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Topic: The Signature of the Paradise Trinity on Urantia

Group: At Large


Teacher: Machiventa, Aya, Ociliaya, Mantrinaya, Supreme, Thought Adjuster, Charles, Paul, the Apostle, Michael

TR: Ron Besser


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Part I

  • Author, My Reasons for Writing This Paper

Several years ago I wrote a paper on the reasons for the Magisterial Mission which never got published because, frankly, it was too soon, and it carried concepts I was not allowed to release at that time. Today, however, I am being asked to review parts of that paper with you.

I know from past experience that the papers published on the BCC list to which you all subscribe are distributed to august minds and places. Nonetheless, it behooves me to provide you, really a super audience of a small group of people on Urantia, who know what they are, know the importance of what they read, and know that there are few substitutes for having a direct pipeline to the Deity and other high administrators who know the subject material so well that when they speak they create new revelation.

Further down in this paper on the Trinity, I make myself available to Machiventa Melchizedek, because not only has he fulfilled his mandate on the behalf of Urantia’s administration, he has also worked with the Paradise Trinity on many occasions. Machiventa Melchizedek is important enough to Urantia that to say anything about the Trinity to this audience without his input would be to miss the lessons and the opportunity to hear directly from a high official of Urantia about how the Trinity works and behaves on Urantia. Such trinitarian behavior as found on Uranita is different mostly as the result of the Lucifer Rebellion, the Trinity.

In writing this paper, I also wish to pay tribute to Machiventa Melchizedek as a true administrator of the Most Highs. It is the Most highs who rule in the affairs and nations of men and their various organizational attributes like a State Department and the CIA. And like those intelligence departments here and abroad do when they need to know, we wish to make a true finding of what the spiritual intelligence committees in charge of Urantia under Machiventa are supplying to Urantia with the help of the Trinity.

As Machiventa is an administrator of the Most Highs, he has held the Planetary Prince title for a few years at the request of the Nebadon Sovereign, Michael. We take note that his office as Prince is coming to an end, but in the place of his holding the highest office Urantia can give to an administrator, he intends to remove himself to Edentia and rule from there as a Vicegerent of the Most Highs, the Vorondadek Sons created by Michael and Mother Spirit some twenty-seven thousand millennia ago. In that work Machiventa has become a two-fold supervisor of the realm we call Urantia in order to perform those functions which must be assigned to others when Monjoronson arrives on the planet some [censored] from now.

  • From: Machiventa Melchizedek, Vicegerent Planetary Prince in office since 1992

In that work [as acting Planetary Prince] I have assigned two important steps to consider.

  • 1) One, who is going to run the shop called the Planetary Prince of Urantia?
  • 2) Who is going to call the shots from on high while a new Planetary Prince becomes established on

Urantia? The answer to the first question is that it will be Jesus or Christ Michael or Michael of Nebadon– however you wish to designate the naming to that the position as an individual who will hold one of the most important aspects of planetary rulership anywhere in the universe of Nebadon.

Jesus or Michael, whichever name you may prefer, is assuming his position as titular ruler of Urantia as it should be. However, at the same time he is going to be realigned in that office by the Trinity Ambassador, Immanuel, who will travel to Urantia with Gabriel the day Monjoronson arrives and they will consecrate the soil of Urantia as belonging, first, to the Most Highs, and second, to give allegiance to Paradise.

I, Machiventa Melchizedek, will then assume the role of receiver among the 11 other Melchizedeks assigned to do this on that day.

It is I, Machiventa Melchizedek, who has authorized the writer named herein, to write this paper on the Trinity, which he has considered now for well on nine months, but never felt he knew enough to entirely broach the subject without the support of the Master Spirits, Michael, Melchizedek, and others of high standing on the subject.

We now return to the subject at hand, the Paradise Trinity, an agency to which I bid the will of Father to permit me to reveal that there is operating from Edentia at this time, our work as a group of one hundred twenty-eight Melchizedeks to sustain the plans of Michael, and that we are all in liaison with the Paradise Trinity to affect changes to the culture of Urantia. This work is to improve individual ability to hear Father (as through the Thought Adjuster), and the various other means Father has to attract his sons and daughters in human flesh to be about the Father’s business on Urantia.

We state categorically to this audience that the Paradise Trinity is to the universe what the Father is to the individual. There is no other more important relationship on any sphere in Nebadon or, indeed, in the entire Master Universe to be had.

  • AYA: Master Spirit Number Seven, The Voice of the Paradise Trinity and God the Supreme

Master Spirit Aya: In our work as spokesman for the Paradise Trinity, we note that Urantia holds an unusual ilk of thought on the surface of the planet that speaks hardly at all about our Father in Heaven. To rectify such an error I will become assigned to the structures of your Most Highs and will speak in the future as a figure for the Most Highs. In that speech I will perform two functions:

  • 1) I am the Voice of the Trinity and I will speak with that authority;
  • 2) I speak through and as a Voice of the Most Highs in the coming dispensation on Urantia known as the fifth epochal world-wide dispensation to be instituted by Monjoronson.

I am AYA, and I thank the writer for his sanguine view of his work with Machiventa Melchizedek whom he feared was out of his bailiwick of contact since so little in past papers have come through the Melchizedek official who gave Abraham such a start over 2500 years ago when Abraham picked up what one would call today a mortar shell, and who was about to lob it into the enemy camp, only to find that its contents had been emptied and that there was no explosive to be found. The explosive was not gun powder but a mixture of grass and rock powder that sparked at the slightest friction, and could be made to explode when thrown into the midst of an enemy causing great suffering and other casualty among the Hittites as in this case. Machiventa sought to release peace that day and no one, including Abraham, was going to detract a Melchizedek from initiating his work.

