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Topic: The Call to Service

Group: At Large


Teacher: Archangel Michael, James the Just, Michael, Paul, the Apostle

TR: Ron Besser


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Finaliters, that being the title and status of mortals who have departed the flesh, been resurrected, and have ascended in perfection to the presence of the Universal Father, take an Oath of Service at their graduation as spirits, and who have gained the knowledge and the energy to know the Paradise Deities. As Finaliters, all humans become wards of the Deities through the Paradise Trinity, and it is an Oath of Service to the Paradise Trinity that all Finaliters take in groups of 1,000 who stand in the Receiving Circle before the great white cloud of energy that is the Father, Son, and Sprit in person.

While the above is in recognition of the formal acceptance of the one-time animal origin of all humans on evolving spheres such as Urantia (earth), actual service to God and the Paradise Trinity begins in the flesh whenever the free-will attributes of the human personality assign to the Universal Father that His will be done in all matters of life and death on the evolving sphere where their origin has taken place.

This Paper is about the first formal call to service on Urantia by the Magisterial Mission which is soon to become apparent on Urantia. The Paradise Trinity stands behind all of the spirit Administrators, high and low, to guarantee that the life and times of Jesus shall be known again, that his teachings become a focus for reverence, and that the sacred duty of all who love God is to bow their heads in prayer that all things shall continue to exist in the center of the Father’s will for Urantia.

Int his Paper we explore the sayings of those who brought Christianity to Urantia, and who affected all sovereign religions on the planet from Buddhism to Taoism to Islam, and others, and how the work of the Saints and of ordinary men and women brought to this planet all that could be done until the arrival in the flesh of Serara (Monjoronson) and the Second Return of Jesus sometime later. The first call for service has been sounded by Monjoronson who will have his staff present various means to do that for all those who wish to put their shoulder to the wheel of change.

Service to God begins now and will be present on Urantia for millennia under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek, Monjoronson, and Michael of Nebadon, sometimes referred to as the Urantia Triumvirate.

Part I

  • The Shifting of Gears to Recognize Service to the Father and The Paradise Trinity

Once more we are shifting gears on Urantia in preparation for the coming Magisterial Mission to Urantia. While most mortals are blissfully unaware of these preparations, those of us in service to the words and practices of the administration of the Creator Son as freelance scribes are frequently taken back by the sudden shifts in emphasis. One shift has recently occurred the reader ought to be made aware of.

Among the things now being addressed on Urantia is how are the humans on Urantia going to help with a divine mission when they have no experience in spiritual affairs beyond prayer and thanksgiving? Outreach programs are usually done through the impulse of the personal free will of servers, but there is no divine organization behind them to administrate them, and it is in this endeavor to actually include man in divine programs on Urantia that the next few years or months will be dedicated to instruction on how to cooperate with Melchizedeks and other Sons, high and low, to produce results for Urantia.

In the closing days of June 2013, spiritual protests have been heard from the celestial guard around Urantia that not enough is being done to help man help spirit. In this we note that the response of the Magisterial Mission has been quick to respond, and that in turn, has changed the way of doing things and that is to stop maintaining Q&A sessions and now offer training programs for those interested in taking them on.

It was with particular pleasure this scribe noted the transcription series from Daniel Raphael be revised to reflect this change of course. In that change of course there was issued these words from the Magisterial Mission manager, who says that the serious work to do these things would begin in September of 2013, in order to obtain results for training the disciples of the divine missions to Urantia. Those intentions were spoken in the quote below from Charles on the Co-creative plans for cooperation between the celestial hierarchy and the man-human on the ground to help procure a smoother transition to a normalized world through the Magisterial Mission. The quote is from the transcript from Colorado titled:( Triumvirate - Charles

Charles, Mighty Messenger and Manager for the forthcoming Magisterial Mission to Urantia:

We have further offered ourselves to be of direct assistance, concerning specific

projects or actions that mortals would like to take in their lives, personally, or elsewhere, simply by asking us to participate co-creatively with the mortals in resolving these problems, issues or development of topics. As you can see, it is not a totally carte blanche relationship; it is specific, it is designed for individuals’ spiritual upliftment and emotional development, and for family development, and for the development of social stability and social sustainability in your societies. There is some specificity concerning co-creative requests: It is not an open field for any option that may cross an individual’s mind. It must be for the improved quality of life for the individual, family or society; it must be for their growth, and it must not show disparagement, deference or preference for individuals, but rather be of equal

application to everyone.

