2013-06-20-Encouragement as Truth Seekers

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Topic: Encouragement To Go Out In The World as Truth Seekers

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Donna D'Ingillo




Good morning, my dear brethren! This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am very pleased to address you as a group of truth-seekers and world changers who are active at this time of planetary correction and change. There are many dimensions of the energies you have been receiving over the course of the last few days. Seeds have been planted within your minds, and you have entered into heart-felt and soulful exchanges with one another. Give some time for these seeds to gestate within your minds and hearts, that you may be more naturally influenced in the ways in which you may share in bringing your unique personality gifts out into the world.

The web of love is forming a tighter bond around Urantia. Many people are now receiving the prompts from the Midwayers and the other angelic helpers to pay attention to the inner life. Whether or not you recognize it, you are being groomed to share the good news of Michael’s salvation and love for this world. We are here to support your efforts—large and small, global or community-based.

As you leave this forum, we will continue to seed you with information, but what we ask you is to seed your desire and to recognize that you have greater ability than you have heretofore given yourselves credit. Michael’s power is growing in you—His love, His devotion, and that devotion translates into devoting your lives in service to your brothers and sisters. Opportunities abound. There is no limitation as to the kinds of change you can evoke within your own lives. Pay attention and pay intention to what it is you are thinking about and feeling on a day to day basis.

As this web of love grows tighter around Urantia, new connections with be forged with other groups, who also have that same heart-felt intention to bring about social change and spiritual upliftment. So you will be moved into relationships with new individuals with whom you will form these heart-felt and soulful bonds and work creatively together. Sometimes those individuals will be open to collaborating with us, and sometimes they will not. But irrespective of that, it is you we ask to stay in communion with us so that you are more fully apprised of what it is that needs to be accomplished. We will help you to the extent that we can, but it is you who must step up and avail yourselves of the help we provide to you.

So with that being said, spend a few moments in your own hearts and minds and I will entertain your questions for a few moments. You may bring them forward when you are ready.



Question: I have a question about the economic situation about in US, locally and universal jobs being lost. What do you know about gamma rays?

Machiventa: My dear, I am not in a position to speak about that. But we do understand and appreciate the pain that you feel about your economic situation—the inequities therein and the pain that this causes many families. We are here to foster a spiritual renaissance—a rebirth—of the love that lives within your hearts. So make sure that your own underlying foundation is built upon your Father Michael and His love for you.

Know that we will help you to perceive that more deeply within your own being, that you can move forward without fear to find those means to support yourselves—to maintain yourselves through this change. Some of you may have some economic downturns in your lives. Some of you may go through difficult times. But you do not go through this alone. It is time to stand upon the foundation of Michael as your comfort and your provider, and to know that He will help you, strengthen you and lead you forward into the ways you need to maintain your earthly existence.

You must be creative and open because there are many possibilities that are available to you about living in sustainable ways in community and ways you have not yet perceive because of the way you are conditioned to live in your society at this present stage. Does this help, my sister? (Yes, thank you.)

Teacher Contact

Question: I have a question regarding the statement with respect to alignment with other groups. It would be my understanding that when these alignments occur that they would occur with the celestials and yourself, but I suspect there will be groups who are completely ignorant of the assistance and the influence that celestials have. Would that be correct?

Machiventa: That is correct and that will be the case for a number of years still to come.

Question: Follow up. What would you suggest as the best approach to begin the discussion or make the presentation of your existence of the help form celestials? What do you think would be the most effective for that subject to be broached?

Machiventa: It would be most effective if you were to engage those individuals in questions concerning how they see this shift—this change of heart and mind coming about. Do not be reticent in asking some probing questions. Begin to stimulate the conversation with questions such as, for example: “This is a universe teeming with life. Do you think that there is any influence from that life that might be affecting us at this time?”

You are helping them to, perhaps, look at this from a broader perspective even though they may not recognize the distinct personalities involved such has been delineated in your Urantia text, but it would stimulate, perhaps, an idea within their minds that their helpers could then broaden their understanding. But it is very important for you to be courageous now and to step forward even though you may feel they may not accept what you will share with them. But remember when you ask them questions, you are giving them an opportunity to open their minds and to share what is forming within their hearts. Does this help, my brother? (Yes, considerably!)

Melchizedek Schools

Question: I know that a lot is done for us energetically, but I am thinking of the time when you were here and taught groups of people. Is it possible to start a group where the Melchizedeks are teaching us to teach?

Machiventa: Is this not what the Teaching Mission has done over its course?

Question: Yes, but I am thinking of it in more specifically.

Machiventa: Yes, it is something that we wish to accomplish with those individuals who would wish to, perhaps say, enter Melchizedek University. It is a matter of making contact with us as, perhaps, a transmitter and becoming more familiar with our energy signatures. This is, after all, a personal relationship that we develop as teacher and student, notwithstanding that there is much information to be shared, but there is much personality energy to be enjoyed between us.

Can you be a little more specific in your question, my dear?

Question: You know that I’ve been a teacher of children. My education system many times provided me with additional opportunities to better my skills in teaching. Many of us here feel that part of our contribution to the world is to be spiritual teachers. I’m wondering if there are best practices in the realm of being a spiritual teacher that could be shared with us, and challenging us as you like to do to get out of our web of thinking in a certain way.

