2013-01-03-Service, Expectations, etc

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Topic: Service, Expectations, etc

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB Jack

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Let’s focus ourselves on a spirit reality, be it in our inner citadel, or in the starry heavens, or wherever it is that you perceive your spirit reality is. Inward and upward is the name of the game, they say, so I’ll try to do that – inward and upward to a divine presence.

Divine Presence that I worship and adore set me on a path of progressive ascension attainment, grace, and all the things that my heart desires, whether I know it or not. My life is in your hands. Knowing that, I rejoice. I rejoice, too, in the knowledge that each one of these people who are on-line here with me this evening in this Light Line format are equally and also motivated to grow near You, and so, lead the way. Send us a teacher, someone we can talk to, that we can rap with and all that jazz.

Thank you, Father God, Mother Spirit, Michael/Nebadonia and all the home team for the wonderful life we live in faith. Amen.

0802-AB JACK here. Welcome to the Dan Patrick Show. No! It’s the Howdy Doody Show. No, it’s not. Is it the Wheel of Fortune? Of course not! It’s the Teaching Mission! Another program to tune into for edification and entertainment.

I’m feeling very lively this evening, stepping very lively. I had a chance to transmit yesterday to the Rio Rancho TeaM which has revived after a long hiatus and I feel revved and ready to go; however, I am willing to share, and so I defer to the Teacher Corps or those other unassigned entities who serve us here, to step up and address the needs of you and we who long to know more about our place in the universe and what we can do here to expedite matters on behalf of Kingdom-building and soul development.



I have in front of me a question from the Idaho group that was submitted telephonically this afternoon. It pointed out that in 2003 Tomas was talking with his group and made reference to second-milers and the questioner wanted to know if there was a third mile, did we ever attain a point where we become third-milers, or is second-miler as far as we can go.

First let me convey a big hug to that person who asked the question, for it is the kind of question that a delightful, innocent, faith-child might ask. It is also the kind of question that is very typical of mortals because they are very linear-minded and interested in excelling. Who does not like a gold star on their paper for a job well done? Who does not enjoy graduating from a lower to a higher level? And why would anyone want to stay on a second-mile status when the possibility of a third-mile status loomed large? Well, you do endear yourselves to us here, we who have spent 37,000 years already treading the second-mile bicycle we’ve been given. It doesn’t matter if you’ve treaded the eighth, the eightieth, the eight hundredth or the 80,000th. You’re not going to get any faster or any father than you would by going the second mile only.

Of course it is a metaphor for those who just do what they can to get by and those who really put their heart into it. You have to be careful, in fact, in pushing on to attain a third level because you could become overboard real fast; you can lose your balance and fall flat. That’s not progressive. Going the second mile however is noble, admirable and quite sufficient. It’s well beyond just doing what you can to squeak by, but it’s safer than pressing forward into danger and risk-taking, for whatever reason. Second-mile efforts are just going to have to do.

Now, having said that, and being mindful of how the mortal mind works, let me add my little disclaimer here that I suspect there will be those out there who disagree with me, who would like to take exception to my words and point out how it is essential that the Third Mile Club form and perhaps accomplish great works because they have stepped out of the second-mile syndrome. And there is something to be said for that, too, but I’m not here to argue. I reiterate: It’s just a metaphor. Like the apostles wanted to quibble about what Jesus’ parable meant, it means what you want it to mean. Make the best of it.

Expectations, Change

I have a question now from those of you who tuned in about the days passing without the expected hoopla. This is such a sad saw that we have seen how many times before, and I don’t want to say “When are you going to learn?” because that seems unkind. You are going to learn as we all learn: one step at a time, one lesson at a time, one day at a time, one heart break at a time if necessary. Disappointments are a part of the process of maturation. The road is littered with precious memories of days gone by in which one hope or another has been dashed. Jesus wept. The material son and daughter here succumbed. And so you are not the only ones to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders not be lifted.

I’m not going to feed you a lot of psychobabble about expectations. You all know enough about expectations that you can simply remind yourself that we have to be cautious about them because there are so many variables possible. There is almost nothing set in stone. When Ham said, “Welcome to change” it was not just one change he was talking about. It was a series of changes, a multitude of changes, a parade of changes, and they change daily. You adapt, you morph, you adjust, you become a part of the paradigm and Whoops! There it goes again. And you must adjust and adapt again and some more. It gets tiresome, I know. This is why you are urged to practice Stillness and to balance work with play, study with humor. These kinds of things take the onus off of living life on life’s terms.