Charles: New projects will require thousands of individuals’ participation

The projects we are proposing are of such magnitude that it will require not just one

or ten or a hundred, but many thousands of individuals around the world to participate in the opening of these developments. In these developments will be aspects of your current everyday life that you are engaged in, or not. It means social action projects; it means economic developments; it perhaps may mean political engagement, but not on a party basis, as you have historically been involved, but to engage political topics from the perspective of social evolution, that in order for your world to evolve the social institutions of your world must also develop, progress and evolve. When we say “social,” that means all activities of humankind, whether it is business, politics of a political nature, social or economic or non-profit, anything…

anything where people are involved. . . . .

As Charles points out in the transcription referenced, most of the co-creative work to be done in teamwork with celestial projects will be secular and do not require any channel or communication resources other than the cooperating human will and the superdirection of the Magisterial Mission staff in liaison with Michael of Nebadon and Salvington’s planning for Urantia’s required compliance with certain directives issued by Michael in the past several weeks regarding how man show comply with God to make Urantia well again.

Charles: These programs will be secular

Yes, there will be some teams, those avant-garde teams, that will be looking into the

future through the guidance of the Melchizedeks and channels, who bring them through in select teams, which want to participate in this manner. This, however, is not a requirement that we put upon the teams. Teams in the vast majority will be secularly oriented. It is hoped from us that spiritually evolved individuals, whether they are Buddhists, or Taoists, or Hindus, or Christians, or others, would participate, as there is a need to work with them through the midwayers, whether they believe in

midwayers or not.

We recognized that the bulk of projects, such as environmental sustainability, will carry the yoke of secular planning and action through organizations and agencies of government and non-government. However, In this Paper we divulge the existence of a program they will wish us to engage in as quickly as possible, but it requires some training and learning about subjects that are deeply aligned with the will of the Universal Father. This project for co-creative cooperation between man and angel is decidedly spiritual and maintains its best working among those who are already enlightened with the idea that death is not final, but that there are intermediate steps to the ascension career which require human help to make it transpire easier. It is Father’s desire that those who pass over be assigned a mortal combatant who knows the ropes about ascension after immediate death, and that this assignment be made known to the mortal involved and to the person who has died. The Melchizedeks will assign mortals who are sufficiently trained to deal with the departed to make the effort to calm the confusion of some of those who recently passed and make available that information will make it possible to “go to the light” for ascension.

Secular programs and spiritual programs do meet in the same place on high, as one is a reflection of the other in spirit; however, because there is such a dearth of factual information to the average person on Urantia about spirit and how God works in the material worlds, the celestial administration acknowledges that a separation between the two activities be maintained, not in secrecy, but in compliance with beliefs as they exist today on Urantia as to their absolute separation.

We now shift to a lesson from the Archangel Michael, an archangel assigned to the Michael government to speak for Michael when he wishes certain projects and activities to be known now rather than later in order that some preparation be accomplished for the proposed project.