  • The Author’s Comments:

The writer now assigns a few more remarks before we go to the next section of the paper on the Trinity. I have been given to understand that the Trinity is the most important thing to the universe in which is set aside the personal acts of the Universal Father’s hand in our affairs. But I quickly remind the reader that our loyalty to Father and our endearment to Him for his personal attention to us through His manifold acts of reparation and adjustments does not lessen our gratitude toward Him because of His Deity prerogatives of impersonal use of power through the Trinity. It is in the Trinity where the Father exercises primacy as the un-caused originator of infinite reality, and that such is His hallowed name be so unqualified in spirit and power and that He is also so regarded by his coordinate Deity companions, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

My feeble attempt to address the infinite is not without regard to those some aspects of infinity which are understandable by even the lower realm of reality, namely that material realm we all take origin in. It is to those areas of material recompense sparingly strained from the infinity of actuality that I will comment now.

Part II

The One and The Many
Master Spirit Seven: I am Aya. I introduce to this audience my associate, Master Spirit Four, the Voice of the Universal Father as the Unity of Heart with the Eternal Son, and known to Urantia as Ociliaya.

Ociliaya: I am Master Spirit Four, and I wish to state the case of universe allowance for such a low being to access our circuits to have access to our views on certain universe problems which affect the Trinity’s use of the judicial system on all levels it needs to be seen on as in particular on its operation on Urantia.

Urantia represents a special problem in logistics. It contains all the work of the Deities since time immemorial and it then consists of all the work done by the Most Highs and by the universe Sonship of Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit. Our work on the Nebadon sphere of Edentia is to become aware of Michael on Urantia and the Planetary Prince assigned to him by the Most Highs and seconded by the Ancients of Days on Uversa.

Urantia contains the seeds of universe disaster as well as the makings of a new planet not yet determined to be of any particular type. As to type, we refer the reader to the fact that the experimental status of Urantia is over, and that we are to renew it in the sense of making it of the non-experimental series and end the advocation of new species to populate the planet once homospiritus takes root and becomes the dominate human on the sphere. It started out as an experimental planet by being in a series of planets that is held out for such experiments when the time is right to establish life. Life on Urantia began over 4 and ½ billion years ago, and even scientists today acknowledge that the planet had life sometime after its creation and which by the Urantia Book we know was established a scant five hundred fifty million years ago by your current time designation.

In looking up Urantia, we note that there is life that still remains from those early implantations and that such life has maintained itself so well that it tends to disturb the higher levels of evolved life beyond the present age of the planet. This disturbance is not trinitarian, but it is other-than the level of thought of the Paradise Trinity, and it is composed of what the Most Highs designate as thought patterns that exist without a home to put them into.

Thought, by itself, is innocuous, but in truth, thought is also a poison that can lay around and contaminate the future as it has done in the past to affect the future as it is today.

Thought is never without a concomitant expression of emotion as emotions are the foundations upon which thought travels to the places where it should never be rewarded a place among other right- thinking individuals. On Urantia we denominate thought of this nature, not of the mid-mind, but of the baser thinking distraught by emotions that contaminate the thinking processes necessary to reclaim Urantia. Communication, good communication, is built upon the desire to be clear in explanation, but base thinking is left to the animals and to certain levels of human complaint that never cease to harm the will of God as it should be expressed on Urantia.

Our work on Urantia as the Father-Son advocacy is to re-establish the lines of communication on Urantia that will engender a new population of thinkers to become better acquainted with the heart of God and not just the head of God, the Paradise Trinity. In that work we have to carefully consider that the Trinity bears no resemblance to what we attempt to become on Urantia, but it must be understood that the work of God is never without the Trinity and, likewise, God’s work is done with the heart through the Son-Father partnership of ascension.

The Father-Son entity we speak for is not a partnership as you understand it on Urantia. Rather, it is a matured unity of those principles which rule the universe in favor of thought that passes all understanding until one takes the oath of service before the Trinity, and then to be assigned to space and go out to the universe as wards of God to see to it that others hear what you have learned. In our work as a traveling salesman for God, the Father-Son entity never accedes more than it can deliver, and it delivers all that it can accommodate.

The Paradise Trinity is let alone by most students because it is infinite and characteristically incompetent to be explained in material terms. But infinity has moments of comprehension even among those on Urantia who know that it delivers spirit in a unique way to planets like Urantia. Urantia suffers from its derivation as an experimental planet, and seconded by all the defaults it accumulated, because the Home of the Lord (Salvington and Paradise) was not available when it was necessary for its early development.

Our work as the Father-Son unity with Urantia is not necessarily important to individuals, but it is important to the standing of Michael on Urantia. Michael stands to discover with all mortals that he, as Joshua ben Joseph, that to save anything, it must be worth saving, and that Jesus sometimes bypassed pleas from the spiritually unreconstructed so as not to give time he otherwise could do for those who needed a Fatherly hand to survive the life on Urantia.

The Master Spirits seldom make compensation to those who have no future, but in the case of Urantia, the entire planet suffers the malady of hate and fear to the point it should be bypassed and our energy better given to those spheres that can survive the material exposition to a status that bears the stamp of Trinitarian approval in the Light and Life of God’s will for superb spiritual development. But we still remain loyal to Michael of Nebadon’s defense of man on Urantia and work to compensate the loss of so much!