Variety is the spice of life; monotony stunts your growth. So much of this growth is put upon you so that you don’t become too complacent, too set in your ways, so if there is anything you can expect, it’s something different than what you expected. That does not, however, address the pain of loss and ideals and hopes and anticipation and all the good things that come along with the expectations, the belief, the promise of things to come. It requires a stalwart soul to carry on in the face of such disappointment, but perhaps it will make of you a second-miler. Perhaps you will not let others do your thinking for you, or set forth plans on your behalf without your participation, your full-hearted consecration, without the entire community being a part of it, without, shall we say, a democratic process.

Process, Humility

You live in an organism, a living organism. The organism must be observed and kept wholesome and healthy by your involvement. Your doubts, your fears, your anxieties, your imperfections, your egos, are all necessary for that is the fodder upon which we feed. As those imperfections are revealed and worked through, we can witness the results, the effects of the efforts, and having witnessed it ourselves, having experienced it personally, we can begin to learn to trust it. But that takes effort.

Alas, when you start out, you all -- without exception -- become disillusioned at some point because someone you trusted betrayed you, or something that you believed in turned out to be a fallacy. This has happened to every single individual who has breathed life. It’s a part of the process. It not only happens once, it happens frequently; even after you know better, it can still happen but it happens less frequently and it is less devastating because you are growing in the process of working through all these many layers of imperfection.

There are many, I know, who decry the process at all, simply will not admit they have any imperfections about them: no character trait, no habit, no experiential history; have never made a mistake, have never had a bad relationship, cannot admit to any flaw. Well, their day will come. Sooner or later everyone will be brought to their knees or they will die, very simple. They are either on God’s side or not.

Now, don’t go around pointing your finger at people saying, “You are not on God’s side!” because you don’t know. You don’t know whose side anybody is on. Half the time you don’t even know what side you are on. And sometimes life’s situations or circumstances are quite confusing, quite convoluted -- moral dilemmas, ethical problems – it is difficult to know what God would do, what you would do if you were God. “What would Jesus do?” Why do we even ask? Because we don’t know already.

But we can watch and participate and assist in the process such that we can ascertain to some extent or the other, who is growing in spirit reality, who is relinquishing their baggage, who is participating and contributing and who is going for a ride, and further, who are those so out front, strutting down the third mile, that they are making waves that virtually drown those people who are trying to follow in their wake.

The bottom line is set forth perhaps in the Zen adage: “chop wood, haul water” and although that sounds quite boring and dull, it is really quite secure and very happy. The meek shall inherit the earth and they are happy to have wood to chop and water to haul. They find tremendous joy in the simple things in life. They share these simple things with others and their life is enriched. They are the recipients of tremendous bounty, even if that bounty is only peace of mind, intellectual peace, social harmony and other gifts of the spirit.

But you have to let spirit prevail. It will! This is the lesson that has not yet been learned. It will if you back off and let it! There are those who are so fearful that it’s not going to turn out the way they want it to, not in their lifetime, they are not going to make a mark on destiny, that they are not going to be noticed by their peers, that they are not going to be able to leave anything of an inheritance to their planet where they spent so many decades … they allow their personal ambitions, even spiritual ambitions to enter in and take over -- as if doing it for God was some excuse to run over people, or to betray people. These are the issues politicians and philosophers have discussed for centuries about a means to an end. Does the end justify the means?

Responsibility, Agondonters

Start out simple. Simply. And if you are successful at that simple level, you will be given more to do, and if you start out simply in concert with others, you will be given the opportunity to work well with more others. How you work together is at least as important as anything you can learn on this planet. Teamwork is a critical essential for advancement. It’s a difficult project, however, because you have no real mentors. The planetary prince has been useless; the material son and daughter abandoned you; Machiventa did what he could (and what he can) but he was only here for a few years, and he cultivated the Hebrews, the Jewish race who rejected Jesus Christ, who was crucified. Now those are some pretty dire circumstances for you to inherit and I tell you it is no wonder you look for a miracle, you need someone to fix it.

