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Topic: Other Spirit Contact

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, good evening. At least it’s evening here on earth where we are and, since you’re here with us: good evening. Tonight I have a special request and that is, it seems lately--the last few months in our Urantia community online and elsewhere--there’s been increased curiosity about this whole t/r transmitting/receiving process. Mother Spirit and you have given a few lessons on it before so I thought maybe tonight I’d ask you to extend those lessons a bit--fill in the blanks that you think we might have. You and Mother Spirit have also talked about the fact that, with the lifting of the spiritual quarantine on our planet, there’s been a number of celestial beings flocking here just to be our friends and our compatriots. And so this t/r process is how we get a hold of them and actually carry on a conversation with them. So, if you would please, tonight maybe elaborate a bit more on what’s involved. Thank you.

Celestial Contact

Michael: Good evening, this is Michael. And yes, Mother Spirit and I are glad to give you any information we can about this process because we do encourage everyone, everyone who’s even faintly interested in contacting a celestial being, to wade in. The water’s fine.

  • Other-spirit contact

This contact is a great gift you can give to your celestial friend, so keep that in mind. It’s not just a self-centered thing, but it’s a wonderful gift because you’re giving your whole life; not only your attention, but your whole soul, your whole mind. Everything can be open to your celestial friend. Then they too can give you their take on things, their viewpoint from their particular life. This is doubly rewarding, what we’ve called before “the two-hundred-percent-ness of life.” Your reality is not only what you are consciously registering moment to moment, but it is also all the symbolic resonance of meaning resonating all around you as your interpretation of that reality. This is how your own experience--your knowledge, understanding, and your soul--adds so much to your present moments. What do they mean!

For a brief review, let me remind you that you do have spiritual presences in your mind which are quite distinct from your own personality and your own creative spirit. You have the presence of God within you, the Thought Adjuster that is actually part of you, part of your thinking, and part of adjusting your thoughts spirit-wise. Here we mean by spirit that dimension of reality which is all-inclusive. This presence of God within you is constantly trying to get you to be ever more open-minded and broad-minded to escape your own, shall we say, unique, particular conditioning.

Then you have both Mother Spirit and myself within you. Mother Spirit augments your basic mental facilities of intuition, knowledge, understanding, courage, and counsel. Then there are her super-Adjutants of worship and wisdom that no other animal has. This is what your Urantia book calls the fact that you are “super-minded” in addition to your physical brain of billions of cells and their living interrelationships. When you open your eyes you can look around and see you are taking in a billion little points of information, and the fact your mind is capable of storing this experience of yours as knowledge. As you grew up and you picked up the culture into which you were born--the language and the way things were there interrelated--all this became part of your understanding. Mother Spirit and I were very much a part of this.

My Spirit of Truth is an orientation. Think of it as a broad curiosity that’s nudging you to be open to spirit, be open to that dimension of reality that includes everything. Spirit is not only what you’re living in the middle of, and that you have a capability to experience—a capacity we encourage you to expand; it’s what you’re headed for--forever. There’s not only an enormous physical universe out there, but think of all the hundreds of different orders of personal beings that you will encounter some day.


  • Super-mindedness

This is your mind, and it’s more than just the physical being you have, your brain and nervous system. You have our spiritual presences within you. Because of this, because you are, shall we say, like a radio which already has our stations as part of you, your super-mindedness is the fact you can tune into other stations. You have the means of accessing that which is greater than you. And here I’m referring specifically to other personal celestial beings who are delighted to make contact with you, and have these living conversations with you.

As Mother Spirit talked about last time, all you have to do is, in you meditations, send out this request, this hunger, this desire for contact. Just think, “Okay. Here I am. I’m open. I’m open to whomever of whatever order of personal being that wants to contact me and share their life with mine,” and a name will occur to you. It may be some very familiar English word, or it may be something rather strange to you; but just think on it for a while. Absorb this deep within you and then address this other personal being and ask them to start articulating their thoughts right in your own mind.

This is essentially what this transmitting/receiving process is all about. It’s a way of highly consciously setting yourself aside and turning over the language part of your mind to another being. Again: you can do this because you are super-minded. You have a spiritual aspect, a part of you that can be sensitive to this kind of input. And this is what t/r-ing is all about.

