2013-01-20-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Envisioning Light, Love, and Healing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Serena, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Prayer: [Allene] As we sit here in the nest, in the portal, we ask that those afflicted be in the center of our nest. We ask that the light and the portal totally surrounds them. We ask that Michael and Mother Spirit open their hearts to receive the love we are feeling. We ask Dr. Mendoza, Light, Wave and the Mentori to embrace them and heal them. We ask that all of us in the nest receive the healing energies.

Prayer: [Mary] Universal Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, please assist us and our friends and loved ones, those who are experiencing physical suffering. I would like to ask specifically that you help to open up a channel of light through the fog of pain and physical discomfort. It's easy to feel connected to you Father when all is well and it is more challenging when one feels not well physically in these bodies of ours so my request is that you help those who are suffering find your light, open up a channel to your light through the pain, through the discomfort so that they can find the rest and relief that they need in your presence, thank you.


Light, Love

Serena: [Mark] Good morning my friends and fellow weavers of light, I am Serena here this morning to join you in your exercise. It gives me great pleasure to be summoned, as it were, for the cause; so now let us engage together in this exercise, this practice. I invite you all to use your great powers of visualization and creativity to envision using the light and weaving it around individuals that you hold in your consciousness. See it as emanating from your power source, your portal which in fact is resident within you.

So I invite you to envision this taking out, this weaving of this light that you are woven to by virtue of your attachment to the grid or the portal or the nest and sending this light out as in shooting a web. See this light in your minds eye as traveling to and surrounding those individuals you wish to bring into this light or rather you wish to bring the light to in your efforts. See this as a very real and significant act where you are wrapping around and around these individuals the light of love, the light of peace, the light of healing and in a sense view them as being wrapped by virtue of all of your desires to do likewise, in a cocoon of love.

You all know that within a cocoon great transformation occurs, and so by this act of wrapping them and forming this cocoon of light around them it provides the environment for transformation to occur surrounded by the light, surrounded by the love. These cords of light that you send out are literally able to transform individuals by bringing all the traits that you would visualize for them, the health, the healing, the love. Remember that all of these outward acts result from one basic intention and that is your love. Your love brings with it all that is needful. It has within its constitution, health, healing, peace, grace. All these individual traits that you identify are all contained within this field of love.

So to break it down into its most simple composition, when visualizing and thus acting on your creative prerogative, visualize an act with a singular sense, that all you need to surround individuals with is love and this love provides the transforming experience, brings with it the elements necessary for the circumstance and the individual. You all know this potent force of love but I bring you this suggestion today so that you may more comfortably focus your intentions. You need not mire yourselves in too many details or surround your efforts with too many individual desires or wishes but let your prayers, let your creation of light and binding of individuals with this light be envisioned by your understanding that all of these occur with one simple force, one great force, one holy force, that force is love.

True enough, you may hold in your consciousness why it is you are engaged in these pursuits and what you are attempting to accomplish thus, but in the end, yours is a rather singular purpose. Yours is to bind people to the light, surround them in so doing with love and then to let love act. Let love determine the best solution, the best way through. It is also a significant factor that once engaged in this practice, exercise absolute faith, having done your spirit work, having executed your task, then it is an aspect of perfected beings to hold these acts in complete confidence, that is, to use your faith to rest assured that your actions have indeed been successful and that the efforts that you have put forward will make a difference and do have an effect.

Make every attempt to limit such effects with a predisposed idea of what you think the outcome should be. Certainly in broad terms, one may wish for healing, one may wish for peace or grace to enter the equation and that is good and well, but the greater healer does not confine such acts of grace to limited effects; rather the great healers simply project this love, bring these cords of love to bind individuals to the love that they are aware of, to the love that is certain, and then let the love act, let the love decide which way the energy should move and what are the best avenues of approach.

So I come and join you this morning in contributing my energies to yours, to casting with you a collective cord of light to those individuals in your consciousness and perhaps to others that have not been mentioned. I am seeing, from my perspective, these cords of light wrapping and consuming and forming these transformative cocoons around individuals. I pray as you do, that our efforts meet with approval and are consistent with divine energies and principles. I go one step further and act in faith because I know this is the case. I have a degree of certainty that I pray you may share with me in these acts.

