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Topic: The Testimony of Caligastia

Group: At Large


Teacher: Ron Besser

TR: Ron Besser




I have been permitted to view the court room in which Caligastia has been brought forward to testify before the Trinity. My imagination did not do this work, as I was presented the actual view of what happened as any visitor from time would see it. The trial proceeds as I watched, ending with a statement from Caligastia defending his actions on Urantia, located in the Superuniverse of Orvonton, the local universe of Nebadon, the Constellation of Norlatiadek, and the local System of Satania, where the misdeeds brought against Caligastia, Lucifer, and a host of others, were brought forth for examination and judgment by the Most Highs, the venerated Deities of Paradise, and the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon, Gabriel of Salvington. We add that additional litigants were present and we may mention that Michael of Nebadon was personally present, as was Michael’s Chief of Staff, Gabriel, also present, and a host of others unknown to humans on Urantia attended in the interest of Justice.

The scene before me is as follows:

I am in the large building set aside for cases involving the life and death of an accused member of the divine family known as the Sons of God. I am seated in what appears to be a visitor’s gallery some distance from the podium from which persons are asked to testify before the Court of The Ancients of Days.

On today’s schedule is the testimony of many and of Caligastia, who is of particular importance to the universe of Nebadon, where he, and thirty seven other Sons of God, went into rebellion against the ruler of Nebadon, and nearly destroyed not just our planet earth, Urantia, but several other inhabited spheres, one of which we mention is our sister planet, Panoptia. On these two inhabited planets the rebellion by Lucifer was supported as well by thirty-five other Planetary Princes, who made the personal decision to take them out of their normal relationship between God and the human creatures born on these planets. The results was especially severe.

There is a murmur in the room, and as I begin to anticipate what is to appear here, my gaze is arrested by the sudden appearance in the area of the testimonial podium of a beautiful azure blue light descend down over the body of the worker who designed the podium to be used by the guilty, the lame, the insane, and the pure, who may have accidentally been accused of high crimes and misdemeanors.

My heart leaps in my throat as I have never seen such a beautiful blue. It was not reflective light, nor was it the light of a lamp shown down on the podium. Instead it seemed to originate in the air above the structure, and wafted down over the station as though filtered through pure water of great depth and of high reflectivity. Only later was I to learn that this was the merciful light of Michael present as he sat to hear the judgment of his Son, Caligastia.

I could not see Michael, nor could I see Gabriel, but in their places quite close to the podium I did see the light of God descend on them and it was beyond description in its radiant brilliance over their seats. To their left was a vacant seat for the Universal Father which stood silent and cool and detached, with no sign of life about it. In the center of that reserved seat was what appeared to me as a hat. The hat had a brocade on its short stubby brim, and in the center of the golden rope was an eagle or eagle-like creature which showed eyes of sallow yellow and which glowed with a dim reservation of desire to hear nothing but the truth.

I found myself first holding my breath as the scene unsettled me such was the unusual display of light, but as I acclimated to my view, I began to feel entirely protected from the proceedings as regard my emotional state. My intellectual comprehension was stable bonded to my Adjuster and kept me grounded, but I did tend to dart about the room with my mind as I absorbed impressions. It was not long before I saw the Court Officials enter the room from a distant chamber to the left of the podium and behind the seats of Michael, Gabriel, and the Father.

In this detail of who entered, I have agreed to limit my observation to the extent of revelation given to all of us on Urantia, known to each of us as the Fifth Epochal Revelation. In that regard, I have removed all references to the guards, the peace keepers, and the heartless Universal Censors who were the persecutors today. I may mention the appearance of the Jurors, revealed to us on Urantia as the Ones Without Name And Number– perfected one-time humans who received the Trinity embrace and were selected for their innate ability to revere and worship the Father beyond the comprehension of other worshipers. It is this ability, I am told, that makes them nearly perfect Jurors as they are entirely fair in their judgement of the failure of truth to participate in actions of others who need to come before the Judges.

