2013-03-06-Q and A Session with Charles 2

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Topic: Explanation of the Triumvirate

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Saugatuck, MI


[Ed. Group contacted Daniel via Skype, hooked up to the merkabah and did their invocation.]

Invocation (Daniel): Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day and we invoke your presence here to surround us with your light and to fill us with your light. And we ask our spiritual guardians, guides and celestial beings to assist us in this transmission for its clarity, its truthfulness and our intention to be of service to the universe and to our brothers and sisters on this planet, thank you.


CHARLES: This is Charles; it is good to speak with you and be with you once again. I understand you have some questions you would like to have answered.

Planetary Government

  • Explanation of the Triumvirate

Student: Thank you, Charles; it’s good to have you here again. Last time we met, you mentioned three beings, Christ Michael, Machiventa and Monjoronson as being part of the triumvirate to uplift our world. You said you’d be willing to explain who they are and it would be nice if you could do that for us.

CHARLES: I’d be glad to. Christ Michael is your Creator. Now this may differ from your traditional religious perspectives and the doctrine you have learned as a child in your church, but you also know that God is extremely generous and that God does not limit Itself in giving Its attributes to Its spiritual or mortal children. And so, God has given you the capacity to create and It has given the capacity to create [to] other beings, Sons of God, who are directly related to the Creator and to the Second Source and Center, the Son of the Trinity.

These Creator Sons are given responsibility for creating a local universe, which is much smaller than the grand universe and they have the responsibility to bring into existence individuals who can be invested with the God fragment, the Father fragment, the God presence within them. This allows God to gain experience by living in and through individuals who are in alignment with Its Will. That is why you pray to do God’s Will, as this allows God to experience Itself and Its universe through you. This is a magnificent reunion, so to speak.

Machiventa Melchizedek is the Planetary Manager of this planet. God did not create the universe and then let it grow and develop like a forgotten specimen in a petri dish, but gave the universe a management and administrative process by which others can gain experience, by which others can experience the God presence within them so that they can grow in their ascendant journey. The Administration of your planet is guided by Machiventa Melchizedek, who has been here before. He was the Sage of Salem who taught Abraham and others during that era so many years ago. Machiventa has a plan which is in keeping with Christ Michael and his local universe, to develop this world into one which is more perfect and which provides more contributions to the whole universe, and to Christ Michael’s local universe and to members and residents, you, on this planet. Machiventa has a magnificent administration that is present throughout the world to assist in the development of your organizations and for giving individuals options for making decisions. Sometimes when you are uncertain about what to do in your life, you can ask spirit for options to guide you in decision-making so that you are aided in making the right decisions. Often times, individuals make the wrong decisions simply because they are unaware of the options that are available to them.

Monjoronson is a Paradise Son. He has come to assist Christ Michael in the management of this planet. It is not that Machiventa is not capable of doing so, but Monjoronson is responsible for the development of programs to assist in the social upliftment of your planet. (Social means any organization that is beyond that of an individual.) For instance, you here, in your church are an organization. And you can ask Monjoronson to assist you in [the] development of your church programs, your spiritual programs and social programs so that they contribute to your growth and the growth of visitors and those who come to your organization.

Monjoronson is here to provide the special upliftment for the social evolution of your planet. You have become very complacent and used to the decrepit spiritual nature of your planet. We, however, see it as being greatly in need of enlightenment and literally to be enthused and infused with the light of God. Monjoronson’s work is to assist in that evolution by providing co-creative assistance with you and your organization. That is why it is so important you consciously choose to become a co-creative partner with us. You, then, become much more available to us to guide the development of your own personal life and the development and evolution of your social organizations. Does this answer your question?


Student: Yes, and I understand that Monjoronson is to be incarnating on our planet sometime in the future?

CHARLES: Sometime in the future that will occur, but only when it brings about a benefit to your world. Right now, his presence would create tremendous uncertainty, trauma and drama on your world. Your species is much too primitive at this time to engage the reception of a Divine Being such as He.

One more thing, please, do not think this is a surprising development, as your world has been visited many times by incarnate beings who had a divine and spiritual origin. This is simply one more in the long lineage of individuals who have come to your planet to observe and to assist and teach, thank you.

  • Instructions for the upgrades

Student: Charles, I was reading from our transcripts from a few weeks ago, I understand and feel the human upgrades from the Father Spirit, which was mentioned by Charles. At times it seems to me, there are no directions with the upgrades or updates. How do we discern the needed software or instruction?