Machiventa: Most definitely! Here again it is a matter of you first coming to us and to begin to sense our presence; that you begin to perceive and develop that trust that the information you are receiving coming from us—to let your own influence and conditioning of the way you have been trained to think and feel begin to move away so that what we share with you can come more into forefront of your mind and heart.

This is a process that will take some time, but it is available to you. You will find that the ways of teaching are so vast and so unique to each individual that you will have, perhaps, a long learning curve as you try different techniques. The first step we ask you to do—to take—is to engage with us, that you would grow closer to us that you would feel when we are nudging you in your mind and heart. Does this answer your question?

Question: Part way. You are saying that as individuals that as we desire, we need to spend time in our day of stilling and inviting you in. Then my next question is, once we’ve done that, would we be in school with our fellow people who want to do the same thing with us…that they have done that initial preparation. I mean in a setting where we are and you are teaching.

Machiventa: That is a distinct possibility. This is a venue that we wish you would come together to create at some certain point in time. You have a lot more creativity than you have utilized and exemplified. But you are being guided, and sometimes you wish to run forward with all your initiatives and thereby you scatter your energies and you lose focus. Take this at a more organic pace and let your indwelling Father Fragments help you come together with those people and where your angels are guiding you. After all, we are all in this together, and you are learning how to follow those leadings and nudging and inner promptings to come together when the time is right. Does this answer satisfy? (Yes, it does. Thank you.)

I will entertain a few more questions and I will conclude.

Focus, Change

Question: What systems should we focusing on to start?

Machiventa: Whatever one speaks in your heart! Where would you wish to see the most change? This planet needs a major turn-around. It is not something that will be accomplished in one generation. It will take make many generations and years to accomplish. But each individual has something unique to give to this world. Sometimes it can be best demonstrated in a particular aspect of society, whether it is at a global level or in your own local communities.

I ask you to think about where it is you would wish to see the most change, keeping in mind that change begins with you. Change begins within your own heart. Change begins with your own desires and willingness to follow the Father within you. The beauty of this change is that everyone will be prompted to work in a particular area.

It is our desire and intention to see many people doing this heart-felt understanding that the societies and the institutions contained within would all be rising and growing in a synergistic way, preferably at the same time so that the overall fabric of social life on the planet is able move together a unified whole. You have become so conditioned to look at your world in such segmented piecemeal dimensions that you forget about the synergy of the whole and how powerful and dynamic that can be.

As you all come together, each of you will carry a piece, because one of you will be interested in this institution and another will be interested in this aspect of society, and it will work together to serve the greater purpose of Michael’s plan of correction. Does this help, my brother? (I thought there was one segment such as a chicken and egg situation.)

Machiventa: It is both! (laughter) I am glad you find amusement in this, for this is an age-old paradox, and at some future point in your development you will begin to see the cosmic humor in what this truly means!

One final question if there is any.


Question: How can we best unify our souls’ endeavors in this group particularly?

Machiventa: There are various ways in which to accomplish this. One is to conjoin in community, as I believe there is an exercise planned at the end of this program; to stay in contact with one another; to recognize that each of you has something unique and beautiful to share with one another.

We do not necessarily specify the ways in which you can come together as a group and to stay in touch, for it is your desire—it is your intention, and that you will be prompted in various ways to seek out another person to stay in touch. Because you have this means of communication through your Internet, you are able to use this media to convey information. But we do ask you to come together in prayer groups from time to time, and to send to love to one another; to simply sit in prayer and to see each person, perhaps, sitting in a circle around with you in the center and you are sending love to that person developing that soul to soul connection.

To share a brief example of that, as you sit in the center of the circle, envision that person’s soul in your mind’s eye in whatever way feels right to you. Draw a line of love and send that love from your heart to that person’s heart. See that person’s pearl of great value and your own pearl of great value and ask for love to develop. That is certainly only one example.

But you are all creative beings as we have observed you in your creative play, and you have somewhat forgotten how much fun you have when you are engaged with one another. So open your creativity and do not hesitate to play more with one another. Does this help, my brother? (Yes) And on that note, I will end this communiqué.



Dearest children, you are so loved! You are so delightful, and of course, you have your squabbles with one another, and that will continue from time to time, for the true socialization occurs at a much higher level. But we do ask you to enjoy yourselves more and do not take yourselves so seriously that you cannot see the humor in all your petty squabbles. After all, those of you as parents see the humor when your little ones act out with frustration, anger and immaturity. Well, let’s face it! There is still a lot immaturity to spread around. But it does not have to be painful. Make light of it, and know that this is all part of the growth process.

As you leave this conference and you go back to your communities, let these seeds that have been unconsciously planted in you gestate. Sit in your hearts and say, “Yes, I am ready to let those seeds go deeper into my mind and for my Father Fragment to use that and to help me grow in what it is of my divine life plan and purpose that I wish to share with my brothers and sisters and this world.”

Live in Michael’s LOVE, thrive in Nebadonia’s JOY. After all, you are their children and that is their desire for YOU. Good day!