As the fifteen 915) Jurors composed of the Ones Without Name And Number stood in a single line just outside of the blue light wafting down over the podium, the next to arrive were Those High in Authority, and who were there to take the place of the Creator Son’s Supreme Justice of the Court on Salvington, and who was the Instigators on Salvington who brought charges against Lucifer, Caligastia, and thousands unknown to me or you, and who registered the case before the Ancients of Days on behalf of Gabriel. Those High in Authority were there to present the facts to the Jurors, Those Without Name and Number.

As the thirty-seven (37) Trinitized Sons of Attainment of the Order, Those High in Authority took their place in a single line behind the line of the fifteen Jurors, the Court buzz began to rise as the light of the Trinity began to polarize over the dias of the High Commissioner of Justice, known at that time as Gabriel of Salvington, so appointed to charge all who rebelled against Michael of Nebadon in those awful days of a wide-spread insurrection against the mighty Trinity of Justice, in those days, was not yet fully present in Nebadon before Michael had risen to full sovereignty over the place known as the Local Universe of Nebadon. Nebadon was a space grant given directly to the Creator Son to use as a place of creation for ten million inhabited planets when completed, and in The FLURRY #15, Vol II, No. 4 October 23, 2013 The Testimony of Caligastia Page 3 of 18 Pages Scribe/Editor Ronald Besser which Urantia, our planet, was already give a place among the family of inhabited spheres. The rebellion was in danger of wrecking the young universe of thought and power to be, and it seriously derailed many programs through out Nebadon until it was finally forced to go no further upon the actions taken by the one called Jesus on Urantia who denied Lucifer and Caligastia one further loss of a soul or of another planet in the Satania System.

I saw Gabriel rise from his seat beside Michael, and I know he rose only because the polarized light of the Trinity adjusted itself toward the center of the room quite close to the testimonial structure referred to as a podium. There light stood fixed over what was to my eyes empty space, but I knew Gabriel was there. My attention then was drawn to my left side, actually somewhat behind my gallery of seats, and from the corner of my eye emerged the grand procession of the Ancients of Days who were attended to by nearly one thousand Seconaphim and nearly as many Tertiaphim. These were all made visible to my eyes, and the light was nearly blinding, but affordable for this occasion as I did not avert my eyes to rest them.

The procession of the Ancients of Days, all three present and moving together side by side toward the dias upon which they would sit to hear the proceedings, ended with the assembly regaining their seats when the Ancients of Days sat down. I mused to myself that viewing these proceedings puts to the lie that high spirit “floats” to its place of rest, and noted well that the Days seem to have walked to their place of Judgement. They wore robes of light, and about their heads and bodies beneath the light were thousands of resplendent light extensions, not quite rays, not quite sparklers, but gorgeous to the eye and spirit.

Forthwith, a sound blew overhead, and the proceedings began to take shape.

I now hear the voice of Gabriel, who spoke thusly:

“I am Gabriel of Salvington, and I behold the Master of my upbringing here seated in court before all of you who have they eyes of spirit to portray his grim reality on this day of judgement.”

“I am Gabriel of Salvington, who stands before you as the Master’s grim reaper of judgement against a Son of Michael, and who portrayed his father to be nothing but a cheap trickster who could not rule a host of angels much less a universe.”

“I am Gabriel of Salvington, who weakens no more before the onslaught of miscarriages of justice on Urantia, in the Constellation of Norlatiadek, or in Satania and the local universe of Nebadon. I am prepared to act as the High Commissioner of Justice forthwith and immediately as this testimony from Caligastia is to begin.”

And thus spoke Gabriel, and immediately at the end of his speech there arose a noise from the gallery of visitors I was part of. In the gallery with me were several thousand participants of the rogues that held Lucifer and Caligastia very high, and they wished to object to the proceedings at hand. Upon commencement of the noise of complaint, there was a silence compounded upon them that startled me that it came upon us so abruptly.

In the chair reserved for the participation of the Universal Father, the hat, as I perceived the object, stood slightly above the dias behind the Ancients of Days. This object was, in reality, a warning to be let loose to insist on decorous compliance with the dignity of the Court in session with the Paradise Trinity in attendance. The object could command and it could insist and win. The gallery was silenced into grim desertion of their intention to show loud support for the trial’s most famous, after Lucifer, prisoner. The object was there to establish the absolute truth and to enforce obeyance of the Justice of the Paradise Trinity.