In understanding Urantia, take a moment to realize that is has two different parents. One is from the Father, known as Michael of Nebadon; and, the second parent is known to you as Mother Spirit, or Nebadonia, as she is now being called on Urantia. This dual partnership represents our work on high as Ociliaya and as a Parent of our own since we give rise to the birth of the Spirits of The Circuits. So we too are conversant with the net result of parentage on a high level.

In the case of Nebadonia, we the Fourth Master Spirit as portraying the light of motherhood through the Eternal Son’s compensation during the bestowal of Jesus on Urantia, found her competency to hear the plaintive pleas of the young Jesus as he fought to concentrate his will to his Father’s will, and in this we assign no more than to say that Nebadonia has been awarded more to further the cause of Urantia and Nebadon than any Mother Spirit in the superuniverse of Orvonton could do for any Sonship bestowal among mortals anywhere within the realm of Orvonton.

In the case of Urantia, we move slowly because it is not in our call to service to a planet not in our jurisdiction as its Master Spirit, but that is given to Aya, but Aya provides us all the intervention we need to see to it that the life of men and women on Urantia have at their disposal all that is necessary for their lives in time when it comes to the heart of God.

Our work also continues on Edentia with the Most Highs who are our sleeping subjects when revealing more about the joys of the Master Universe. The designation of the Master Universe will be changed in future revelation as it will be re-named to recognize its functions as to now include the region of the first experiment in Ultimate universe building. We contemplate the vastness of the outer space regions and that in outer space region number one now forming, there is some spiritual activity established in it, as Master Spirit Five and Master Spirit Six are now engaged in preliminary work to establish God the Ultimate in his own universe of life.

In the Superuniverse of Orvonton, we hold there are at least several meanings for the extension of the Master Universe to include what is now-called the first outer space area. This uninhabited space area is adjacent to the house the Supreme recognizes as containing all the the work of all the Michael Sons and all other Supreme Spirits combined in all of the superuniverses adjacent in time.

The first outer space level is not an extension of Supremacy, but it is an extension of thought based on the immediate rewards of Supreme adjudication of all the time spent developing the superuniverse into perfection. As a consequence of these mutual dependency of Ultimacy upon Supremacy, we believe that the first outer space level shall become a co-dependent union of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate when future developments dictate that it be populated by beings not entirely unfamiliar to you as humans of the homo-spiritus order to be found on Urantia in perpetuity once your sphere is returned to the normal ascension routines.

Part III

The Paradise Trinity as Sub-Infinite
  • AYA, Master Spirit Seven, Voice of the Trinity and God the Supreme

No one but the Paradise Deities can know infinity. Man is such an attenuation of the concept of infinity that he can not partake of its reality, but he can intellectually find the names and places where infinity moves to make the universe whole again, especially after a rebellion has seared his planetary life into the ooze of a sublime ignorance wherein he can no longer think and do, but react to disaster without mercy on Urantia. Cleansing the dirt of heartless revelation of Luciferian demands takes more than a mortal can comprehend, and we, the Master Spirits in unison, congratulate no one for the mess we see on Uranita but Lucifer and his mad associates, and to them is assigned the madness of annihilated centuries of work that no longer matters.

  • MANTRINAYA, Master Spirit Five, Voice of The Power Directors and the Father-Spirit Union

Master Spirit Five: We speak for the Father-Spirit union from which Monjoronson takes origin, and from which we present our Son, Serara, as his proper name when the time comes to have it known better on Urantia. The name Monjoronson will be relegated to the dust of history, but it has served Urantia well until Monjoronson is ready to part with it and rule Urantia as Serara, a high Son of Paradise.

I am Mantrinaya, Master Spirit Five, and I speak for the Father-Spirit union. I represent all the power of God and all of its energy manifestations throughout all universes of time and space.. I speak about the Trinity from our perspective as one who views the Father’s primacy as essential to all doings on Urantia and all doings in all of the outer space levels as well. In our work with Master Spirits Four and Seven, we travel the universe of universes so to determine that nothing gets in the way of the outreach for ascension of mortals, midwayers, and spirits of unknown origin to you. Even though we represent material power and even spiritual manifestations requiring the act of the Power Directors to manifest, we never contravene the work of the Eternal Son and his life-giving spirit to manifest our work in the universe.

The Trinity is infinity unencumbered by the heart of God. That means there are instances when the inevitability of thought meets the incomprehensible infinity of God’s purpose for the universe, and there and then there is a collision of ideals that man can not comprehend. It is our work to see to it that no man suffers because of the clash of ideals around Paradise rule, but that such regulations never encroach on man as a final determination of his destiny. This is the work of the infinity of thought that never allows life to be subject to matter beyond its use as a spade or an augur to dig the face of earth to planet a tree or grow vegetables to feed the race.

The Trinity’s infinity is heartless only in that it covers space areas so vast it can not comprehend the size of its hand against the mote that man inhabits as one planetary creature or another. In our work with Aya, the speaker of Trinitarian views and values., it behooves us to recall that no man can withstand the Trinity embrace without being changed forever and that his destiny can be changed in a twinkle if the embrace is necessary to assign the universe another son of its own to some service not even thought of in this particular age of universe development.