CHARLES: We will make that determination when you request to be upgraded or uplifted. We do not hoist these improvements upon you until you are ready and it assists us greatly if you are accepting and receptive of these upgrades. There is no manual, of course, that is why you are material beings. You learn so much about life by living it, about how to make decisions that guide it. Those decisions that provide disappointments and negative results tell you simply, “not this way.” So the positive developments tell you, “this way.” And remember that the upliftment does not mean, necessarily, material improvement, as what improvement we do see to those individuals who receive this, is greater joy, greater happiness, many more smiles on their faces, and good relationships with others; and particularly, a developing, loving relationship with themselves, for they no longer denigrate themselves or criticize themselves for their very being on this planet. You can see this in yourself as you turn to joy rather than sadness and being forlorn.

Student: Thank You.

Guardian Angels

  • The presence of Guardian Angels

Student: Charles, last time you were speaking about our Guardian Angels and when we are immature spirits, our angels would have 50-300 mortals to watch over. How do we know, or is it important for us to know, when our Guardian Angel is with us, constantly?

CHARLES: This is a development to which follows the answer to the last question. When you begin to live in joy and happiness and satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, no matter how simple that may be, you are well on your way to becoming an uplifted spiritual being even while in the material form. As these individuals receive more and more attention, how you know that your Guardian Angel is present is by being able to speak with them, him or her, so that you understand that they are near you. It is not necessary however, that they have to be near you to talk with you. As your Guardian Angel has the capacity in its mental realm that far exceeds your own by a multiple of over ten thousand, so they can speak to several people simultaneously. Your meditative practices will eventually come to a point where you’ll begin to ask questions and you’ll receive answers that you would not have generated from yourself from your own mind. This is at first startling, sometimes very surprising, and you should accept this with a big broad smile on your face that you have received the answer from your Guardian Angel. It is not necessary that everyone hears their Guardian Angel, but know they are surrounded by this wide and caring, loving being who supports you in all your positive efforts to become greater than you are and to traverse successfully on your spiritual journey.

Some individuals do have impediments in their mind mechanism that prevents them from hearing their Guardian Angel or other spiritual beings, but this is usually less then 10% of your population. Most people, as yourself, already hear, but do not know how to discern the speech or the response or the voice in your mind from your own. That takes practice.

Student: Thank you, Charles

Angelic Contact

  • Dialoging with your Guardian Angel

Student: How do we learn to discern it? What type of practice would we need, more meditation or…?

CHARLES: First of all, it is necessary to know how to meditate and how to go into the place of no thought, where you have no thoughts occupying your mind. When that is the case and there are no agendas and no busy-ness and no chores to do in your mind and you are still in your mental activity, then ask the question, and it might be simply as, “Is my Guardian Angel present?” And almost immediately, even before the last syllable of your question is asked, you will hear the answer, and your Guardian Angel will say, “Yes!” And if you ask your Guardian Angel whether she loves you or not, expect a wonderful answer to that. And if you ask your Guardian Angel, “Why do you love me?” you will definitely receive a more detailed answer.

In the beginning, you will not be able to differentiate your angel voice from your own mind voice. This is a matter of practice and becoming acquainted with the voice of your Guardian Angel. This takes time, it takes practice and eventually you will be able to discern the difference, principally based on the energy signature of your Guardian Angel. She will feel differently than you hearing your own mind voice. When you talk to yourself, you know what that feels like. When you receive an answer from your Guardian, that will feel much differently. And you also feel it in your heart as times goes by. This is the beginning process of discerning your Guardian Angel’s response to yourself. And remember that your Guardian Angel only speaks to you in the highest, most reserved and loving manner. Your Guardian Angel will never give you bad advice, bad guidance or to paint you into a corner, so to speak, to make decisions. Angels do not do that. If this is the case, then you are in the presence of a dark being, which you should reject and repel from you with great verbal energy. Does this help?

Student: Yes sir.


  • Seeing colors during meditation

Student: Speaking of meditation, sometimes when I meditate, I look for certain colors like shades of blue, purple and sometimes even other colors. Should this be something I should look for and what does this mean?