When silence was established immediately, there rose from the middle of the room another podium like object, and behind it stepped the High Commissioner and who I now could see. These podiums, now are two, almost side by side, were holding pens as well as lecterns and seemed to obey the law of light I can not fathom. Always was the blue light of glory over the first podium and always, when Gabriel was there, the white light displayed over him. Neither podium held any other person except for Caligastia as long as I was allowed to witness these proceedings.

Gabriel spoke again from the podium with the light of God over him, this time in a tight conveyance of words known on Urantia as the sound of staccato. I never heard this way of speaking before although I have heard musical instruments play those clipped tones of rapid acceleration, and wondered what in the world this was meant to convey. I soon heard not what they said, but received only a Censor’s redaction as no translation was available and soon enough no sound was allowed to come to my ears of that speech.

I am told as I sit hear placing these words before you, that Gabriel spoke in the tongue of Paradise. Not knowing any language but my Urantia language, it was utterly foreign to me and not sounding like a language at all, as it approached a musical score not entirely unpleasant to hear even when it meant nothing. Upon Gabriel’s completion at the new podium, I heard the sound of what I would call of brass or of trumpets annunciated softly but plainly above our heads. In a moment, out came 36,000 Seconaphim. I did not, could not, count them. The number was told me to at this time as I relate the proceedings. They marched in columns and rode an air current they seemed to know how to make small adjustments to. Their dress could not be seen, only their shoulders, and then almost in a mist as they are obscure to other Orders who may view them in their work as well. Column after column passed by me as if in the air fo a cloud, and then it was done as swiftly as they first advanced, they were gone.

These Seconaphim are unusually prepared for Court appearances. They rise in unison when introduced from what was to me, no where and out of the air, and in rows and columns of great density. In their ranks were several Seconaphim which had known Lucifer, and who had also known Caligastia, and they were there to testify as to their Rank and Order just how they were treated, and how they were commanded in the presence of Lucifer and Caligastia. They must have done so as required, for in a few minutes the mass of Seconaphim departed, and in their place arose another great Rank and Body, the Order of Seraphim, who also testified quickly and left. Another Order unknown to us on Urantia also arrived and testified in like manner as those did who preceded them. It was at this point that I confide with you that I began to wonder if I was eaves dropping on something I should not witness, perhaps never, or perhaps in some future eternity where I would be welcomed and part of the furniture so to speak.

As soon as the unknown Order left the Court, I was approached by a Seconaphim who knew my future well enough to remind me that I have an obligation to hear and see what happens these days to help place the record on the universe archives for the perspective of Urantia and its accord before the Judges on its day of Judgement for the approaching Magisterial Mission. I felt quite humbled, and was glad to sit back and to stop worrying over my appearance at such a high proceeding of the Gods themselves taking on their work of preservation and rehabilitation.

Now I must introduce what I thought would scare me if I ever had the chance to look at true sin in bodily form. Like most humans, I dislike touching contamination, and to me evil and sin are the epitome of the hate Caligastia felt for our Creator Son; the genuine contamination of love that made even the most noble feelings become grotesque. In the animal part of my mind I could feel myself edging into the fear that this malevolence could invade my sense of honor and dispose of my love for the Creator. I had to refocus my mind as a dark silence of the chamber now filled my mind too. We all felt it in the gallery. In came Caligastia.

Caligastia moved like an old man. He was wearing what looked to me like a long vestment down to about the knee level; it was black in color with a red weave of flower-like figures running down where I would have placed buttons. He shuffled as though he was tired, and he behaved perfunctorily before the Magistrates, the Jurors, and the Authorities assembled there. I say he looked tired, but that is an understatement, and while I have no direct knowledge of what he looked like before hand, I do have the statement of General Eisenhower in anticipation for our use in the future. I digress briefly to tell you what the General said about Caligastia that night in Germany.

In that description by General Eisenhower spoken to me last year, I recall him being shocked at how disheveled the devil looked that night he sat in his study, at a home of a high official of the Nazi government he had requisitioned without harm to them, and having caught what I believe to be exhaustion of a day of campaigning to take Germany down into total defeat, the devil, Caligastia, appeared above the grand marble mantle in the poorly lit study.