Now here it’s essential, it’s very essential that you give this contact reality, just as you give Mother Spirit, and myself, and the presence of God within you, reality, because, of your free will you have the ability to deny us, or ignore us: or to give us reality. This is your fundamental choice. This is the essence of your free will that no higher spiritual being will counteract in any way. You literally have to make us feel welcome.


  • Make it physical

One way you can give us this reality is by making a physical transcript of what is coming through you. Because once you write something down, its physical reality is now independent of you, something you can re-read again later and reflect upon. You just sit down and say, “Okay, I’m open, dear friend,” and start writing down what comes into your mind. Don’t be surprised if it will be coming from another point of view. In other words, they might say—and you would write: “Hello, this is…(the name you give them)… Let’s step off here. Let me speak through your mind to you.” And then you just start writing down what comes to you. Like I say, don’t be surprised if it is from another point of view, because that’s the whole purpose.

They can start by giving you lessons on how to do this. They can help train you, if you will, to set yourself aside and let their thoughts come through, because you will be giving up part of your life in the sense of: you could be doing something else. You could be out running around with other friends, or making your breakfast, or working on your car. So in this one way of making contact you are definitely committing yourself, committing part of your life, shall we say, twenty minutes or so every morning to this activity. You are giving yourself over to them and to this friendship between you.

All of sudden, with this physical reality of it--whether you’re writing it down, or you’re recording it to transcribe it later, or, if you are facile enough with a keyboard, you can be typing it out on your computer--all of a sudden you’ll find yourself in the reality of another point of view coming through you. This is the essence of it. This is the glory of it, the wonder of it.

Maybe I should underline that word “wonder.” Because even after you’ve done this for quite a while, there will still be some mystery to it all. Because it is something you will be letting happen; it won’t be coming from your personality. And that’s the whole value of it. It’s not from your own personality and your own creative spirit, but is coming from the higher part of your mind, your highest part of mind where you are making contact with that spirit reality which is more than you.

Correcting Time

  • Increasing universal wonder

As Mother Spirit and I have said a number of times, this is happening worldwide. Now that the spiritual quarantine has been lifted on your world, this is what is happening to a lot of people all over the world, whether or not they are exactly conscious of it in the same kind of Urantia-book-related way, as we are in these concepts I’m using. It can be happening in every religious context.

And again, this is nothing exactly new insofar as this has been happening for centuries and centuries in terms of Mother Spirit and I. Every since Pentecost my Spirit of Truth has been a rather universal presence in people’s minds. And, of course, Mother Spirit goes back before Andon and Fonta--the first human beings—far before them in her directing the whole course of life evolution on earth.

And, of course, God himself is not only omniscient and omnipotent, but also omnipresent in a way that transcends time and space. We all literally live in his being. Yet also: it’s that particular, individualized aspect of him that he gives of himself to you as a gift: a particularized, personal aspect of him that literally becomes part of your mind. This is your Thought Adjuster, adjusting your thoughts ever more spirit-wise, ever more inclusive of everything because, my dear ones, that’s what you’re headed for. You’re aimed towards everything. The sooner you embrace this, the sooner you feel the wonder of it all. It’s a very powerful aspect of humility--the awareness of that which is so much greater than all of us, yet that we have as our birthright--as an eternity to look forward to of an unending discovery.

So why not start now? Why wait until natural death to contact spiritual beings? Why not have this as part of your life right now, this inexplicable wonder that is real simply because it’s happening. That’s the unmistakable quality of it--the self-sufficient quality of it--it’s independence from you. Spirit reality is part of the essence of this whole universe surrounding you, my children--the fact that you are involved in an infinity of infinites; and yet: this is your home! This infinity was made as much for you as for every other personal being. This is God’s nature of sharing this fantastic creativity of his with every single one of you, for you to have your own creative spirit as part of your personality. It’s what the Eternal Son of pure spirit delights in sharing with you, just as the Infinite Spirit, working through Mother Spirit, gives you your super-mindedness.

  • Come on in—the water’s fine

So, as I say: come on in. This living water of spirit is fine; so fine beyond your wildest imagination. For that’s what God delights in tickling us all with: we are all encompassed by that which is beyond our own personal creativity. It’s his creativity. And so, my dears, we offer you this living mystery just because it is so boundless, so endless, so wonderful.

Give it a try. In your meditations just give up part of your life to another in order to share part of your life, just like these precious moments. Share yourself with another celestial being, another spiritual being, and know the reality of it then. Have it be part of your soul.