CHARLES: This is simply the phenomenology of the close approximation of energetic spiritual beings. We strive to guide you away from interest in the phenomenology of this process, as many people become [more] interested in the phenomenon than the actual messages that their Guardians and other spiritual beings can provide to you. But to answer your question, yes, blue tends to be indicative of the angelic corps, the magenta tends to be indicative of the Melchizedek corps and the purples and brilliant blues to white tend to be those who are associated with the Creator Son. Your Guardian Angel would be a nice color of blue.

The effects of group meditation

Student: Speaking of meditation again, we just had a nice group meditation this evening, but I am thinking how powerful a group of people with the same intention is and if we have a 100th monkey effect that you’re probably aware of, I was wondering what kinds of things, what’s possible with a large group with the same intention. What can we do with that and what’s the difference between that and meditating by ourselves?

CHARLES: When you meditate by yourself, you should always begin by invoking the presence of the Creator, surround yourself with light and to also state an intention for your meditation time. It can be any positive intention at all. It can be simply to be open and receptive to spiritual guidance, it could be to direct healing energy to another person or to be open and receptive to guidance and insight that will assist you in developing your life, to give options for decision making.

In a group, it is pretty much the same. It is necessary to come into stillness of no thought, and it is also necessary to have an intention for your group, an intention that everyone agrees upon. When you are connected to the merkabah with a common intention, you can do many wonderful things. Remember that we assist you when you use the merkabah as the common intention for the highest and greatest good of all concerned. We absent ourselves completely if your intention is not in alignment with the highest good of the universe and God’s Will. You can do a great many things on your own without its presence, however it is our intention to be co-creative with you and guide you in co-creative developments that are positive. What you can do is only limited by your capacity to imagine positive, helpful things and actions that are needed around the world.

  • Further use of the merkabah

Student: With that said, Charles, is it possible to take energy from the merkabah if we need to, say, we’re working on something and take part of it home. Or, do we ask our angels in the merkabah, would you stay with me and guide me, can I take you out of here?

CHARLES: You actually do not take the energy with you. You can use your merkabah there, to any place or point on the earth. You simply need to connect with it to your mind and consciously guide the energy from the north pole in an arc to wherever it is needed, so that you have it available to wherever it is needed. You are simply the facilitator, the agent of action to bring the good about through directing the energy of the merkabah to the point, place and time it is needed. I sense you have another question, please proceed.

Student: I am trying to figure out how to take it from the north pole to where I need it. Sorry, maybe I misunderstood.

CHARLES: You don’t take it; you must come away from this without the thought of possessing it or putting it in your pocket, and taking it with you. You simply guide the energy with your mind from the north pole point to wherever it is needed. It is a facet of your imagination. Some people, unfortunately, do not have an imagination. This is hard for us to believe and harder for some of you to believe, but there are individuals that cannot imagine an object that they have not already seen. So not seeing a merkabah may be difficult if you have no imagination to draw upon. In that case, we suggest that you draw a circle of a merkabah on a piece of paper and imagine that this exists where you are and that you connect to the north pole and to guide the energy to where it is needed. You could imagine connecting to the north pole point and then guiding it someplace around the world where it is needed. It does not make any difference where on the earth you want to direct the energy, you simply guide it with your finger to where it is needed.

Student: Charles, we have the merkabah in this building and a merkabah in our old building which is not that far away from here. Is there any benefit to connect to both merkabahs?

CHARLES: No, we would advise you to keep it quite simple for yourself, so that you use only one merkabah. It is as powerful as it needs to be to accomplish whatever you need to have done. I hope you believe that it is far more capable than your capacity to use its full power.


  • Is our planet an entity in and of itself?

Student: I do believe that, yes. Thank you. I have another question off the subject: Is our planet an entity in and of itself, as we are entities?

CHARLES: No, strictly speaking, it is not. It does have an energetic awareness, I would not call it a consciousness, but it does have a mechanistic awareness and placidity to manage itself. It is a being in the sense that it can manipulate energies and manipulate its surroundings and its own existence, much as a thermostat manages the heat level within your home. It is ridiculous to pray to your earth Gaia, as some of you call it, as it is not a conscious entity that is capable of receiving your praise and adoration. Much more helpful would be to have your own intention to live in concert, agreement and alignment with the highest and greatest good of your planet.


  • Activism and protesting

Student: I have a question about activism. We can form groups with intention and pray for peace and healing in the world, we have so many problems here on this planet and I have conflict about getting involved in either protesting to make my voice heard and to get involved in things like fracking and other things going on. What advice can you give us to be involved in activism as far as protesting?