Caligastia was dressed in a poorly fitting uniform of gold and blue. In his right hand was a letter he wished Eisenhower to sign in which the General would state that all territories of Germany and of the Ruhr were to be ceded to the Europeans in exchange for the right of passage of Hitler and his entourage on the midnight of May 28, 1945, a date fixed by Caligastia as the probable end of the war and surrender. The General thought for a moment, and the steel of command flooded his heart as he trembled with rage that Caligastia should even suggest to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Armies, to duck his responsibilities and to unilaterally forgive the Nazis anything for the horror they perpetrated on humanity.

General Eisenhower noted that the right arm of Caligastia shivered, and was almost out of control as he rigidly contained his retribution against the General he determined then to hate. Caligastia, according to Eisenhower, did not blink, but he swayed just enough for the General to understand he had dealt a blow against this individual that hurt deeply.

I must explain as best I can on behalf of General Eisenhower, that he knew not this to be a devil or Caligastia, but only some apparition that dared to counter his love of God for a mere trinket of wealth to betray the Allies and to bring down Germany without so much as slap on the wrist to let Hitler and the death-dealing goons he loved around him to escape.

I now return to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Ancients of Days.

In my elocution of these events, I must not forget the appearance of Gabriel this day, for his worth is his defense as an eloquent speaker. Several times as Caligastia rose to speak, Gabriel held him back with the invective of a wounded lion that would not brook any idea of escape by any means. We use the term “to nail an opponent” to mean the verbiage sticks into the hide of the wrongdoer as a dart would pin a flea. Here in this Court I could see the anger and the invective that abounds in our court rooms when great wrong is shown to be justified by petty excuses of self-denial by the perpetrator. Here on Uversa on this day of great judgmental drama, Caligastia finally shambled to the podium, and began his soliloquy of excuses which he said he reluctantly had to react to with rather harsh measures, but none were designed to harm anyone but Michael. He did not hide his hatred for Michael or Gabriel in any way.

As I thought we had come to the end of the proceedings just before Caligastia was to speak, a light shone once more on Gabriel. The light was now amber and not that beautiful blue I described to you earlier. In that amber light, Gabriel dissolved before my eyes and was seen no longer through my optic nerve. I did not feel he had gone, but I did feel that the affront of being in the same space with Caligastia so disturbed the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon, that he choose to excuse himself from visible attributions so that the record would not show his deep disdain for the evil that Caligastia represented to him.

I then was stuck by another change of light over where Gabriel was officiating, and instead of the amber light described above, I beheld a glowing white light high above in the ceiling, and a voice from somewhere announced that before Caligastia was to speak, the Paradise Trinity wished to behold the Lanonandek Son in the dock. Caligastia looked up into the light and fell what appeared to me to be ill. He looked back down to his place at the podium and remained silent.

That silence spoke to everyone. It was the silence of shame. Everyone of us felt it with him knowing full well it was the light of truth and he flinched so hard the light would not penetrate the essence of the divinity Michael gave him at his personalization ceremony so long before.

The light of the Trinity holds no anger, but it holds the death ray of hope for those who sinned against God, and who would continue to sin against God should they have another chance to do so. God saw this plainly and clearly that moment, and Caligastia knew he failed the test of normal and routine error, but had descended into the depths of iniquity from which there is no escape except death.

In Michael’s chair, still lit from above with the white orb of God over him, there was removed a moment of thought from the Creator Son, which was placed upon everyone of us in the court room that moment. I immediately felt the blush of mercy we all experience when the love of God descends upon us and we can not speak such is its power to transform the routine operation of the mind into the divine mind of Christ. No one could speak in that court that moment as the desire of God to save Caligastia was almost extinguished except by the love of the Creator Son for his Lanonandek Son and who had created his life to rule over planets and stars of universes yet to be born.