Archangel Michael assigns to the reader that these words were meant for a secular audience and therefore they use vocabulary and terms that would be better explained by using the Urantia Book terminology. Other than that, this lesson shows forth what is going to be asked of many mortals in the coming years as the Magisterial Mission establishes itself on Urantia. The calamities that will occur will bring everyone to full attention that there are so many deaths happening that some order and help has to be provided through and by all segments of society to pitch in. These social elements will have to help prepare the way to God so as to pave the way to give a grand entrance of Michael’s Second Return to Urantia, when there is peace returned to the outer shell of the grave’s cleansing of the energy field just around Urantia holding the newly deceased. One those who have died have risen and have been taken home, there is laid upon Urantia those sinless moments when Michael can enter the Spirit of Urantia and bring her home too. When the world is ready for its dispensation of joy in Michael, He fully intends to bring this world the satisfaction of spirit it never had, and to bring Urantia its place in the universe as sphere of peace and joy.

Part II

  • Service to Your Fellow Man



For centuries the subject of ghosts and apparitions of those that have passed but have not the material realms has been a fascinating and very mysterious subject in the opinion of the typical Urantia mortal. This is one of the most serious consequences of the Lucifer rebellion as well as the failure of the material son and daughter’s mission of genetic uplifting of the human races of Urantia. Since the early times of the initiation of Lucifer’s rebellion in the system of Satania, the mortals residing in the affected worlds have developed a natural or instinctual fear of that which is associated with the spiritual realms, thanks in part to the mischievous acts that now and then were committed by rebellious celestial personalities in existence in said worlds. Even now the fear of ghosts and apparitions is very present on Urantia and very unfortunately being continuously fueled by movies and books created by producers and writers that look to make a living out of it without thinking how this affects their brethren.

Certain personalities working for Lucifer helped bring about psychological as well as genetic changes in the human races of Urantia in order to facilitate their acceptance of the idea that there is spiritual falsity and confusion beyond the boundaries established by him in terms of what or whom to believe, as well as their existence in the afterlife. The fear of “moving on” was instilled in humans by leading them to believe that, should they do not live their lives according to Lucifer’s wishes, they will encounter only punishment and suffering in their lives beyond the grave.

Fear causes many to attempt to escape the apparent reality of a “harsh” afterlife by delving into purely mundane activities, totally devoid of any true spiritual value, and which they mistakenly believe can effectively fill the void that Spirit is supposed to fill. In their confusion, some even embrace the idea that there is simply no God, so that they can somehow justify the way they currently run their lives; they live their lives presuming that there is really no consequence to their actions and that it all simply stops when their existence in the flesh ends.

Many philosophers and scientists that embrace Atheism spend a lot of time looking for a way to disprove the existence of God in order to reassure those that think like them that it is fine to live their spiritually empty lives; for them creation is simply a big material space where only an infinite number of coincidences cause galaxies to develop and life to evolve. Nothing happens in all of the Master Universe without the Universal Father knowing about it and approving it as far as creation and life evolution is concerned. The Universal Father, however, does not interfere with the choices that mortals in all worlds of time and space make, even when those choices are terribly erred and may bring about their “second death”, that of the spirit.

With spiritual ignorance come egotism, possessiveness, and the lust for power and control among other things. Many mortals strive to acquire material possessions and even to have fellow mortals revere and serve them as they were their servants, people of a lower standing and capacities in the eyes of those who are powerful. The Universal Father is no respecter of persons and He loves equally all of His children, so who is man to sit in judgment of their brethren when even the angels in the heavens are incapable of doing such things? However, the desire to acquire possessions, power and control is not constrained to those with wealth but is in the minds of the average citizen as well. The average person may grow very possessive of property, such as a house or a piece of land, and they spend their effort in life asserting control of what they perceive is theirs only. It is greed and egotism that bring about a lot of injustice and suffering today as it did for millennia; they cause a son to turn against his parent or against his brother.