Well, enough teasing. Let me open the floor now to any questions or comments you might want to share with me.


Student: Yes, I have a comment/question. I know that the tone for this universe is mercy and forgiveness and, in the light of that, I’m wondering what your thoughts are about returning here. In terms of the human race, I think we’re going to probably destroy the planet before we evolve to some spiritual consensus on the planet. I don’t think you necessarily want to see your bestowal sphere in that condition, yet I don’t think that we’re going to be taken off the planet and brought somewhere else. That only leaves intervention. So I’m just wondering what your thoughts are about this notion of returning. Thank you.

Michael: Yes, my son. Let me clarify what you intend me to speak on. Do you mean returning after your natural death, meaning retuning as…

Student: No, your returning--Michael’s returning to the planet.

Michael: Okay.

Student: Thank you.


  • What emerges in crises

Michael: Yes, my son, I know what you mean, and I must not disagree so much; but some of your assumptions--Mother Spirit and I cannot go along with because there are certain aspects of human life--human abilities and possibilities--that do come out in crises. Strangely enough, these are not augmentations of selfishness and self-centeredness, but the exact opposite, of love and a sharing of hardships that perhaps are not in your general culture; they’re not stressed so much. Yet people who have been in hard situations do realize this. That’s why we’re saying “when push comes to shove”--one of your expressions of this—people can then let go an enormous amount of ego activity, shall we say of status, possessions and so forth, and really start to help each other.

This is the world situation as it stands right now. People are so wealthy in so many ways, so far, far above mere subsistence in all the more developed countries that are using up such enormous amounts of energy and material goods, while, as we’ve taught so often, there are other folks who have only a little piece of bare ground under them, as they’re squatting there naked and starving to death.

This is the situation. What these more developed cultures and countries have to discover is the amount of love and sharing they’re capable of when, as you say, push comes to shove, and a lot of this extraneous, unnecessary materialism falls away under the hard, hard knife of necessity.

But, my son, never lose sight of the fact of what people can do in a loving, giving way for each other under these kinds of crisis times. Even in warfare, where people are involved in not only surviving but actually in killing each--the situation now in various countries throughout the world--don’t lose sight of the amount of love that is between the combatants, the amount of sacrifice that’s constantly going on as people try to, not only carry out their mission, but save each other and take care of each other. It’s just that they are still, shall we say, split into two separate warring camps.


  • Sharing and taking care

Mother Spirit and I can see this amount of sharing and taking care of each other that, from our point of view looking at the whole world and all the aspects of humanity, so totally outweighs and overwhelms the amount of self-centeredness and selfishness. We see it more as a process of maturation because so many folks are still in such a kind of sloppy overproduction and consumption of material goods, they have not yet personally come to the crisis point of realizing the emptiness of all this material goods without somebody to share their more deeper spiritual life with.

Yet it’s that sharing that’s actually holding everything together. You can go into your supermarkets and pick up things from all around the world. So don’t lose sight of the fact of the way things are all tied together. It’s just a process of maturation. There’s still an awful lot of immature behavior and unspiritual materialism separating people right within themselves as to what is important. And it’s only when push comes to shove, when you have certain crises, that people can realize they are capable of giving up all this stuff for something called friendship, and or something called sharing.

We do not see any kind of necessary worldwide crisis. From our point of view, there is an inexorable evolution taking place within each individual as they slowly learn what means what, what is really important in life. And when you have whole cultures still involved in a kind of immaturity as in the case of, shall we say, drug addiction, sometimes this personal crisis is a necessary thing for people to undergo in order to lose all their material concerns and find out what true friendship is all about.

  • A sense of proportion

So, my son, keep this in mind. It’s all in a sense of proportion, that even in the midst of this warfare and crime that is going on, it is so totally, totally overwhelmed by the amount of love and peaceful interaction between people. You have to look beneath the surface of the wealth, and the politics, and all that going on, to see how each individual needs to learn these spiritual lessons. Then it’s how whole cultures have to slowly mature by realizing, sometimes through the terrible cost of warfare, how ages-ages long conflicts are just not worth the cost. I hope this gives you some hope and some faith in everybody’s ability to adapt to circumstances.

Student: May I ask a question?

Michael: Certainly.