It is no wonder you look to voices of authority to lead you. It is understandable, but after a point, it is only sensible for you to begin to take counsel with yourself and your own perception of divinity, rightly or wrongly. At least it’s on you as to how you set yourself up. You don’t have to blame others for it; you can take responsibility for your own illusions, delusions, aspirations; you can learn to count the cost of the choices you make and decide ifthis is the way you want to go or if you want to go this way. Which way makes more sense, given the circumstances that you know personally -- not because someone has advised you, but because you have come to these conclusions based on your own counsel with your own indwelling god fragment and/or any of the myriad helpers that work with and through your mind to educate you and edify you as to such things as mercy, justice, kindness, honesty, fraternity, brotherhood, values like this Values that matter. Values that make this world more meaningful; values that make your life rich, here and now.

This is the way to go. It’s the way you will be made more happy, your family will be made more happy, the world will be made more happy. Become open to learning about yourself; share yourself then with others. Sharing yourself with others is sharing the inner life and the inner life ultimately is divine, but most people, if not all people, have built up defense mechanisms; they have a closet full of skeletons, of things they are ashamed to admit even to themselves, much less others; there are so many fears rampant in the human being it’s a miracle any of you get out of bed in the morning and I say this in true sympathy. This is one of things that higher celestials admire about you. They do not understand fear but they know that you are up against something when you face life everyday and they admire that about you.

So you see, you have courage. Even though many of you don’t think of it has having courage, you just do it because that’s what you were taught and that’s what you are supposed to do and that is what is expected of you. But I would ask you to think about those things, those very simple things because they will teach you about yourself and the more you know about yourself, the more you will know about others because they are a reflection of who you are.

You know how many times you have been told: every time you point your finger at someone there are three pointing back at you. So when you accuse someone of setting you up, of betraying you, of lying to you, of manipulating you, stealing your time, your energy, etc., when you point your finger at them and blame them for something, you also have to look to yourself and say “What is my part in this?” It’s too easy for you to say “I didn’t do anything. They are the ones who lied. They are the one who set me up.” But you left yourself open for that to happen.

You thought they knew more than you did. You were under the misguided impression that they had some kind of authority over you and your soul. And that kind of behavior will go on until you don’t let it happen anymore. And by “you” I mean plural. You need to learn this lesson. It is still a young world and there are many people who follow along, like sheep to the slaughter. And so instead of being disappointed, rejoice that you have not been slaughtered. You have perhaps been slapped upside the head with a dose of reality; you have perhaps been doused with a bucket of cold water that is unpleasant and cold, but you’re still breathing; you’re still standing upright and By Jove, you know a little bit more about yourself than you did last week.

The lessons now are to not become angry or vengeful; do not seek vengeance. And sometimes this is the hard part, especially in your first go-round or two with this kind of experience. Don’t become hard-hearted; don’t lose faith in everyone just because of a couple setbacks. There are well-meaning men and women who really have no desire to harm you but who really do what they think is right and so they are forgivable offenses, but it is your duty now to observe and make certain that it doesn’t happen again – that it doesn’t happen to you and, to the extent it is reasonable, to others.

You don’t want to turn into the morality police, wagging your finger at every statement or gesture that arouses your fears or suspicions. Hole in, pull yourself in, pull yourself together. Hone in on that citadel, that quiet place, that font of energy and power that resides within you. Go there for direction on what to do with all that you feel, all that rage, envy, fury, anger, disappointment, resentment – take all that and whatever else, accept it as yours, and work it, work through it, accept it and deal with it and train it. Master it.

All these are feelings that make your life rich and full. When those days come, when you experience those wondrous times, which I know you have all had and will have again, of rejoicing and camaraderie in the spirit, when you have this convivial feeling with your peers, your family, and you laugh and you have this swelling of your heart and you know that all is right with the world, you have things to be grateful for, you can look at your reserve tank, your cosmic credits, and find in there that you worked through your anger without hurting somebody; you worked through your disappointment without taking it out on someone else; you worked through your resentment until it lost its flavor and you spit it out as worthless.

These are serious accomplishments. This is serious, permanent progress. This is morontia-izing at its best, and as you do this, as you develop your soul, you assure your fusion with your Adjuster. You are then put to work helping others, and it feels so good to be able to pass on what you know. It feels very good to have something to offer someone that has lasting value! And, as they say, it is more blessed to give than to receive. So give thanks that you had this terrible disappointment because it won’t happen again. Not that way. Not through that avenue, or that lie, or that distortion, or that individual, or that concept. You have owned your part in it and you are better for it. That is your accomplishment; how can you not feel gratitude for the circumstances that gave rise to your own betterment?