Although this is most definitely not always the case, many other mortals are driven to church by the fear of eternal punishment should they fail to do so, and they also believe that not confessing their faults to their ministering fellow men or even failing to pay tithes at church may have their stakes in eternity negatively affected. The obvious has to be stated, however, and that is that the possibility of achievement of life in eternity is not dependent on any particular belief system or in their strict following of the dogmatic practices, but rather in the spiritual nourishment that many mortals derive from them, and most importantly, their salvation is dependent on their faith and the goodness of their intentions. The Mansion Worlds are full of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Taoists, of Jews and Gentiles; all of them having in common their love for God, however they perceived Him while in their mortal existence, as well as their love for their fellow men as exemplified by Michael of Nebadon during his bestowal on Urantia. The validity of Jesus of Nazareth’s teachings of the Kingdom of Heaven is evident and never needed the unfortunate transformation that it underwent into the current form of Christendom; it never needed to be dogmatized the way it has in order to make it more attractive to God-seeking mortals.

Fear of divine punishment force many mortals to “comply” with religious dogma, and so the liberty to consider and ponder its message is taken away from them. After all, would a child be made to freely and sincerely love his parents when threatened with punishment in the event that he or she is at least hesitant to provide this love? Would a truly loving parent constantly seek the opportunity to immediately punish the mistakes made by an ignorant child? Crimes are not always perpetrated with an absolute knowledge of its spiritual consequences to the perpetrator, he or she may simply not know any better, and thus these souls are judged in the courts of the Ancient of Days with great mercy and understanding. Would it be fair for a parent to punish a pre-school child for breaking a delicate vase when this parent never taught the child not to handle it? Evil is inherent in the life of the imperfect mortals of the worlds of time because the spiritual knowledge necessary to make “informed” actions is often deficient or simply not there, which is specially the case in worlds such as Urantia. It is with this religious fear that many pass away, while others were preoccupied by worldly possessions, were too concerned with relatives that they loved dearly, suffered terrible and untimely deaths, or simply has hatred in their hearts.

On Apparitions and Manifestations

Many of the souls that awake on Urantia after refusing to move on for any reason can be visualized when captured in photos or recorded video and, often times their voices might also be captured with audio devices. Human eyes and ears are normally unable to see or hear these souls as these stimuli occur at somewhat higher frequencies. Domestic animals can often detect these presences as they can see and hear at higher frequencies and even in almost total darkness. These presences can be captured with video cameras capable of discerning infrared light as often times the apparitions, as they occupy space and could also be at a different temperature, which is typically lower than ambient temperature and this is associated with the “intermediate” or “ethereal” nature of the apparition’s body, which is inherent to the “material consistency” of the soul of the deceased mortal and is not morontial in nature. The “ethereal” nature of their bodies is not affected by linear gravity and they can move through solid objects much like an ascending mortal in a morontial body can; they can also float or fly around for the reasons just stated as well. The “ethereal” body of ghosts is “material” in the sense that it uses ultimatons in its formation. When ascending mortals have achieved the complete spiritualization of their souls, the material influence of ultimatons in their constitution ceases.

The “paranormal” in many instances is very close to the material and tangible. A good example of this is the fact that, indeed, the mortal soul of a mortal that has just experienced death has mass, as has been demonstrated by experimentation in this field by some scientists on Urantia when they were able to prove that the weight of the body decreased slightly at the moment of death. Experiments where thermal and aural measurements made of the body also have seen to reflect change at the moment of death. The ultimatons used in the formation of the “ethereal” but still material soul of the recently deceased oscillate at frequencies that allow them to be non-tangible to human eyes “a prima facie”, but when those ultimatons react under certain ambient temperature and humidity conditions, their release or absorption of energy due to the differential of temperature makes an apparition “visible”, first at higher frequencies such as infrared, and on rare occasions, at frequencies that would be on the higher end of the spectrum of human vision.