If I could, I would have knelt where I was and prayed to God that this beastly representation of a once proud Divinity and Son of God was about to be shorn of his life for ever after, be somehow mercifully saved if there was one shred of a doubt of his worthlessness as a leader and as a person. I could not hold my grief either, and though I beheld this trial through the prism of a playback experience, it was so real, I cried for the entire misanthropic mess placed on the shoulders of God to force him to contemplate the death of one of His Own. For this experience to see it happen as it happened, I can thank Michael to have seen and felt the depth of depravity and the love that would not sustain it any longer, and I recommend that all who study the Lucifer Rebellion keep in mind that God is Mercy before He renders judgement as harsh as death. But Caligastia flinched and he lied and he cheated not only Michael, but the followers of spirit on high and even the Father himself, when he destroyed a magnificent star in Nebadon to prove that he knew the secret of the means to even destroy a monarch of light for the sheer pleasure of daring Father to give him a trial he could not escape from. That trial was now, and Caligastia was not escaping chains, he was losing his fight to live.

I am not allowed to describe what happened next, but I will say that the original podium Caligastia was to use, turned dark and no light shone upon its surface. Over this podium there briefly flared flames of unknown origin and they died where they stood. Caligastia walked to it now and seemed unaware of the light display we saw in the court.

I now place upon the record the last testimony of Caligastia as a person of the former rank of Planetary Prince of Urantia, or as Caligastia would put it, “I am the Commander of last resort and it is to the last resort I attend to saving my life.”


My (Scribe) notes before the speech begins:

Caligastia was an apostate Son because he never quite understood the issue that sovereignty is inherent in the Father and his Coordinates. Why, he reasoned, can I not be my own authority if I choose, and reign as others do above me? He saw no reason to doubt himself, but he doubted all others to make the right choices for what he took to be his sovereign responsibility. In many ways any parent of any son like Caligastia, human or divine, must sooner or later take from such a child the dangerous prerogative of self exclamation without temperament by the wisdom of experience and experiential knowledge of the greater things in creation that underlie the rule of God. Caligastia actually seems to be blind to any reasoning that the creation is not just his to order.

The answer seems to be that the ambition that Caligastia had was to be the Chief of his kind, and that it was likely it could happen, but he was no way prepared to enter the superuniverse arena at this time without training by the Ancients of Days to learn energy control and spiritual assent without probation to be fostered upon the lower orders of spirit and humanity whom he seemed to disdain.

Rather than berate what Caligastia did not know, we assume he knew enough to say he did not want God to interfere with his plans so long as he was free to carry them out on Urantia. The probability of a Master Universe becoming “absolute” likely never crossed Caligastia’s mind, as the Lanonandek Sons are not trained to learn abut probable futures, but only how to govern a growing spiritual community of planetary-born humans. In this manner in particular, Caligastia wanted to go beyond the design of a Lanonandek Son to become well-nigh perfect in the legislatures of the budding growth of humans on new planets and to rule more than one or a few hundred planets placed at his disposal. Was this God’s flaw of opening a universe to gaze upon and then tell Caligastia he could not touch it? Did Caligastia find in his heart of hearts that he was being teased or dared to take what was off limits to most? Did resentment build because there was no one to tell him that life on an inhabited planet was precious too, and that nothing else mattered when it came to performing a duty assigned, that it be done well, and with full cooperation with the spirit administrators placed along the way to consult?

The Planetary Princes are well endowed with almost dictatorial powers in Satania as a way to lessen the burden on the System Sovereigns, but when the System Sovereign was Lucifer, there was a loss of cooperation and in its place was the conspiracy of rule that disallowed the Creator of All to participate on Urantia and to lead the rest of the insurrectionist planets into total oblivion that only benefitted Lucifer and the apostate Planetary Princes.

I also wonder if Caligastia ever gave a thought to the spiritual condition of Nebadon at the time he became unhappy? Was it ever a consideration by either Lucifer or Caligastia that Michael had not yet finished his preliminary work to establish himself as unquestioned authority in Nebadon? To look upon Michael as an intercessor for Caligastia’s obsession with power would have only made matters worse for the Creator Son, as he held no particular view of power until he knew himself how to exercise it fully within the Father’s will. That knowledge is bestowed upon a Creator Son when he ascends to full sovereignty to his local universe, and the rebellion predated that ascension by a quarter of a million years.