Student: I hesitate to interject my opinion here. May I ask you, Michael, to direct your comments to not only that which you just have—the cost of war in an immature economic way, and an immature society and an immature world. I would like you to address the aggregate decisions, the corporate decisions that are being made that affect the quality of life and the quality of the ecosphere on the planet. I think many people of good will, people who have reduced their consumption, have realized the economic dependence and materialism of this planet right now, are more concerned with, not only their own energy footprint, but the aggregate choices of people and corporations who are inflicting or causing degradation to different ecosystems--the Alaska area, the Antarctic area, the oceans. These are corporate economic directions—tangents--that I can understand you saying that: this probably also falls into the category of corporate immaturity. But often we, as individuals, by making our own individual decisions, we’re still not effecting change because of corporate interests on the planet that degrade the planet. Could you address that also?

  • Super-dynamic economics

Michael: Yes, my dear. From our point of view, you have to keep in mind that corporations are, again, just collections of people with all their different motivations. In other words, as you look at the situation, there’s nothing frozen. Everything is in a living, constantly changing balance both within and between corporations--the boards of directions, the CEO’s, the stockholders; in other words, everything that makes up the formal structure of corporations. They’re still pretty much aimed at producing something; there is some product involved, whether it’s financial advice, or whether it’s material like cars, or whatever.

These then depend upon someone else buying that product with their labor, or with their own capital; whatever it is. From our point of view, there’s no sharp demarcation between a corporation and the products they put out, and the desire of all the other individuals who buy these products by giving up a part of their lives, either in wages or however they’re earning their money. This is all a totally living/interconnected type of thing moment to moment, day to day, week to week.

As you know, some corporations have a monopoly on their particular market. Other ones are in fierce competition with each other, and rise and fall. But it all comes back down to the mass of individuals, the far greater number of individuals who are involved in buying, giving a part of their life to obtain whatever these corporations are putting out. Again, it is a complex situation. We’re aware there’s a complex feedback here insofar as the corporations, through their advertising and through people getting caught up in their television, there’s definitely a feedback process where people are induced to buy whatever that product is.


  • See the entire culture

But here, my dear, I want you to look at your entire culture and where it is at this particular moment. You can say no one needs a three-hundred-horsepower car and the energy it requires to build that, and the amount of imagination and all that goes into the production—then the advertising, all that’s designed into that car to appeal to someone else--all the sex appeal of all these products and things. Yet this is part of your culture and this is what has to change.

This is what is changing enormously because, through communication, the developed cultures are learning and accepting that someone, somewhere, is starving to death for the lack of energy. I mean, apart from all your developed countries, there are huge areas of the earth where people are literally dying for lack of energy, while somewhere else, someone is cruising around in their two-or-three-or-four-hundred-horsepower fantastic vehicle, or their hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars power-yacht: or whatever! All change has to start back down on the fact that people are buying this. This is part of the culture. This is what people are willing to give up a part of their lives for, in order to get these things. This is where . . .

Student: I hear you. It’s not often I can say, “I hear what you’re saying,” to the Creator of the universe. So: I hear what you’re saying, Michael.


May I reverse my tone of voice, my point of view, and ask you something different then? Where are we as a planet? I’m talking about the entire population of the planet Urantia at this time. Where along the growth curve, the evolutionary growth curve, are we as a planetary population--in yours and Mother’s eyes--in terms of learning to cooperate on a worldwide basis to contribute to the emerging personality, the emerging cohesion of Urantia Planetary Supreme? Are we making progress which you and Mother, as our parents, can be proud of?

  • World cultures

Michael: Oh yes, very much so; and mainly along the lines of communication. As we’ve taught, there’s always been a World Soul, but profoundly different because of the unique history of Urantia--even unique among all the planets that went into default. On a so-called normal planet which, as we say, makes up 99.9999% of all the planets in our Local Universe here, you have a loyal Planetary Prince and the whole world’s cultures are brought along pretty much together within, I would say, a few hundred thousand years. And as you know, here on Urantia you went almost three hundred thousand years where things were developing along normal lines. Then, with the Planetary Prince’s default over two hundred thousands years ago, everything fell apart. That is what has led to this world situation where you do not have a single, worldwide culture being fostered and brought along with everyone together. So while on the one hand you have the private ownership of a three hundred million dollar yacht belonging to a single individual, at the same time you still have whole societies which are barely above the Stone Age--existing at the same time on the same planet.

