magisterial Son, can you not say that the Magisterial Son is in the flesh? Well as you ponder and mediate on that question, and as you walk through the reality that you have co-created with your family members and also those that you share your life with, are you not, if you are in line with the Magisterial Son’s thinking, the hands and feet of the Magisterial Son in the flesh? Well of course you are, if you made that level of consciousness manifested in your own reality. So as these concepts are brought forth once again, they are only lost to the fear of your own preconceived notions of what is and what is not possible. And my friends that hear this, the only way that that happens is through judgment.

Paul: Thank you very much Beloved. That was a beautiful answer and I am certainly beginning to understand this a little more.

Well I would just like to conclude and if there is anyone that would like to make a concluding comment this evening I would certainly welcome that.


Nebadonia: Well hello my son; this is your universe Mother Spirit here to bid you and those that receive the energy from this transmissions a wonderful heartfelt hug from myself and Michael, as we extend our light, our love for each and every one of our children that dwell upon the sphere of Urantia and throughout the entire universe of our divine home.

As you progress spiritually all of you will be on differing levels of understanding; you will have different talents; you will have different tastes; and you will even have different backgrounds ethically, ethnically, and also through your education you will have different backgrounds as well based on your intellectual prowess. Information then is brought forth from the realms of Spirit is meant to, not only to uplift and upbuild, but also empower you to find a greater level of spirituality within you. It is so easy to identify with another’s spiritual experience. Many times, when that spiritual experience is genuine, it is uplifting and upbuilding so as in the case of Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, men and women that have come from your sphere that have changed changed the course of the world through their graciousness and love for the human people.

Identifying with another human being’s spiritual experience is something that will empower you when you see a human being reach levels of consciousness and realization. But do not forget my children that you too can do all of these things and more within your own spiritual experience. If you are having trouble receiving Spirit, if you are having trouble with your fears, I beseech you to come to me so I may ease your fears with my mind and my presence along with Michael’s Spirit of Truth; so we may hold you in our arms and in the heart of the Creator Father and forever salve your wounds of distress that you hold in the dark parts and the shadowy parts of the non-reality of fear. Allow the light to come in so you no longer feel and see fear. You can only feel my heart beat with your own; and Michael’s great love for each and every one of you my children.


And my love ever abides with you my son; and my love ever abides with you each and every one of you my children. For those who receive the energy from this transmission, I bid you a good night and leave you always in Michael’s peace and in my love.


To all those that read these transcripts I send you my love. Also, if you have any questions for the celestials I would be happy to share them. You can come to my site at this address with your questions: https://www.facebook.com/WhispersInTheStillness