I am not able to flush out the business of governance of a local universe as I hardly know what judge to vote for on a local election ballot, but I am aware enough of the politics of power in business, that the complications of running an organization, if it becomes politically motivated rather than team progression oriented, the whole enterprise is unpleasant to work in and it collapses soon enough on its own weight of pointless arguments about who does what. Is this not what snared Caligastia and the whole troop that ran Satania? Lucifer or maybe I should say, the System Sovereign should have put a stop to it immediately, but then we had Lucifer mixing a pot of spoiled cabbage even before Caligastia began whimpering about his prerogatives for Urantia and just what limits he had to let loose the dogs when he felt he had to.

I opened the entire discussion to Michael in these remarks, and he spoke to the problem below.

In my discussions with Caligastia (Michael speaks), I had no problem understanding his dislike of me and what he considered my interference, but I did not have the time to worry over how he worked it out. I had Lucifer to work that out with Caligastia, and I had Gabriel and a legion of angels well suited to explain the matter at hand. In his discussions with me, I had nothing to do with his anger over how Urantia was so backward the Son in charge could not see his way clear to pretend that such was a passing phase of direction based on Life Carrier designs that were slow to kick in.

In my estimation, Urantia is tardy more for it being seized by an illegal government from Jerusem than it suffered at the hands of a Life Carrier design that held little promise for rapid development of the human races on Urantia. Caligastia was directly responsible for the Adam and Eve debacle that ended in their disgrace and my discovery that I held little account for what happened to them, except to note it was Caligastia pressing an advantage they were helpless to heal within themselves. But I digress.

Caligastia was hardly a student of the stars. He regarded me as an apostate Creator Son, and I never fully understood what happened to change his mind so completely that he held council with Lucifer before he came to me for explanations of what perplexed him about Urantia. In this I hold him harmless, but in all other matters, I condemn him without mercy, and have finally realized there was nothing I could do to turn the situation into something better than what actually happened to him.

While the Caligastia betrayal was un-necessary, it was also harsh on all concerned from the Creator Son on down to the ranks of the Melchizedeks then resident on Urantia. In their estimation, had I sent Caligastia packing immediately, I would have lost nearly a tenth more than I did to the rebellion. In my own estimation I ran afoul of two principles I have learned to stick to whatever else happens, and that is that any future betrayal to the Father will be dealt with summarily and second, no one will ever leave Urantia with the idea that I erred before the Father in heaven in dealing with the rebellion.

I wish now to turn to the statement Caligastia made before the Ancients of Days in the trial brought against him by Gabriel of Nebadon.

The Past Voice of Caligastia

[Scribe: As this is introduced to me, I must worry no one that it is the live voice of Caligastia, the devil, as some call him, of Urantia. Caligastia, in human terms, is dead, and so is his boss Lucifer, and thousands more unknown to the human histories on Urantia and who participated to help Caligastia become the dominant spirit disrupter on Urantia during the height of his power in the historical era of World War II. I am allowed to transmit a recording from Uversa of his voice while he stood in the docket of the Supreme Unction Circle– that is what they call the box those accused of high crimes where life and death are at stake, and where they stand and give their reasons for their actions. The Uversa Ancients of Days of Orvonton give their permission gladly to put this speech on the record anywhere it can be reproduced in its entirety. The speech runs a few pages and Michael of Nebadon has personally seen to it that its record be seen by all on Urantia.]

Transmission of the Audio of Caligastia’s Explanations To The Supreme Court of Uversa

I am Caligastia. I represent the last of the few who remain of my ilk who destroyed Urantia for all time that it not be used to favor Michael of Nebadon any longer.

In my work with Urantia, I have no reason to hide the choices I made to make sure Urantia would never become a destiny planet for anyone, human or spiritual, and that I would see to it that there never would be a place to hide my insurrection against Michael or otherwise care for Michael of Nebadon ever again. I detest his presence. I hate his name. And I like nothing he did or will do in the name of a useless Father who sees nothing but his children of time as peerless subversion of the master plan to exonerate children who know nothing.