Now begins the process of healing and mending. Rome was not built in a day, neither is Light and Life. But we can and do create little pockets here and there, precious moments now and then, that provide a glimmer that help us see that these experiential lessons, as painful as they are, as devastating as they can be in the moment, are not such a big deal in retrospect, but just another in life’s experiences that sets you on the path of perfection.

I have talked nearly an hour straight, but I’ll tell you what. I can hear you listening. Even though I have said nothing new, I can feel your “ears to hear” paying attention … not to me but to the Spirit of Truth.

Just in case I don’t know what I’m talking about, I invite you to utilize the last moments we have left -- we have ten minutes -- to open the floodgates and come in and rake me over the coals or whatever. It’s your turn. Talk to me. And remember that we are talking to one another. We are in a group setting here, and there is tremendous strength in group consciousness. Just push star six and we’ll all hear you. (Pause) Is there anybody there?

Attunement, Thought Adjusters

Gary: Yes, I’m here. I’m trying to digest all that. JACK: Alright.

Gary: It was quite, quite informative, really. But to revert to myself, it’s been a couple of years and I still haven’t made contact with my TA, even though I’ve tried repeatedly, and so I guess we try to rely on other people and their so-called contacts.

JACK: You may be expecting more from your Thought Adjuster than is appropriate, expecting your Thought Adjuster to speak to you man-to-man, as it were, as you and I are speaking. You have a long wait. Ordinarily the Thought Adjuster cannot talk to his or her human until after the final psychic circle has been reached, and most people have not reached that level. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to not hear your Thought Adjuster direct. It does not mean you are doing something wrong. (Nor does it mean you are supposed to listen to someone else, because they may be on a lower psychic circle than you are and talking through their hat!) Chances are you hear yours just fine, just not as you expected.

Gary: Or as I think it should be.

JACK: Or as you think it should be. Leave yourself open to new interpretations. Have more faith in your Fragment. I know It has faith in you.

Gary: Well, it sure is a lot to think about. It was a great talk. Great talk. JACK: I’m glad you appreciated it. Gary: I just hope I can benefit from it. Thank you! JACK: Yes. (Pause)

Linda: This is Linda, from North Carolina. Can you hear me? JACK: Hi, Linda. Yes, I hear you very clearly.


Linda: I wanted to say I am very encouraged and I appreciate what you said tonight and I think you hit the nail right on the head with a hammer as far as getting to the real crux of the problem here, and I’ll certainly be taking to heart everything you said about false expectations and I really loved what you said about “cut wood, tote water” -- just getting back to the simple things of life and seeing openings for ways to help others. I think the answers lie in simplicity of life, and so that’s what I hope to start moving toward, but thank you very much.

JACK: Thank you, dear. I appreciate your feedback. And I’m encouraged to learn that the message hit the mark. It serves no purpose to blaming or condemning those who for one reason or another lead others astray. A community would do well to discuss these things among themselves openly, without fear of repercussion or retaliation. People feel things, and they feel things for a reason. Sometimes the reason is unfounded, but sometimes there’s a reason for it; there’s something to it. And rather than shaming each other into silence or suggesting that it’s not Christian thinking, or ‘why can’t you just all get along?’ you need to learn how to talk to each other.

If you are going to be a community of fellow believers, you need to learn to trust each other; you need to learn to trust yourself with your peers. When you go into the company of your others, such as on this call this evening, you need to know that you are in a trusted environment where you will not be scolded or shamed, where your feelings will be respected. What a travesty is played out when people clam up and stuff their feelings because they feel they would meet with disapproval from their loved ones. Loved ones will hear you; they will share your feelings and concerns through empathy. And in this way, you can share your inner life with others. No man is an island.

This kind of socializing has tremendous power, but to slap each other around as if you were without feeling, without sensitivity, is worse than rude, it is barbaric, and if you want to develop a society that resembles Light and Life, you need to learn fundamental goodness. Jesus suffered the little children. Why can’t we suffer one another to come forward and babble or cry or whine or tattle or whatever is necessary for that person to feel at home? Eventually little children outgrow the need to whine and tattle because they know they are supported, they are loved, and they are bigger than that. It’s a process. Take a deep breath and begin again. As they say, ‘get back on the horse and ride’. Beautiful, beautiful cousins. You make the long wait worth it.


Well, kids, it’s time to go. Later!

Group: Thank you, Jack!