Infinity is a concept no man need worry about ever, except it arrives in a basketful of thought from time to time when the inscrutable work of the Trinity comes to note the difference between true justice and the so-called justice of an evolutionary planet as it is administered by mortals of incomplete understanding of what true justice may be. Infinity is never more that a drop in the bucket to man, but in its fulness it is conjured up in the minds of Deity that is so powerful it can not be denied its existence on levels they operate upon. The contemplation of infinity is well understood on Paradise. In consequence, the Paradise Deities often flash the three-fold presence of light to assign to the worshipers that nothing more is required in contemplation of God before them. One need only understand the heart and soul of the Saints on Urantia to understand that the fullness of worship is seldom severed from man so long as he understands that no service is required in worship except in the contemplation of the true and beautiful in life.

The Paradise Trinity is infinite, but it has infinite parts we call Absolutes, and it is to the Absolutes we now turn.

The Absolute God is the part of God you will never understand as I do. I am a Master Spirit of Power and decree that no man stands before me without quivering at the thought of his own destruction. I carry the weight of the Trinity Absolute, and as such I bear no arm against any man except as he may perchance seek to disrupt the will of God.

I am the Power of God. I speak low and with tender regard to all creatures who approach me without fear, as I come to all without the charm of the others, but am forthright in my declaration that all things that consist in God are mine to protect and not harm. When Manotia, the little angel of Nebadon faced Lucifer, I raised my cane in anger against the apostate Son and forbid the power to flow against the little angel who withstood his wrath, and I will never harm that which is in the name of God.

In me consists the work of the Trinity as you will never hear or know it to work such is the Power of God. The Unqualified Absolute obeys me not, but is conversant with my edge of power in a way that makes Ultimatons glow with God and the heat of man glow with the fervent desire to live life as one who knows the Power of God. I am not without mercy in the use of my Power as I am in perpetual unity with the Eternal Son, and I fail not to extend mercy except when bridging the death and destruction of the evil of Lucifer and his like in every universe that has ever been made.

The Son you call Monjoronson is not without this Power, and may you all who read this remember that justice has its side of reverence and its side of destructiveness that allows the universe to maintain an equilibrium against the evil of sloth and evil. In this I commend the Son of God Monjoronson to his duty and to his wealth of thought for all to hear when he arrives on Urantia with His court and courtiers. Good day.

Part IV

The Absolute God and Partial Reality
Our wish is to explain something of the Trinity from the perspective of the Absolutes. In this we are aided and abetted by God the Supreme on Havona.
  • God the Supreme in Havona: We speak now through Aya, Master Spirit Seven, of the Superuniverse

of Orvonton.

I am God the Father; I am God the Supreme; I am the Son, and I am your brother and your sister, and I am beyond your comprehension even as I am your True Self. God the Father speaks as myself when I must remind the developing universes that I am not to be tinkered with as either a Supreme God, or as a Father, or as an individual Adjuster which I permeate to the degree spirit will never comprehend beyond my embrace with the mind of the Supreme.

I am never two, or three, I am only ever just One. I AM ONE as the Father is ONE, but I can not fragment my self as two or three as the Father may do so. I remain the unity of the Trinity that the material realms of time of God may understand. I know no more than that.

  • The Nature of the Act of God Indwelling a Child

The writer has asked The Supreme to make a statement for him regarding how the Supreme God in Havona permeates the Adjuster with spirit and so modifies the Adjuster as to make it, the Adjuster, a view of absolute value as yoked to the harness of evolution. The divine labor of evolvement in time does not reduce the hope of the Ultimate for Adjuster-soul service either, or does it reduce the potential of human personality divinity in service to the Trinity.

When an Adjuster is “born”, it appears on Divinington. There, on that secret world of the Father is a premonition of the future at all times. New Adjusters flock to the central lodgement of Divinington to observe the Father on Paradise. So resplendent is that mode of expression, the Adjusters forever declare themselves in service to that which they are inherently necessary, but a fragmented part of the whole personality to be.

In our view of the Paradise Trinity, we [God the Supreme who is speaking through Master Spirit Seven, Aya] note that the Adjusters flock to a world like Urantia because of the service required to correct a dangerous situation wherein there are likely several different views of sanity to contend with. Sanity is important and sanity is what we must deal with in spirit because no development of spirit is possible without a sane mind that can contemplate God yet remain aloof from the spiritual demands that all things consist in the Father while dealing with a civilization that has no trust of spirit whatsoever. In that service to Urantia, we note that all things consist in the Universal Father in the Bible, but in practice no man on Urantia, except those who accept enlightenment, believes God is so important as to assign Father much importance to his own success in the world. The few that do become enlightened through personal and epochal revelation are blessed several times over in their graduation to the level of spirit mindedness.

Adjusters, new born so-to-speak, are without assignment until they choose how they wish to serve. In that choice they are presented lives of humans and others who have various assignments to perform while in the flesh, and who must learn how that may be done. God the Supreme is involved only slightly in this process, although it is God the Supreme who assigns where and when a child of God is to be born on a planet replete with hair, teeth, and arms and legs.

  • Determination of the Gender of A Child to Be Born

God the Supreme has two different qualities he must develop in order to become conversant with a future child of God on Urantia and other evolutionary planets where the humans are indwelt by the presence of the Father as Adjusters. The first quality the Supreme in Havona must attain is how to determine the sex of a child. The second quality the Supreme in Havona must feature in the portrait of the child-to-be is how to make it a wonderful being without it becoming so involved in definitions of material want that they utterly fail to help the Father maintain balance on the planet they are born on.