I am Caligastia, and I give you my word that nothing I bear is more painful for me than to have lost the last great war on Urantia to the one called Eisenhower. He is a molly coddle of usurpation of power for good which he believes he serves under a President of the United States that has nothing to give mankind but the detestation of its virginal love for the good of the people and the wellness of a nation he believed was under God’s benevolent protection. I care little for Eisenhower as a person; I care little for Truman whom he served under after the death of Roosevelt, and I detest the little people who ran around the world seeking its revenge through nuclear power and who drained resources out of America at an alarming rate! I sought to stop this mill bug from chewing its way through the work of God, they say, and when I sought to disrupt the nation of ill will against it, I learned that the Father on a place they call Paradise, refused my name for the last time and decreed that I must stand trial with common criminals who often stand in this docket before my Judges today.

In my heart of hearts, I decreed that no man would overcome me if I had any control over the situation if possible. In this I am destroying my own reverence for power, as I have repeatedly spoken no more on the subject until I am clear in my intention before you.

I hate the Creator Son. He has moved Nebadon against the people who populate it, and who have never heard the word freedom as it was supposed to be used everywhere in time and space. I live the days when Caligastia, as I was called then, stood for the preeminent word of the Lord on high, but later, the destructive voice of a Creator Son who has gone mad with the sense of pride he accuses me of.

In my work on Urantia, I asked that several things be done for Urantians before the insurrection occurred in the days of the magnificent illustrator of charm and compassion, Lucifer. Lucifer was my charge at one time, but he rose to the power of a System Sovereign, and as a System Sovereign, he was charged to understand not one world that I had under my control, but over 600 worlds that had the temerity to return love and affection to Michael of Nebadon for doing nothing to help the System become self-governing! I resent being told that I had nothing to do with the last will and testament of Michael as he lay dying on the Cross that terrible day of retribution against the human form of the Creator Son. I had a lot to do with it! I spent five years of his life at the end to see to it that the Jews would find him wanting and that they would destroy this animal form I though degraded the entire mechanism of Justice on Urantia and for Urantia.

In my work on Urantia at the time of the Cross, I was asked by Gabriel to let him pass before me and order a salute of the universe to the work of the Creator Son on Urantia. I denied Gabriel that choice, and I further stipulated that nothing could be done further to see to it that Michael’s body be used as a sepulcher of reward for future spirit-led incarnations on Urantia. In my work on Urantia in the days the immediately followed the death of Jesus, I spoke with a few of the apostles, and even they spurned me as though I was aping a day of infamy that would never occur on Urantia. I spoke to others of the same persuasion you now know as Paul, the Last Apostle, and to Peter in Rome, and they all spurned me as though I were some kind of trickery of thought that never should be heard.

I proceeded out of Rome and in my way I dressed shabbily when I made myself visible to historical figures to show that I was not harmful, but of good standing with spirit in my own defense. When I appeared to Eisenhower just after the bridge at Remagen had been crossed, he chewed me out for even suggesting he throw his weight behind me as his army advanced to the Rhine to take what I assumed would be Berlin, but even there he reneged on his pledge to his superiors in spirit, and spat upon the idea of Russian dominance, but allowed them to advance for the pleasure of taking Berlin themselves.

The Russians never thanked me for their part in the parade of power on the surrender on VE Day as humans call it on Urantia. I hated Eisenhower for his prowess and for his gratitude to God for allowing victory over an insatiable catastrophe that Nazism represented, but I was determined not to allow Americans to become a dominant world power ever.

My destiny as Commander of Urantia was over. I knew that. But I did not know that Michael of Nebadon was to command American independence as though it was a bastion of freedom it said it was. America was overrun by plutocrats and nay-sayers of the worst kind, and who hated America as a way to run the rest of the world. The plan to resurrect Europe was over-sized and mounted on a wobbly structure called the United Nations.

I speak now of the work I left undone on Urantia.

Michael of Nebadon was never my friend, and mostly my foe. I detest the Creator Son beyond all means at my disposal to make life difficult for him, and I would have preferred to make it impossible for him to do as he wished to do on Urantia.

In my work that should have continued on Urantia, I wanted to see to it that America become diminished in its power, and lost to the world of Justice as it was applied in those days on Urantia by the Urantia Supreme Court established in 1951. In that Court, I was deposed officially as the Commander of Urantia and placed on temporary probation pending the trial on Uversa brought against me by Gabriel of Nebadon. There, I was summoned by the Ancients of Days to appear on Urantia in the docket and ask for forgiveness pending the trial on Uversa many decades later. I hated the Creator Son enough to demand that he attend my court appearance, and in retribution against me, he signed my death warrant by demanding that I appear on Uversa forthwith and make my appeal directly to the attending jurisdictions in that court forthwith. I refused that invitation only to be cleaved in two by the Ancients of Days who forbade me to speak publically until I would receive them on high on Salvington where I was to be trussed and gagged until delivered there by angelic transport.