It is impossible to trap or restrict a “ghost” in a particular place, or make them leave a place if they do not want to leave, unless this is done according to what will be explained later. Neither said “ghosts” can posses the body of a live mortal, which cannot be done by rebellious celestial personalities either, the latter being especially true after Pentecost. The presentation of these scenarios in movies and books is completely ignorant and unrealistic. They will “leave” on their own accord, unless removed either individually by celestial decree or during a planetary dispensation. Very often they choose to hide from people as they consider them a nuisance that does not help them with their current “preoccupations”. On some occasions, when they are in a place that they consider “their property”, when confronted with the unwanted presence of mortals they tend to “show” their displeasure by performing tangible manifestations like footsteps or knocking on doors for example. This phenomenon of being able to have an effect on things material when they wish such manifestations has to do with their “will to convey” a message that is very important to them, which is sometimes displeasure. Said manifestations stop when their “wish” of not being disturbed has been fulfilled. They cannot directly physically harm their live mortal brethren as this is not allowed by the celestial authorities, but they could potentially cause psychological harm with their “manifestations” those that “they” consider either a nuisance or that they perceive had caused them misfortunes when they were alive, although these cases are extremely rare as the “ghosts” are more concerned with trying to understand what has happened to them and are trapped in the “vicious circle” of their own material preoccupations.

There are also errant souls that have chosen not to leave their former physical plane of existence due to the attachments that “they” had in life with those that they have left behind, typically because “they” understand that their presence is necessary to ensure their safety or at least “they” just want to be able to watch the progress of their loved ones that are still alive. In this cases “their” love for or preoccupation about their relatives could very well have superseded in life the importance of a spiritual life in the “hereafter”; they lived to care for their loved ones, always thinking that they would be available to them for a long time, or at least until they feel they didn’t have to worry for those loved ones anymore. A loving but very worried grandmother could decide to stay behind to look after a favorite grandchild, or a parent could choose to “stay” in order to look after a sickly child as they were unable to trust their care to anybody else in their absence.

There are other wandering souls that find themselves in deep sorrow or agony, which is a consequence of a lot of suffering in their lives or due to an untimely and terrible death, this latter case, as an example, being typical of people that people that were abused over a period of time before their deaths or that were just all of the sudden murdered. These souls require a lot of work before they can be “led to the light” as first they need to be helped to understand that they no longer need to suffer and that God’s infinite mercy and compassion will prove to be the perfect solution to their problem and, finally, that no punishment awaits them on the “other side”. Use kind words and show true affection for these suffered and beloved sons and daughters of God; show yourself as compassionate and understanding of their situation. Engage in prayer and ask them to follow the guiding light that will be presented to them by the joint work of their Thought Adjuster and the Guardian Seraphim. An appropriate prayer for this kind of work could be the following one:

“Dear brother (sister), in the name of the Almighty God I am here today to help you find the peace that you constantly seek but do not seem to find; I am here to help guide you to the loving arms of our Creator. I understand your confusion and your suffering, and I am also aware of the fear of what you perceive may await you, but I assure you that in the many Mansions of our Father, only eternal love and adventure await you, as well as many other of your dear relatives and friends that have preceded you in death and that now await your arrival so that you all can happily glorify our God and forever work in His name. My dear brother (sister), let your Guardian Angel guide you to the light and, in preparation of your resurrection in the Mansions of our Creator, gently go to sleep knowing that our Father loves you as if you were His only child in the entire Creation. Have no worries about the causes of your suffering as our Father holds this world in His hands and His mercy and justice are infallible.

And to your Guardian Seraphim, I wish to ask to discharge their sacred duty to escort your soul to the awaiting celestial personalities that will help make your glorious resurrection possible. My dear celestial angelic brethren, accompany now my dear brother (sister) to the Mansions of our Lord. Go in peace, my dear, and may the Almighty God one day allow us to reunite and together serve and worship Him for all eternity.”