On Urantia, the child to become a Father-led individual must first assign himself to the Supreme on the planet [i.e, to the Planetary Supreme] for fetal development. Mother Spirit does not attend to this function, but the Planetary Supreme does, and therefore must the Planetary Supreme become initialized in the act of procreation as a parent of the proposed offspring. The offspring of two humans on Urantia is the result of fertilization of the egg with sperm from the father, but the chromosomes for sex differentiation from the father involved are never entirely assigned until God the Supreme determines the nature of the fetus to be. The nature of the fetus can be determined by the Havona Supreme who compares the forecast nature of the child to the Eternal Son or to the Father of All, and when it is found what that child bears most strikingly in its potential, the sex function is prepared for through chromosome differentiation to favor a gender appropriate to the fetus type. To speak more plainly, if the father’s sperm carries the extra-wide “Y” chromosome only, daughters will result. If the sperm also carries the more narrowly defined “X” chromosome, and it is allowed to fertilize the egg at least in two entry points, a male child results. God the Supreme empowers the fertility of the mother to determine the speed of fertilization, but it is the father of the mating pair which determines the gender of the child. When the Supreme recognizes that the egg now fertilized with either chromosome is an actuality, the potential resulting child features are forecast by the Planetary Supreme to Mother Spirit, who then forwards that data to Havona, and that is where God the Supreme matches gender and function perfectly.

In all cases the fetus is rightly born to parents who know their child from dreams and other parental assignments beginning in the early twenties and terminating in the early forties. After forty years of age, the mother is no longer sufficiently fertile to conceive without the assistance of God the Supreme or, rarely, with the aid of the Mother Spirit of Nebadon. We conclude these remarks to ascertain for the reader that all babies born on Urantia contain too many volunteering Thought Adjusters to adequately or easily sort them out, as service on Urantia is so sought after that there is some disappointment when not all who volunteer to indwell such children can not possible be selected to be guardian of all future development of such children.

  • Adjusters of Potential Assignment for Indwelling a Child Take Field Trips to View Him*

In the birth of a human on Urantia, it becomes important to recognize that few will ever recognize that preparatory work which assign a Paradise Spirit to the mind of a child not yet old enough to understand the world, much less choose its important to his own development in spirit further along in the ascension career. But when the child recognizes some degree of right and wrong, the Adjusters who are interested in serving the capacity of a child who is meant to take on the world in a particular way, will come to view the child in his actual living conditions, and from there on, the developmental state is revered as the job of a Paradise Adjuster.

When it becomes possible for several Adjusters then to agree to step aside and allow one Adjuster to make the choice of assignment to the child so interviewed, the winning Adjuster does something we all on Uversa call (Scribe: we are now in reception of Master Spirit Four, Voice of the Father-Son union) the assignment of the Supreme to the child to be indwelt.

  • Ociliaya: I Assign the Supreme of Havona to Describe the “ACT of The APOSTLES” that Precedes

the Indwelling*

Master Spirit Four: I am Ociliaya, and I narrate this portion for God the Supreme as a friend of the Court of Monjoronson. Monjoronson has assigned this response outside of the universe of Havona to the Master Spirit in charge of the consignment of the Act of The Apostles to which we have never revealed this motion from on high, but it is time to hear the sacred words of God the Supreme as he moves to provide the new child of God to be indwelt by the Father of Us All.

  • God the Supreme from Havona Reveals The Act of The Apostles: The Supremisizing of the Human Soul:*

I have been asked to review this Act as one who never sets foot on Urantia, but I have my own Supreme Daughter, Urantia, with me today as she comes to my side to respond to the writer’s request that something may be given about this sacred act of universe sanction of an animal creature that becomes God knowing and someday may stand before the Trinity to take the Oath of Supreme Service to God the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirt sometimes known as the Conjoint Actor.

[Scribe’s Note: I am moved into the presence of the sacred law of God and must move carefully in order to receive what can only be described as the most beautiful scene I have ever beheld. It is the contamination of thought I must remove from myself first, and then I may proceed to tell you on paper what I behold. I am before God the Supreme on a Havona circuit that is reserved for the procreation of a child, and in that place, I behold the vision of myself and of others I have loved as children and as parents, and each is there in potential first, and in finality, later, they appear in time with me as I am. There is a confusion in my mind as I am switched from place to place to hear one, then another, give me advisement as to that which I am in mind liaison with as these noble pictures are presented to me. Please bear with me, your scribe as various spirit personalities behold this intrusion from the lower levels of thought and material mayhem which are resorted to from the planet Urantia. I can not help it but bring these harsher things with me to this place of communication. My Thought Adjuster arrives to take command of a scene I dare not offer those who hate children.]

  • Thought Adjuster Number 4174271457, The Adjuster of The Soul Who Writes These Words:

Statement of Position and Identity

I am an Adjuster from Divinington who has metastasized my human for service on

high. My numbers stated here are only the last few digits of a larger number without further meaning to those reading this Paper. I also recognize that numbers are identity to some, so let me state for the record that I, as an Adjuster, hold no honor greater than becoming part of the huge number of mortals moving inward by the trillions toward God when this one dissolves his bonds of the flesh and returns to the dust of Urantia. In these following statements I hold all sacred pledges as one who must remain silent before the majestic power of God, and to which the soul of the individual who records my words has been pledged for his work with this Adjuster

on Urantia.

