2013-08-18-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Michael's Birthday Celebration

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Serena, Michael, Jonathan, Monjoronson, LIGHT, Teacher Gorman

TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



A prayer to Michael: [Mark] Michael, thank you so much for giving us a reason to come together, for giving us the purpose to come together at this time and share, to express our desire to be closer to you in these times and always. Thank you for providing this opportunity, not only to come together at this time to celebrate you, but the opportunity you provide as our very Creator of this life. Thank you for the opportunity as was provided to us yesterday to have a group of beautiful spiritualists gathered around and to have the opportunity to put our hands on their shoulder in your stead. Help us to bring in the goodness of that, take it in and drink it in. We are as gifts to each other and that is as you would have it. Drink this cup of joy that we feel here this weekend with us. Share with us this peace, this love that we generate here in response to all that you have given us. Drink it in deeply with us and be satisfied and quenched as we are when we so engage with you. Now we offer our hearts and minds for what you would bring to us as we always do. Let it be so, thank you.

Energy, Light

Serena: [Cathy] I am joining today in anticipation of an increased capacity for manipulation of light. This is a part of the up-stepping of energy at this moment on your world. We have been accelerating this process as the results have been much better than anticipated. This is gladly received and has modified our timeline in a positive way. Your participation with light is a positive step forward into new areas of development. As you move forward and practice, we will be able to develop new methods and concepts that will enhance our energy project. Some of this must necessarily come from your group and your experience. We are also participating by directing additional resources into the spaces you are creating. With love we will move together into this new activity to hopefully transform your world. The time is now, the seed is sown. We are in final preparations for an increase in activity on all levels, what a blessing, what a joy.


Michael: [Mark] What a blessing, what a joy indeed, I am Michael here to acknowledge your sentiments in my direction as you gather this weekend. What a joy indeed it is to witness your gazes of affection, your peace of mind when you come together, embrace, share each others love and spread this joyous fellowship among and between you. Indeed, what a joy it is, and, you are right, I will celebrate any occasion, any opportunity with you on any day at any hour of your choosing because what a joy it is. I do indeed drink deeply of this cup with you and I appreciate your efforts to include me in such offerings but know always that I am with you in times like this, so very close as to be practically next to you so that you might even conceive of feeling my presence on your shoulder.

That is my desire of course, that you feel my presence that intimately and closely, that we might come together in a manner in which you are wholly aware and such a time will come, my dear ones, with each and every one of you, such a time will come. Patience is indeed a virtue when considering your eternal ascension career. All phases of this career are to be enjoyed and embraced for what they contain. I am so grateful for this phase of each of your beginnings, this infancy of spirit that you experience. It is so pleasing for any parent to watch you come to terms with who you are as a member of our family, to see you embrace your place within the family and to become so much of what your potential has in store for you. All these things are pleasing in my sight, I assure you.

I simply had to come among you and offer you my embrace of spirit. I invite you now at this time to drink this cup with me, to feel my spirit embrace you, to sense my presence as closely as a hand on your shoulder, to feel me in your life as I feel you. I now, in recognition of your heart's desire, stand aside to allow for a number of others have arrived to bring their greetings. This as well is pleasing. Thank you all for your feelings of love towards me and towards our family. Be in peace, farewell.


Jonathan: [Mark] I stand in gratitude for the opportunity to bring you my greetings, I am Jonathan. As you know, I was very fond of this very gathering and appreciate so much the energy that is supported and maintained at these gatherings. I feel as though I am an acting contributor to the energy field. My contribution endures, I still, even at this time, will gladly donate my energies to uphold this forum, this abode of spirit. It is so pleasing to see that the structure still endures, the arena is still intact and those who come and go from this space are forever altered, forever tinted by the colors and hues that are present or the tones.

These things filter into the individual and become part of the experience, part of the wisdom, part of the individual and this is accomplished because the stage has been set, the arena has been prepared, the vision has been supported and in doing this, the reality can then unfold in a place of safety and security and a place of vision. Magnificent realities are allowed to unfold. The greater the safety zone, the greater the arena, the greater realities may unfold. This is what ties to the conversation you were having yesterday with Light. Just such an arena is what we are enjoying right now. Such a construct, such a place of safety is where we are meeting at this moment, the very same principle may be applied with each of your individual constructs and may be enlarged and enhanced with your desire and skill.

This is how reality will be shifted. This is how change will manifest to those who have a great enough construct to allow reality to manifest in a new manner, in a different way. Who will provide these workshops for the new patterns that must be developed? Who will allow the space for these projects to be worked on? Who will envision with open mindedness the potentials inherent within the circumstance? These are the people who will bring to their dimension this awareness of a conditioned environment, an environment which is enhanced by spirit, an environment which is as free from constriction as is possible. These environments are where the new realities will be born and nourished and built and fixed and tended to. These arenas of spirit will be the incubators of new modes of thinking.