What actually brings everything along, and is accelerating at an enormous rate right now, tying all of these peoples together, is where you have instantaneous worldwide wireless telecommunications. Someone can be off in the woods with their iPad, or whatever, communicating almost anywhere in the world with someone else who has a similar device. This is what you see right now, happening all over the world. Ironically, it’s why some of the old folks are talking about, or they’re screaming, “Everything’s going too fast! We’re moving too fast! All of our old traditions and things are being overthrown too quickly.” For things are changing enormously fast.


  • Economics and ecstasy; needs and wants

From our standpoint, planetary evolution--which is inexorable, even in the case of Urantia--is accelerating because the world is--in one sense you talk about--becoming smaller because you’re becoming more and more interconnected. All of these things we’ve talked about are being put more and more into people’s minds, and this is what is really transforming things so quickly. My whole message tonight is: when push comes to shove, when things are brought undeniably into people’s consciousness, people have an enormous ability to adapt. When push comes to shove, just because everyone is in economic reality, this is where economics triumphs over the ecstasy of what people merely want. You are essentially economic beings and everybody is doing their best to get as much as they can from what they have. It’s that very adaptability, along with what communications are bringing into consciousness, that are the saving graces.

Student: I would like to rededicate myself right now to meeting you in this spiritual sphere surrounding our planet, this advancing sphere and the desire to participate in this forward development and cohesion. I believe in this wholeheartedly.

Michael: Well, my dear, I welcome your commitment. This is where it is: in every single human being. And it hasn’t been that long. It’s only been a few decades since the spiritual quarantine of this planet was lifted, and things have begun to change so rapidly—spirit-wise.

  • Exclusionary folks: my way or nothing

You have to actually have some sympathy for those folks who see their whole way of life--based on exclusion and dictatorial aspects of politics, and society, and religion that have existed--the power they get out of being able to exclude other points of view; you have to have sympathy even for them because their world is crumbling. In a world of instantaneous communications, anything that depends on this kind of exclusiveness is doomed to fail. So you have to have some sympathy even for them.

At the same time, they’re extremely deadly. I mean, there’s a kind of suicidal folks who would take you down with them as they see their world crumbling all around them. And so you’re in this position of sending them all your love and reaching out to them as much as you can, while at the same time you have to protect yourself from them. This is a strange position for you to be in, but this is how we recommend you orient yourself to these very dictatorial and deadly forces still on the planet. You send them all your love but also, as I cautioned one time, you be as wise as serpents.

Student: Indeed. And harmless as doves.

Michael: Right: be in my love.

Student: Thank you.


  • Hope and faith

Michael: Well, my dears, I hope I’ve given you some hope and some faith in just basic humanity. As you come to know yourself more and more; as you come into maturity; as you yourself give up those things of childhood and begin to treasure more than anything else these others in your life--these dear friends and what you’re able to share with them: so you can realize this is really the glue that’s holding everything together. You can have some genuine sympathy for those poor souls who are caught up--not only in warfare with all of its terrible, terrible randomness of whoever is under an artillery shell or a bomb, released from miles away or thousands of feet in the air--that kind of randomness—but also with just the amount of crime, of people raised in neighborhoods where it’s not even safe to go out and get some groceries.

Really open your hearts to those souls who, through no fault of their own, and beyond their power, are caught up in these things. Then look around you and ask of yourselves: what can I do? What can I do in my own life, with my own day-to-day things--my treasure and my friends? There are so many hundreds of good organizations that help tie things together. What can you give to them? What support can you have?

Maybe it could come back to what I recommended right to begin with this evening--sitting down in your meditations and opening yourself to another spiritual personality. See what that is all about. See what that requires of you, and then too, what that contact gives to you, and how this can change your life. Then you can have the vision, the insight into what is really tying everything all together.

From our standpoint the love so totally, totally outweighs the fear and the anxiety. Souls are being co-created by a presence of God, and every soul will be carried on into eternity. Keep your eyes and your hearts open to this reality because it’s all up to you, all of you. This is the reality of it. This world we’re talking about is only the individual people in it, yet with all their fantastic variety that not one of you can even begin to grasp even one hundred billionth of it. But your desire to is the way to my peace. This is the way to doing all you can and then knowing that peace--knowing that connection--feeling that hug from your friend as you hug them back. And know too the joy and the laughter.

Student: Thank you.

Michael: Above all, Mother Spirit and I ask you to think of us--as we hope you can also think of your dear human parents--as your closest friends. And so: Good Evening. Be in my peace.