A Warning

The work associated with helping wandering souls to move on and embrace resurrection is a hard and tedious work that requires a very centered and balanced mind. The person performing this work must ask for celestial guidance before performing it, as doing it improperly may cause the souls to not react appropriately and “walk away” from the “saving work” that you intended to perform. Also, psychological damage can be experienced by the mortal behind this effort if he or she attempts to perform this work unescorted by celestials. This work must be performed with sincerity and without any material interests in the form of fame acquiescence or pecuniary compensation. You will find situations were one or more souls can be ministered-to simultaneously, all of which will have a good variety of characters and preoccupations, which in part will be reflected by their appearances should it be possible for you to visualize them. Souls not seeking to be benefitted by the “saving work” will not be allowed to “become attached” to your person and “follow you home”, so to speak. Likewise, unless you intend to perform the “saving work”, we recommend you do not go to their domains; this work is serious and should not be mixed with scientific intent or mortal curiosity. Souls that do not seek to be benefitted by the “saving work” will either embrace God’s mercy, choose to move on and resurrect in the Mansion Worlds, or will be forcibly removed during the next Planetary Dispensation when the “roll call of resurrection” takes place. In the worst possible cases, there have been souls that have wandered for literally thousands of years before being liberated or removed during a Planetary Dispensation. Being this the case, as an example, it is possible to find wandering souls of Imperial Roman soldiers or even WWII soldiers, all of which would have suffered terrible and untimely deaths in combat.

This work would be commonplace in those places around the world that will see many people die as a consequence of great natural disasters, which will be the case when the required geological changes take place on Urantia. It can be considered a great honor to be able to perform this work on behalf of your suffering disembodied brethren and will be taken into account when its performer is considered for very special assignments of mercy in the worlds of time. Many will be called to serve the Lord in special ways, how many will step forward to heed the call? Consecrate your life to the service of God through the ministry of your brethren, alive or deceased. May the Universal Father guide you in your travails while in the flesh, and later in your glorious ascension career. Farewell.

[Acknowledgment: The message was received by Felix Caro at Everett, Washington, July 3rd, 2013 and was indicted for delivery by the Archangel of Record number 1745139 of the Archangel Intelligence Corp serving Urantia since 1989.]

Part III

James the Just

  • The Early Church Fathers Speak
  • JAMES The JUST, The Brother of Jesus
  • The Appearances of Jesus after Resurrection to His Brother James and The Temple

In the days of the Jerusalem Church, I was curator and finally a Presbyter, and in return I was rewarded with the callings of all Jews who converted to Christianity, or the followers of Jesus, after his death on the cross. In our work in Jerusalem, I had to work with the remaining Apostles and a few of the additional followers who were Abner and a some others not mentioned in your histories of those days. I am a trial no more as I have given over all of my worldly possessions of thought to my brother, Jesus, and in return I am allowed to speak freely as to those days in Jerusalem that belonged to my Church as I saw it.

[*Scribe’s Note: “Jerusalem was the first center of the church, according to the Book of Acts, and a. . . location of "the first Christian church". The apostles lived and taught there for some time after Pentecost [the death of Jesus on the cross is dated 07 April 30AD in the Jesus Papers in The Urantia Book] . Jesus' brother James was a leader in the church, and his other kinsman likely held leadership positions in the surrounding area. In about 50, Barnabas and Paul went to Jerusalem to meet with the "pillars of the church:". . . James, Peter, and John. Later called the Council of Jerusalem, this meeting, among other things, confirmed the legitimacy of the mission of Barnabas and Paul to the gentiles, and the gentile converts' freedom from most Mosaic law, especially circumcision, which was repulsive to the Hellenic mind. Thus, the Apostolic Decree (Acts 15:19–21) may be a major act of differentiation of the Church from its Jewish root . . .” [From the article located at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_centers_of_Christianity#Jerusalem][See Page 2010 of The Urantia Book for an historical account of Jesus’ circumstances and the date of his death.]

In the days that followed the resurrection I heard Jesus tell me that he was to be seen a few more days before he left for the mansion worlds. He did so and I agreed that he had to tell all what he was doing in order that it could be recorded in our ways. When Jesus returned to speak to me about ten (10) days after the resurrection on high, he told me to go to the Temple and let the Jews there who followed him know that he was returning for a few appearances in the Temple. This did not materialize because the uproar over the return of Jesus in the morontia** was so bad that the Temple was guarded by the Jews and romans to prevent people from entering it.