The next class of inventors will not necessarily have to go into the workshop and work with tools and materials but rather, the next inventors must create an environment where the entirely new and different may spring into existence. I so much appreciate rubbing elbows with all of you here, particularly at this gathering. It gives me such great pleasure to join with you and co-mingle with you at this time. Truly, we can both say that we have experienced miracles in our experience as we do at this very moment, this miracle of our coming together. In no small part, this experience is ours because it is our choosing. It is because our arena of spirit is large enough to accommodate it, our workshop of spirit is big enough to hold it and so I am so very grateful to all of us for signing on to this space, to contributing to the formation of this safe place where we can come and meet like this. I understand there are others who would join in as well and I am simply grateful for this chance to say hello and I love you and I miss you, indeed it has been my pleasure. Now I bid you all good day and relinquish the microphone as it were.

Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson: [Cathy] I'm glad to respond to your request for my update as it were. I have been in a process for some time of down stepping in preparation. All is in readiness awaiting developments on your world that would be favorable to our mission. As Serena mentioned, the advancement has been in a positive direction. The energy enhancement has been more effective than anticipated. I eagerly awaited developments that have slowly begun to manifest. If God wills the plan, the original pattern will come forward. The original will of the Father will triumph over the echoes of darkness and rebellion seeded on this planet. Your action is to create new spaces free from the manipulation of negative energies. Your enhancement of light will create these spaces of contact where the darkness has vanished. Your light will draw and enhance others around you. This is your challenge, will you send energy and hold the space needed? Will you join me in this new adventure of spirit? I am always available to send you my love and light to surround you.


Light: [Henry] Greetings to you today, it is I, Light, here in this circle in which we all sit connected, connected in an open ended and unconditional space for light to descend. It is true, that the Father is the unconditional stance in all of creation. Time and space is conditional, your very lives are conditional. The delicate balance between your life and sustaining your life, always pulling you into the now, bringing you into its conditions yet part of you. The part which contains the spirit fragment is an aspect of the unconditional with but one condition. That one condition results in you, that one condition to bring you forth through your own mind into a balanced personality of choice, action and will.

Tapping into the unconditional is allowing the possibility to be guided, to be led. Many a time this may involve letting go of something if for no other reason to grab hold of something else. The human life is tenacious, wants to hold, touch everything. It wants to feel all, it wants to hold on to it. It is impossible to hold on to everything in life. The very condition of your life forces you to let go of things and move forward. You do not hold on to the same things that you held on to as a child necessarily, though some of the things you held onto as a child may still be worth holding on to. Search for the ways that you block out the light in your own being, places you are not even aware that that's what you are doing. In a sense to become unconditional is to become completely transparent. When you become completely transparent you can start to reveal the light which is truly within. It will glow like a lighthouse beacon. Others will notice and be drawn, have a sense that they can now see what they are doing. Because of your light they have a greater understanding of how to negotiate the terrain.

Into this circle comes light, into your lives, what is right. There is a strength in the quality of light that one possesses, a strength which enhances all functioning. There is a certainty, a sense of quality in light, definitely a sense of being in light, a feeling of completeness with light. Those are my thoughts for you this morning, thank you. Continue to take in the light and to show forth the light, thank you.


Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Gorman, here to stand in this circle of light to share in this circle of friendship, to sense the heightened sense that happens within the proximity of people, to share with you in this sense of relationship as the relationship which exists between each of you, the relationship between you and spirit and you sharing the relationship of spirit for it is in the relationship of spirit that you get the ultimate sense of spirit. It is not in the detachment, it is in the relationship. Spirit does come with an open hand, willing to facilitate in relationship. So it is wonderful to come into relationship on a day like today where the relationship is sensitized, it is sensitized by so many in proximity and the closeness of spirit becomes palpable as it is today.

It is good to experience gatherings which acknowledge and promote the felt sense and the identity of spirit, to bask in its regenerative qualities, its revitalizing influence, its quietness, its presence and to transfer this relationship within the primary relationship of man and the Indwelt Spirit, the sense of that you are truly in the presence of the Father, that in the presence of spirit you take the opportunity to experience the totality of spirit, the oneness of spirit, the sense of that as your Divine Parents and as the Indwelt Presence, that you get a complete and total sense of the presence of all aspects of spirit as one. It is good in these gatherings to get a deeper sense of spirit when it's palpable, when it extends to your mind and creates an elastic quality, a bending, a shaping, an extension, a growing, growing of awareness and growing of presence. Each gets a personal sense, something a little different so that collectively you have this great sense.


So thank you for allowing me within the presence of this circle today, in this presence of the relationship between man and spirit, between light and matter, between mind and heart. In the soul of this matrix I am one with you today. Thank you, go in peace.