  • Thought Adjuster 4174271457: The Initial Indwelling of a New Child of God and the Acts of the Supreme

When I, now an Adjuster laden with soul first came to Urantia, and I was newly betrothed to Ron [the Scribe mentioned herein], I had to follow the procedures all Adjusters must do to enter the sacred sphere of unblemished mind. I am bidden to speak by the Universal Father and to explain as carefully as I may what I go through to become a spirit indwelling a young son or daughter of God on Urantia. My first act, once I decide I have chosen the right vehicle for my service to God, is to ask the Supreme in Havona to metabolize*** the heart of the young soul-to-be in a way that I might enter the circuits of the young mind. God the Supreme acts universally to do this, and it is through the sustainment of the Trinity of Trinities that God the Supreme is empowered to become an arbiter of both justice and sobriety in the act that leads to the destiny call of another child of God to be led to the sacred service to God as a finaliter someday.

(I have been asked by my ward to explain the term “metabolize the heart of the young soul” which I will do with the understanding that the Act of the Apostles is so sacred it contains the heart of the life of every young being on Urantia, and it is this soul character that so entrances this write he can hardly pass any child without wondering the Adjuster content. I am an Adjuster that is the Universe Father to this human. To metabolize the heart of the soul means to re-arrange the heart muscles in the animal body so that it beats with a regular function not unlike a metronome. Without this regulation, the young body can not contain our energies and without containment, the young child may become reckless and endanger the entire enterprise. Secondly, the young soul must return the favor of self-recognition of my presence, so that I may refer its needs to my Father from whom I fragmented. When the Supreme acts for my indwelling, the soul is made conscious of Me and I walk in unannounced to take over several heart functions in the young child of destiny. Much more could be told, but for now the reader must realize that the Trinity has nothing to do with this sacred act of motioning the human soul in a way that it can be opened to the light of God and prosper as the son of God it will eventually be.)

God the Supreme now takes the child as he is and bestows upon it the “Act of The Apostles”, really a motion toward soul and personality unification which is signaled by entering the soul on the first psychic circle of personality growth in the flesh, so that it may grow beyond the material life span of the child involved. My betrothal to this one was set for June 8th, 1947, but was delayed by a human illness that lasted until October 15, 1947. We as Adjusters are always mindful of the temporary disassociation of mental facilities because of virus infections and other terminal behaviors of mind used in the physical development of a child’s mind. When the circuitry cleared, we entered into service with Ron and became a ward of the Most Highs at that time.

It is written in your Bible that man is accomplished to be more than animal by becoming wards of the Most Highs, but in actual fact, there is quite often a dual assignment which follows all humans to the grave. Humans are both wards of the Most Highs in life, but are co-signed by Michael of Nebadon for service in the hereafter as soon as they are capable of learning the ropes and moving well through the mansion worlds. In the case of this writer, the dual citizenship was suspended and he moved only with the Most Highs until his consignment with spirit was entered into the record on July 10, 1988, when he was presented with a Thought Adjuster who could no longer abide the disturbances spirit made in the mind.

These disturbances were caused by Adjuster perturbations that indicated that within a few years, the Most Highs would consign Ron to probationary status in the flesh in order to force this human to make choices that were evidence to spirit that he had dedicated himself to the universe career and assign to his Adjuster all that he needed to complete his life on Urantia. Life would never be the same for my ward after that confrontation on that day, and it has changed history for all concerned in that it affects the destiny in ways we remain unsure as to its completion in a universe age already full of mystery and surprises.

What has been narrated above is fairly typical about how Urantia operates to affirm the ascension career in the flesh. Michael of Nebadon was not a co-signer to this individual because he never understood the nature of Michael until the Urantia Book was presented to him in 1978. In this case, the revelation probably saved the life of an individual without knowing how or why the Trinity supports the Supreme in making obvious choices for those who do not know better, or for individuals who can not support a belief system that has no antecedents in one’s life because of the lack of experience or the lack of teaching.

While the Urantia Book incorporates the philosophy that revelation is not a final arbiter of destinies, it never indicates the positive truth the revelation becomes essential when the soul is nearly bankrupt from the lack of supernal concepts to work with. In the case of this Scribe, revelation was essential as air was to breathe in the finding of the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of God within.

While the Trinity is complete– actually it may be called “replete” as well– it also never argues with God the Supreme when the Supreme assigns the Fatherhood origins of a child; if they are ever questioned, and the ascender’s state of spirituality realized as an experiential reward for effort to place God as a central controller of his or her life in the flesh and beyond. In these things. God the Supreme performs the secret act of Trinitization in the “Act of The Apostles” with the Thought Adjuster upon entry into the newly minted mind of a God-bearing soul. Since a soul that has undergone the Act of The Apostles never reverts back to animal origin, it is sad to note that so few children become adults on Urantia who care they have been baptized in the Trinity of Trinities through the Supreme Adjusters which indwell many minds on Urantia now.

Part V

Life After Being Trinity Embraced

This section is narrated by a Mighty Messenger.

  • Mighty Messenger, Charles (acting manager for the Urantia Magisterial Mission):

I am Charles, a name I eschew in this format, but necessary to establish my credentials before the majesty of Paradise. I am a Mighty Messenger sent to Urantia to establish a piece of sanity in what is to be called the Magisterial Mission. I am assigned to be a “manager” of sorts, but I am also an administrator in all the universes to date, something which I have to tell others who serve in this mission with me all around the United States and other places as well.

