2013-04-07-Musings on Belief, Faith, and Life Priorities

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Topic: Musings on Belief

Group: Serara.org


Teacher: Archangel from Rantulia

TR: Felix Caro



Belief is considered to be a motor or engine that moves a mortal to better him or herself in whatever ways are necessary to achieve the ultimate goal that the belief is based on. Faith can be considered as the power associated with the engine of belief; some engines are more powerful than others, and so faith in a particular belief will vary depending on how deeply it is “believed” on a goal to be achieved.

The goal of every mortal should be that of achieving the oneness with the Universal Father, to be “perfect as He is”, as the existence of a mortal goes from experience in the flesh, through the spheres of education in time and space, through the spheres of education beyond the superuniverses, until the arrival at the island Of Paradise and the presence of the Center of All Things. On Urantia, the idealization of goals has been, and continues to be, highly biased by material interests, and so for many having the best car, the biggest house or the most money are considered as goals important enough to establish a belief system around those goals, and to strive for their achievement. On many instances, these goals cannot really be separated from the concept of “being more” or “better” than others, and so perceiving them as unequal. Now, what can the achievement of those goals will do in terms of the betterment of the human soul? Absolutely nothing. Two thousand years after the advent of the Sovereign Creator Son to Urantia, humanity still has not learned the lessons of true Belief, sublime Faith and the spiritual nature of the true Ultimate Goal, which is the achievement of eternal life in perfected service to the Universal Father.

And so, when you hear comments of “whatever” or a vague “yes” for the sake of just being “agreeable” when you comment of matters of the spirit, just take it as the common experience that it is nowadays, and make a note of it as something to help correct. In some time, sooner rather than later, humanity’s goals are going to be turned “upside down”, and they will be given the opportunity to set a new system of belief away from material matters, and will have the opportunity to develop Faith in the important and always superseding matters of Spirit.

The ever-present Thought Adjuster in the minds of every mortal that makes moral choices always looks for that opportunity, for that tiny ray of “interest” of the mortal to do selfless and inherent good, to help him or her, in a very subtle way, to start pursuing spiritual perfection through the learning of experiential spiritual lessons learned during the existence in the flesh, until the eventual union with the Universal Father. As the mortal shows his interest and puts effort in building the “bridge” of communication with God, so the Universal Father via the mortal’s TA does His part to meet him or her “half-way” in this effort. It is forever true that God responds even to the most insignificant interest in doing His Will; there is joy in the Heavens every time the bridge between the imperfect mortal of the worlds of time and the Ultimate, Supreme and Absolute Perfection of the Universal Father is established. The beauty of this Union lies in the mutual experiential benefit that is obtained by the mortal, in terms of continuous spiritual betterment, as he starts to and continues to ascend to the Center of All Things, and as the Universal Father gathers experience in the worlds of time as the Supreme continues to update itself.

Do you believe you are a beloved son of the Universal Father? Do you believe in His infinite mercy and in His promise of eternal life? Do you strive to live a life where these beliefs form a tangible part of your existence? If the answer is yes then your ticket to eternal life is the Faith that you put in those beliefs and the driving force behind your good deeds. If you truly believe that you are a son of God, then it will be very easy to recognize every mortal as an equal. If you believe in the infinite mercy of God, then it should come easy to you to be merciful and understanding to others.

If you believe in how sublime and poetical the love between two mortals can be, it should be easy to also believe in a more perfect love, which is born in the Center of All Things, and permeates the entire cosmos in and outside the realms of time and space. God’s absolute love for you is not affected by your beliefs or whether they may be aligned with His will; it is unconditional and ever present. When you allow God’s love to fill your life, beliefs become inspiration and your Faith propels you to do good deeds, to love unconditionally and to easily forgive transgressions. Your faith in the belief that you will achieve a spiritual perfection high enough to be allowed to be in the presence of the Universal Father at the Eternal Isle of Paradise; it will inspire you to eagerly learn the lessons to be presented to you at the school worlds of the system, the local universe, the sectors, the superuniverse and in Havona. If you believe that you can be “as perfect as the Universal Father is perfect”, then you will definitely achieve such a high spiritual goal, and then you will have a unique opportunity to represent Him either somewhere in the superuniverses or in the new creations of the outer space levels.

In very many of the worlds of time in the local universe of RANTULIA, which is where I hail from, it is beautiful to observe how the mortals strive to achieve spiritual perfection by first being loving and merciful to their brethren, and later by seeking a loving spiritual contact with the Universal Father once they become aware of how this can be achieved. Interplanetary cooperation is also very common between the inhabited and advanced worlds there. There are many races in the local universe of RANTULIA that are of the three-brain type, and so this special connection to the Universal Father is somewhat easier for them. They use the pineal gland, connected to the central brain, very effectively to achieve spiritual connections. As you know, the mortals of your world have also the pineal gland between their two brains, but cannot use it as it is greatly atrophied mostly due to the substances that they consume or are exposed to, but once important changes have transpired on Urantia, this problem will be eventually corrected. Centuries from now, the human race on Urantia will become an impressive one, in their knowledge as well as in their resilience to evil, all of this as a consequence of, not only the hard lessons that they have learned so far, but of the even tougher lessons that soon they will start to learn.

On historical celestial matters of great import, such as the death and resurrection of Michael of Nebadon on Urantia and how his apostles perceived such events, when it comes to the belief in Michael’s words about his death and resurrection only three days after his death, only a small minority of the apostles actually believed in those words. However, great followers of Jesus who were not part of the apostolic group, such as David Zebedee (brother of James and John Zebedee) and Joseph of Arimathea (ex-member of the Sanhedrin council), believed him implicitly. The damage caused by Lucifer’s rebellion on Urantia was so great that it even affected the capacity of mortals to believe in the spiritual truths so evident in the entire Creation. Even today, the belief in spiritual matters is marred by fear and superstition. Being this the current state of “belief integrity” on Urantia from very ancient times until the present time, mortals with the capacity to “implicitly believe”, even and especially without seen, not only guarantees their resurrection in the Halls of Mansonia, but ensures that said mortals will be used for very special purposes where high degree of integrity and faithfulness are required, as said mortals ascend to the Center of All things, and especially after they have been mustered into the Corps of Finality in Paradise and are reassigned to special service in the seven superuniverses or the creations of the outer space levels. These inherently faith ascended mortals, after having achieved Paradise, will become administrators, ministers, observers, councilors and assistants that through their exemplary service and resilience to evil, will inspire to perfect and unfailing service, not only imperfect mortals, but also the perfect celestials that they will assist or serve.

To be able to believe without seeing, to have faith in that which is not tangible to you, is indeed a powerful weapon against evil, and the surest gateway to great and unique spiritual adventure and service. Remembering a quote from one song of one your musical popular genres, the question to be asked is not “do you believe in life after love?”, but rather “do you believe in love after life?”.


The moral of the story here is, make sure that your belief system is fully based on the reality that God is your Father, that every mortal that surrounds you is your brother and sister, and that there is no higher goal than service to the Universal Father through the fulfillment of His will in your life.


Presented by an Archangel from the nearby local universe of RANTULIA, posted on Urantia by The Bright and Morning Star of said local universe as instructed by the governing Master Creator Son, as an observer and as a witness to the transforming events soon to occur.