CHARLES: We do not support many activist programs, as they engage the negative energy and have a hugely negative effect on the participants. The activism we advise to you is for you to be at peace in your own life, to be unaffected by your environment and to be responsible for making right decisions concerning your own area that you can affect. This is far more powerful than participating in ineffectual social activism which may simply antagonize or even perpetuate the negative energy you seek to end.

We are not against, however, truly active consciousness to change the conscious environment of your world. When you engage the negative aspects of human consciousness and the raised consciousness of your planet, you continue to support the old paradigm. You, however, [can] be far more effective by seeking to improve the positive elements of human consciousness on your planet by uplifting your own thinking. You are not the arbitrator of what is right and wrong on your world, however you are the arbitrator of what is right and wrong in your own personal life and you are fully and completely responsible for the upliftment and maintenance of your spiritual evolution. This should be the paramount aspect of your life and the intention for your life.

Now remember, one of your scientists has measured the effectiveness of one individual in a population of over 10,000 people, that three people who hold a positive consciousness and maintain that consciousness in their population and their neighborhoods has a tremendously powerful effect upon the whole. What most people do not realize is that the union and working together of several people in unison, with a conforming intention, is thousands of times more powerful than individuals who are negatively engaged. What you do not realize is that individuals who are negatively engaged are usually separate individuals who are “doing their own thing,” as you say. They are individuals and separate, therefore, they are not united and combined with other people in their negative intentions.

Most individuals do not have negative conscious intentions, but do live their life unconsciously, with intentions which are never clearly stated. You, however, now are being enlightened to live quite the other way. You, coming together as you are tonight, have a powerful effect on your neighborhood and community. What we would ask you to do when you get to meet together like this, simply is to join together to bring the positive consciousness of God and their angels to everyone in your community and to see this simply as raindrops of light coming to them as they walk about their day. Can you engage that as a program?

Attraction, Prayer

  • Is the law of attraction real?

Student: I guess we have one more question. Tonight and the whole week we’ve been thinking about the law of attraction and how it works and how we can use it. Is the law of attraction real? And do you have advice on how we can use this power?

CHARLES: Yes it is real, it does exist; it is a matter of consciousness and it is an active, conscious attraction to draw to you that which is of your highest good. Most individuals, however, are quite limited in how they use this. They usually use it for very specific objects and actions. Or, as it is used in a general way, to attract good in all forms into your life in unexpected and wonderful ways, that your life begins to expand in positive ways that you had not anticipated. You, however, are welcome to project attraction to those things that bring positive effects to your life. And when you do so, you are welcome to engage us to assist in that process.

  • The “null prayer”

We would advise you carefully, to also pray consciously and intentionally to have those things which would not benefit your life to come to a halt and not to engage your life. Often times people pray for things which in the end, are injurious to them and do not help their social, emotional and spiritual maturity. This one calls it the “null prayer.” When you pray for something, you are welcome to engage us to assist in the process. At the same time, you would also ask [if] this is not according to God’s will to your life, that this be brought to an end and not to come into your life.

The attraction process is very subtle; it is something you carry with you throughout the day. It is helpful as an exercise in your spiritual movement and right affirmation and to have them in your peripheral vision during the day so that they become operative and assist you with upliftment and to bring back into your life. See yourself as a magnet, as something that is bringing this event or decision or those circumstance in your life so that your life is enlightened and made fuller and more prosperous. Does this help?

  • Group intentions

Student: Yes and I just wanted to say one of the activities we will be doing is to make a vision board with things we want to attract or accomplish. I believe this is one of the things you are talking about?

CHARLES: If you are using it as a group, make sure you have a united and uniform intention for doing that. Otherwise, you’ll be sending the universe a mixed message and it will not work.

Student: Okay. Thank you.

CHARLES: You are most welcome.


Student: I think this is the end of our questions, Charles. Thanks a lot. Do you have any closing comments for us before we leave?

CHARLES: I’ve enjoyed engaging you once again. I find that you are growing in subtle ways, each of you, and that you are truly creating a very abundant environment in your church and in your individual lives. This is how it begins and this is how it fulfills itself by remaining in the presence of God and being aware of that One who resides within you. From myself, and all of us here who are behind me, I thank you for this time and this opportunity to speak with you. Know that God is touching you wherever you go. Good night.

Students: Good night Charles.