[Scribe’s Note: For readers unfamiliar with the term “morontia”, it refers to an enfleshment of the resurrected body, not of flesh and blood, but of a finer material that does not appear to the eyes of man as entirely solid, and so may be seen as somewhat hazy around the edges, having a slight glow at times, and as the morontia material may mature in ascension, it become entirely invisible to the human eyesight. In the later morontia appearances of Jesus to the Apostles and many others after he died on the cross, the morontia garb worn by Jesus began to fade from sight more frequently and finally, Jesus had to put aside this mode of appearance and let the Spirit of Truth do the work of presence-communication with another ]

In our attempts to get the Temple to allow the appearance of Jesus in the Temple, the authorities were give a chance to hear what was to be said. Jesus said the following to them:

“I am the way, [spoke Jesus], and I am the Cross you must bear until I return to the world as a man of the Cross and by the Cross you must bear until I receive extreme unction from my Father on high.” That was the extent of his words to the Temple authorities. However, he next met with the Centurions of the Roman legions now stationed outside the Temple doors, and he said this to them:

“I see no way for you or Rome to become the last of the century’s decision to lend me your ears before I depart for my home on the worlds of my Creatorship. I leave you to know the world we call Urantia will become a place of worship by thousands of others outside the realm of the world’s position in space. In this I commend that all who see me now in Jerusalem will become better anointed with my heart and with my trial to better serve Urantia when the time comes. I bid you good day.”

In my final words to you this morning, I tell you that Paul came to see me one day many years after Jesus had gone from the realm. Paul said to me: “Give me your anointed and I will raise them up to the limits of the Church’s ways.” I said to Paul, “Give me your trial and I will do so, but without your worldly goods at stake and with my home and children at stake, I beseech you to stand back and let me administer the church as I choose. It is too dangerous for us to move quickly in Jerusalem,” and that is how we let the question on whose authority shall reign in Jerusalem.

(Scribe’s Note: James The Just - In taking down the words of James, the first born brother of Jesus, the following facts should help clarify to the reader what the family of Mary and Joseph numbered before the untimely death of Joseph on Tuesday, September 25, 8 A.D. at a construction site.

Jesus was the first born and he was followed by his brother James on 2 April 3 BCE; his first sister named Miriam, arrived on July 11, 2 BCE; then the fourth child called Joseph, was born on March 16, 1 A.D. when Jesus was seven (7) years old. The fifth child born to Mary and Joseph was Simon who came into the world on Friday evening, April 14, 2 A.D.; then Martha who arrived on Thursday night, September 13, 3 A.D.; and his little brother, Jude, who took breath, Wednesday evening, June 24, in 5 A.D. In all of these dates and references I refer to the accounting in The Urantia Book, Papers 122, 123,124,125,126,and 127, where the early life is historically presented by the United Midwayers of Urantia..)

Scribe: I now transcribe the words of Michael:



My fellow human miracle workers on Urantia. I beseech thee to take the cover of this work and read it again. It says what we are trying to tell you all. The time has come to bring Urantia back home to its place as a university of life to study by all in Nebadon and beyond. It carries a heat and worldly thought never to be heard again in all creation. It hails from the center of thoughtless words from Lucifer when he tried to bring Urantia out of the circle of joy and to bring it death and destruction against me and my holy work for the universe of Nebadon.

In this I beseech each and everyone of you to listen to the Archangel Michael who I know personally as the Archangel of Record for the coming Dispensation on Urantia to be declared openly by myself and Monjoronson when he arrives in the flesh. We provide no date yet, but it is so close your calendar will not change two years before it is evident that a Paradise Son is on Urantia soil.

