2013-06-30-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Precious children, I AM your Universe Mother. As the presence of the divine feminine energies of God are further disseminated around the planet, know that there is a rebirth of the God concept that is germinating within the hearts and minds of the children of this world, expanding to encompass who is the Divine Mother. It is time to awaken to this presence within your consciousness and to enter into that intimate relationship I share with each one of my children. This is my invitation to come to me that I may show you more of who you are to me, who I am to you, and give you my love.

Slowly but surely the consciousness of this world is changing. Slowly but surely my children are casting off ideations of the creation stories that have come down through the ages to step into the wonderful revelation of TRUTH that is now bathing the planet. The renaissance of Spirit that is blanketing the globe is the awakening to the action of God—and it is the principle of the divine feminine aspect of creation that is the underlying energy that is bringing about these changes. It is time to awaken to MOTHER.

My presence has been known by many names: Mother Mary, Quan Yi, the Holy Spirit, Mother Goddess and countless others. Whatever name you call me, I invite you into the personal relationship that we share together as Mother and child, for you all exist in the womb of my universe—in the consciousness of the cosmos. Now sit with these ideas and let me speak into your being, beloved ones, that you may know your Mother. I hold you safely in the energies of change in my JOY OF CREATION. Feel me, and know YOU ARE MY JOY!