I wish to speak to the Trinity embrace which created my destiny and to all who have achieved Trinitization in this vast universe of service to God.

In the Trinity embrace, we have several categories out of which I am emboldened to speak as though I know what I am talking about. I have several by my side who know more but chose not to speak at this time. In our world of Salvington where I am headquartered, our work is made possible by God the Supreme through the Paradise Trinity. The Paradise Trinity holds me as well as thousands of others at bay to speak throughly with you at this time. My work is so delicate we do not mention most of it, nor dare we, but I may mention my work with the North Idaho group as a sort of headquarters for the work of the Trinity, and in Colorado, as we use it as to place certain patterns into thoughts on Urantia.

In general, our work with the Trinity is sevenfold, and we may mention only three of the seven jobs we have been asked to incorporate with the Magisterial Mission.

  • 1) Government. How does it affect man and how should it be designed to make the most of man’s potential?
  • 2) Social Organizations. How are they designed, and how do we change them to sustain them?
  • 3) Premonitions of the Supreme and preparations thereof for its appearance on Urantia.

The Supreme Being as spiritualized in Havona is never without its tributary Supremes, and this must be undertaken as a study on Urantia quickly or the work of the Trinity will hardly become effective. My work as a Mighty Messenger is to afford all who come before the Supreme to be given a chance to be heard in recognition of service and effectiveness of duty as much as possible. Our work is to distribute the Supreme as carefully as possible all the while making it possible to be heard by the Supreme on its various universe levels including Havona, Salvington, Superuniverse, and System and Planetary levels.

W also speak briefly about the tribulations before having our say about the Trinity embrace. We hear you [the scribe] speak about the speculative demonstration of a new world order as being part of the serviceability of the Urantia gamesmanship of survivability of the coming trashing of the Urantia land and civilization that resides on it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the United States is not up for grabs, but yes a few stars will disappear from the flag when it is all said and done. Secondly, the heart of the American continent is open to exposition when a huge fault line comes across from the Nevada hinterland and lands square in the middle of the Mississippi River causing untold disaster along the way. Thirdly, the nation of America is never to loose its government in a fit of rage from political views, but it will disregard the extremists eventually and settle down to being a nation under God. Fourthly, no nation can hold itself outside of the Most Highs who never relent in reworking American values to include the birthright of a God stewardship that must be adopted in actual practice if the nation is to survive its destiny calling to lead the world into a communal acceptance of one law before the Creator: Do No Harm To Anyone– including enemies who combat you no longer in the new world order.

And finally, America must learn that its hubris is never taken so seriously that it can not be reformed as Monjoronson wishes it to be. It stands on the brink of greatness once again so long as it recovers from the foreign wars of attrition played out in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they will listen very little to the need to reform their own system without the assistance of Europe and the United States in the combined wills of a NATO realignment that must contain all the right-thinking nations of the world as a police force to be used in all cases of planetary insurrections that have existed without let up since World War One.

I am Charles, a Mighty Messenger, of fault in only one avenue of conversation with this writer in that he hears before he writes and that is a disadvantage to all except those who hear the Supreme speak before we do. This is almost impossible to understand before the great ones who remedy our speech so we do not interfere with coming revelation, but it is to be noted that I, Charles, have never spoken with anyone who can do this. We are not assigned to disable it Ron, but we hear the problem when you ponder the words before we speak them. We make allowances for them and we wish this side-bar note to be published to so others may know of your “affliction”.

  • The Experience of The Trinity Embrace

I wish to continue on the Trinity, and about the embrace of the Trinity on ones like myself. In the “embrace”, we hold no special measure when we enter the white shield this writer sees when the embrace occurs. It is a shield of Providence, and Providence is so misunderstood on Urantia as to make it difficult to describe its actions. However, let me says this.

Providence is that which the Trinity wishes to express without reservation as to its acts or to its name when it must convene a special relationship for those who will partake of God immediately in some fashion. Paul of Tarsus experienced Providence that day on the Road to Damascus, and has ever since been part of the routine of God on Urantia because he has been consigned to work it until the Lord, Jesus Christ, returns to bring peace to a world so torn by hatred and fear it can not find peace even in the simple acts of love and forgiveness.

In bringing peace to Urantia, we have asked the Apostle Paul to say a few words through Ron. He declined but saw its importance when a Mighty Messenger does not decline the request of Michael to address the nation of listeners on this list to say those words that still beckons him to service to Jesus and to the planet Urantia.

  • Saul of Tarsus and Paul the Apostle & The Providential Embrace

I am Paul of many cities, but you remember me as a title from the little town of Tarsus, and I welcome you to my fraternity of hopeless beings already so besotted with the love of Christ I can not move without you in my heart. Those you call to service in the name of God are few, and even fewer are those who hold me or the rest of my little band of merry men and women of those days after Jesus died very well anymore. In this I say to them let those who speak now or forever hold the peace of God in your name and in mine. I am Lord, Jesus Christ in that I speak very little without that spirit being upon my brow, and for this I am grateful to Ron for allowing that emotion to so fully come about to all of you listening with bated breath about what is to happen to Urantia so soon after the broadcast that Monjoronson has arrived and will be making a plenipotentiary [i.e. invested with “full power”] speech to the listening nations of the world when that time comes.

I say this, write me no more than necessary Ron, but I see in you the work of the Lord as it comes to be used for Monjoronson (or Serara as when the time comes), and to those you join with to make this all happen, I greet them singularly and together as we make light no more of your work on high. It is ours to use as you may use it for the coming of the Lord and the coming of Monjoronson to Urantia.