In all of our years working on Urantia it never occurred to me that there should be a dispensation called for so frequently that no one could remember when it is to be called. Some writers have gone on so far as to declare it open and ready at the end of 2012, which I presently believe is the case insofar as there are certain anomalies working on Urantia that could not work so if it had not been declared; however, the major fifth world-wide dispensation will not be declared fully operational until I arrive in the flesh sometime after the fifth year of the Monjoronson’s (Serara) incarnation. This I hold to as a way to declare Urantia insolvent until there is something in place to rid Urantia of its wars and petty bickering among nation states.

In my years as a Creator Son, no one I know has bothered to instruct Urantia about coming dispensations, but I do so now through this scribe.

  • Dispensation Five is operational in two ways right now

1) It carries its authority in presenting Monjoronson to all of you through this and other scribes. Under the old dispensation this would not have been allowed.

2) It carries itself well when we allow Master Spirits to provide information not contained in the Urantia Book which was written under the old, the Fourth Dispensation, which I declared with Gabriel upon my departure from the flesh over 2,000 years ago. That many who read these Papers are aware of so much going on in Nebadon is partly the result of my policy to allow this scribe and to others to listen to our broadcasts and to our teachings.

We seek the world to listen. It does not because it can not. The world believes we are dead and buried, but we are not dead and hardly buried on Urantia. Our work proceeds as it must and we decry that not space is given to us other than through this scribe to allow our full fury at world affairs that have no immediate impact on God but only to the shame of how man conducts his affairs without us in his heart and mind centered in God.

We call upon all of you who listen to Jerry Lane, and to Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue and to Daniel Raphael, and to many other scribes too numerous to mention over the past twenty years, that they carry the bulk of our messages and they are true and ready for service in the new age we declare soon enough on Urantia. Those who listen to our scribes know full well that I give everything I can to man to use and to make use of to make Urantia better along with their own lives. But I tell you, how can I make it work when there is no will to answer my will that all things that are God’s must come to bear on you and your neighbor?

How can I speak without your voice aligning with mine? How can the Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, speak without me or you? I speak the truth when I say that nothing prevails upon this earth without me or you, and that we must do this TOGETHER. Be aware this scribe is listening intently because he hears the Michael that Jerry Lane speaks so eloquently, and who speaks with such friendly intonation. But I must warn all, including all of my scribes, that nothing will cheer you or anyone The ABC Summaries - Document -O- Call To Service Ronald Besser - July 05, 2013 Page -13- of 15 Pages without taking me to heart and giving my voice a place on the places people listen to regularly. Do this with me in spirit and I will do with you in the secular world as to how they must be spoken to and given a chance to hear my voice as it is. I wish all well, but you must abide in me as I abide in you, and in all things I bring you my peace that goeth beyond all understanding.

The Last Apostle

  • The Apostle Paul

I am Paul the Last Apostle. This scribe knows whereof I speak calling myself the “Last Apostle”. For it is in those words I left the world to see God and to know God and to be with God whom I love beyond all words in any book or Bible.

I wish to commend the work of the scribes, and this scribe in particular, in order to bring a point of news to all of you who listen to the Scriptures called the New Testament. In the New Testament is a passage I wrote to the Thessalonians about how God works on earth. I said this (to paraphrase myself) “All things consist in God, and in God I give these words to you. ‘Give me the heart of God, and I will give you the substance of God.’ In these things I am broken no more, but in you, you bring heart to the wrong places, and to the wrong names, as there is nothing in the Kingdom that will ever bless man as he is.

I write this: To you God-fearing persons who are the gentle rain of faith, I seek that you bring Father his place in your home. Go with your heart in your hand and give it a place to be seen for the Father as he justly needs your placement with His to abide the work to be done on Urantia so soon in time to come.

I am Paul of Tarsus, the Last Apostle in Christ, and in all things I beseech the scribe and you who read this to follow the words of Michael as they shall come to pass when Urantia becomes itself once again.

In God’s Love, I am Paul.


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