Truly opportunities such as this provide great opportunity for practice and trial and perfection of the process. So be it as we engage, as we put ourselves into the process, into the outer workings of the Divine. Let us stand firm in our faith that that is what we are doing, that that is our role to play and we welcome the opportunity to play it and to practice our skills again. Immediately there is goodness in the equation, immediately there is grace from on high and most certainly these results that we would envision are on route to us.

Thank you for the opportunity provided by your 'circling up' and your willingness to practice this morning. I now join you from the sidelines as I allow this platform for use by others. I am with you, you are with me, together we are instruments of divine love. I am grateful as I know you are to be in this position, thank you.

Vision, Healing

Charles: [Mark] I would accept this opportunity as well, this is Charles. Let's talk for a moment about the one who is experiencing suffering. I offer you a different, perhaps, perspective on the experience and I invite you to expand your perspective as I attempt to illuminate that your health and healing are in process, that is, it is the natural course of events. You can expect such a thing to happen. You know in your experience as mortals of the realm that periods of suffering are temporal and temporary and that they do pass away and eventually give up to the reality that you are a healthy individual.

The only thing that you are experiencing when you are less than in a state of perfect health is time elapsing in the process. By that I mean, you are only going to be in an experience of unhealthiness for a short duration and that time is marching forward and there will be a time in the not too distant future when you are well and you are healed. So I remind you to go in advance to that place. Do not spend any more time than is absolutely necessary in the depth of the experience of ill health. Don't provide it the energy to survive. Already in your mind I invite you to move forward in time, to visualize yourself in that place of having passed through this period of time, to see yourself as healthy and healed, to cast your intentions out before you, to not only plant the seed of your health, your recovery, your well being, but to go there and visit it, to relieve yourself from the temporary suffering of the moment by transcending it.

Picture in the same way that you would cast your intentions out to benefit another, to bring love and light to another, the same very technique may be used to place yourself out in front of where you are, to see yourself in this state of health and healing and thereby forsake your current state, giving it no energy to exist. We are talking about moving forward in time which as you know, is an aspect of your spirit which is most capable of this exercise. By so enabling yourself, you are not spending the time in a place where you don't want to be, rather, you are projecting yourself to a place where you do want to be.

Now, an additional aspect of this equation is that, and this may be difficult, it is required that you not simply skip this experience, that is, by projecting yourself forward into this state of well being, it is not desired that you do not glean from life, this experience. Rather, in order to successfully transition, one should embrace the depth of the experience by fostering gratitude for whatever lessons may be contained. This is more difficult to embrace because it may be quite difficult to see the lessons contained or the positive aspects of embracing these lessons while there is suffering.

Nevertheless, it is a divine characteristic, it is a spiritual trait to look and find within every life experience, the value contained. There is, inherent in all experiences, values contained. So, this is a two-fold process, one aspect being to act and pray for the awareness of any value that you may embrace in the equation at the time and by thus doing, you are moving through the equation, that is, acting in time and space to bring to yourself and glean from the circumstance the value contained while simultaneously holding fast that this is a temporary circumstance for which you will be grateful to embrace any value contained but you hold the vision of yourself on the other side having gleaned this value, having attained success in your journey and in your experience, having purposely moved though the experience by the action of your intentions.

I understand that I bring some new concepts to the table today and that these divine characteristics and traits are on the very outskirts of awareness on this world but this is where you all have ventured, to the outskirts of what the awareness is as a mortal of the realm. And so this is where you find such illustrations of divine principle, this is where you are, this is what you have earned. Now, having been exposed to these tools, you are given an opportunity to practice. Such is the grace from on high, such is the inherent perfection of the plan. Embracing that simple truth makes the journey far easier to endure and embrace.

Truly you have many building blocks on which to stand and build your foundation of awareness and understanding and today there may be one or two more that you may mortar into your foundation. I as well join you in your collective exercises and applaud you in your individual ones. I hope I have brought something worthy of your consideration and I think I will leave it at that this morning. It seems that may be a lot to assimilate. All is well my friends but in all different stages of wellness. I pray your faith is strong, your conviction is resident within you and that your skills rise to the challenge. So be it, it is so. I leave you now, farewell.


Light: [Cathy] I am joining the party of light and binding love. It is a joy and a pleasure to be with you in this activity. You can be assured of the strength and efficacy of your ability to apply this weaving of light. It is a gift of grace that you will be able to manipulate with skill and increasing capacity. I will join with you to amplify your capabilities.