I, Paul on the Road to Damascus, never was allowed to speak what happened to me that day, I was struck dumb; I was struck blind, and I was struck without a feeling in my body as not a nerve twitched or did my face or hands burn when I was anointed with the Christ I know to be in your heart too! In this I give you my solemn oath, that when you return from Urantia, I will be waiting there to see you take your first steps from mansion world one, or where they allow you take flight from. I am Paul, and I greet you as you are, as I too return to Urantia as a friend and foe of your enemies and of mine. Good day.

  • The Mighty Messenger, Charles, speaks:

I am the Mighty Messenger who shall become a spokesman for Paul and for others who shall remain invisible on the staff of Monjoronson. They are not allowed to reinflesh, but they will be here to command the high-minded of their duty and of their travails they must complete in that service.

In commanding the words of the greats of the past and who fostered the religions that now exist on Urantia, I speak to those of you who care not who incarnates and who may remain silent witness to the Magisterial Mission.

I am Charles, and I hold other names unknown to all of you, but I speak now through the voice of this author who speaks poorly of many on Urantia who fail to recognize that heart and soul of God, whether incarnated as the personage of Jesus, or as the un-named Father in Heaven– the one who holds the Trinity together in His Infinity.

To those who hold nothing more than a passing interest in a transcriber of spirit, I say to you, learn that there are others who watch you too in order to better understand your attitude toward those who do God’s will. A passing interest is an unassigned value and therefore it holds no lesson, and gives no assistance to those who work to make these words intelligible and ready for use on the internet as they may assigned in the coming days and years. Until God moves such souls by way of expression of the spirit within, these persons are lost to the future joys of the kingdom until reclamation makes them hear too the joys of the Kingdom.

To those who wish these Papers to cease, be reminded they cease only at the pleasure of the Father, who must abide every word or dismiss them as useless at this time of calling of the Harvest of the Lord. In no case do they end, but they get modified from time to time and are released as they need be on a basis of the need to know. Our hearts are never so modified without knowing that every word printed is seen before it gets down on paper.

To those who remind everyone that speech is cheap, recall that the Declaration of Independence was a short document, but it held the height of civilizations for 200 years and only recently must it learn to be modified by those who know better from on High. Speech is cheap if it is used to spat upon the nature of man, and in no way is the nature of man misaligned in any of these statements or during the trial of the coming Missions to Urantia which shall surely damage no man, but lift man to the heights of his noble thinking process indwelt by the spirit of the Paradise Father.

In Conclusion:
  • Michael of Nebadon

I am Michael of Nebadon, and I bid this one to speak no more of the assignment of duty to those who hold no value in this work. I come before you as one who works ceaselessly to maintain an equilibrium on Urantia in order to keep it alive and well enough to accept the heart of God as Ociliaya has mentioned before.

In my commendation to the Most Highs I was asked if the person used for these papers was truly worthy of the name of scribe? I replied only if the name of Michael is not worthy of the name of King. And then they laughed in spirit mirth as I am too old and too unfunny to listen to this one recall his early days with the Urantia Book and his work to establish a Kingdom of his own in York. Those days are thankfully gone and the real work has begun for us all on Urantia.

This Paper is mostly about the Trinity, but as usual the Midwayers involved, and the Master Spirits above us, make it a romp of treasures that never get quite to the full pledge of a subject that must be engendered one more time in these ABC Summaries. Our heart goes out to the scribe for his work and his mispleasure at being trapped into a statement he can not explain to himself much less to his audience and his plea for the higher ups to rewrite the paragraph so it makes sense to the human mind. Be mindful dear reader you are reading a Paper rewritten by the higher ups and myself several times before it bears the imprint of release as an ABC Summary these days.

I also wish to thank my betters called the Master Spirits whom I believe spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to keep Ron out of new revelation or news making beyond his comprehension. I already see there is enough new disclosures in this Paper to make the statement that the Master Spirits and Ron have done it again and which I whole heartedly approve so long as I do not get all of Nebadon mixed into the fray of a Universal Censor becoming so incensed he cuts us all off as he once did on Ultimatons some months back.

In concluding this work, I assign Ron to the dungeon of creating a separate news article called the Black List and forgive himself for indulging in a month long activity he considers irrelevant to his own spiritual growth and our sanity. Suffice it to say that the recordings of the last 30 days with the scribe have been removed from universe review but never forgotten by hosts of beings who enjoyed the exercise we are forbidden to mention until he is long gone from Urantia.

The Trinity is extreme unction and must not be toyed with as we have not done at all. But realize that the Paradise Trinity is beyond reproach as it is far beyond material understanding. The reader has been taught the many approaches to the Trinity as it is seen from the Master Spirits and even from God the Supreme in Havona. In all things consistent with the will of the Father, your Creator Son enjoys these releases of information as there is no other agency on Urantia that dares to do them. They are unpredictable and they are mesmerizing to even the high developmental beings of Majeston and Mighty Messengers alike. More of these documents will be available as we are now becoming used to the idea that we can release information without harming Urantia or readers who know what they want and how they want to see it to comprehend it.

I am Michael, and I present to all of you the peace the goes beyond most understanding except by those who know whereof I speak about those who reside in the Father’s will in the blessed life of being born on Urantia in the midst of so much sorrow and strife to enhance your service to Father. I AM Michael, and I love you all!


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