In 1974, the calendar used on Urantia and to which I have become acclimated to, I was transported to Salvington to learn my fate as far as Michael of Nebadon was concerned. I learned that Michael was applying to the Ancients of Days to have me seized for all time and placed in proximity to Lucifer who was already on Uversa at this time being held prisoner. If Michael of Nebadon had his way, I would have become a festering sore on the good name of Urantia for all time, but I stopped the proceedings by promising that no one would leave me alone if I did not allow at least one voice in to support my contention that the universe above me was not allowing Justice, but a travesty of minor complaints to prevail against me.

I asked the Court on Salvington to address the larger issue of universe sovereignty.

The Court replied I had no right to bring this to the attention of the authorities. I countered that the Court on Salvington had in its jurisdiction all they needed to bring any subject they wished to the attention of the attending authorities, and that they should do so at once. In my lesson before the Court, they told me that the jurisdiction before the Court on Salvington was under the gracious command of Michael of Nebadon, and I retorted that I had seen better examples of chiding and overbearing behavior on Urantia than I was seeing here on Salvington.

Salvington courts are never easy to understand. I am a Lanonandek Son of great standing before this sorry mess of an insurrection ruined my career, and in terms of human consumption, my health has failed me as a spirit led raconteur of first standing among my peers. I fought hard to keep Michael from tampering with my issues as a Commander of a Planet as I wish to be known as. I am aware the revelatory story on Urantia called my position as Planetary Prince, but that is a fairy tale I gladly relinquish to the ages to undo and destroy.

In my work as Commander, I had two difficult assignments, and they were not to be chosen by me, but handed to me on my charge from Michael and the Creative Spirit. In those two charges were included the advice and counsel of Michael of Nebadon should I need advice and counsel. I never did, as I relied on Lucifer to provide me guidance when the difficulties I faced became so difficult I could not attend to other matters under my care. Lucifer counseled me willingly and fully and I was able to make adjustments on Urantia in accordance with his demands that Urantia be treated as a full partner in the System of Satania in which he ran as a Commander like myself. In his heart, Lucifer was merciful when it came to regarding the human population as backward and retarded, much more than on most planets, because there was added to this particular population of humans a retarding mechanism that kept them developing well or quickly without adding a lot of time to see to it. In this I concurred, and wondered why the Life Carriers kept Urantia humans at bay when they developed the need for power in nation states. I asked the Chief of Life Carriers why such was the case, and He replied that the issue of development was not an issue for the Planetary Prince. I retorted that such development, such as it was, was so slow as to bring me to the point I cared very little about humans over which I was placed.

When I had reached the thirty-third millennia of my reign as Commander, I was approached by Lucifer to carry a message to Michael we both agreed upon should be spoken to the Creator Son. It stated that if we were to remove Urantia from the worlds of Satania and place it in another jurisdiction, would the Creator Son aver to such an idea?

Michael replied quickly. He said I was to be reprimanded for suggesting that a world like Urantia should be moved from one jurisdiction to another, and that to do so would set a precedence he did not care to establish. I sent back a reply on my behalf and included Lucifer in its copy, that I would agree to such a distinction should I revert to a normal Lanonandek Son, if he would please release me from the present charge that I oversee the planet for human development, and allow me to serve Lucifer as one of his Lieutenants on Jerusem. I never heard back from Michael of Nebadon concerning this request and wondered if the message ever was received in the first place?

In about a fortnight, I received the recommendation from Gabriel of Salvington that I was to become a Planetary Prince with the unusual power to resist changes that Lucifer suggested to me in our conversations about universe authority. Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel said, was concerned that I held too much rancor for the Creator Son, and that I had too much power when aligned with the work of Lucifer to be able to continue as Urantia’s Commander, or as he put it, as Urantia’s Planetary Prince. I delivered my response almost immediately as Gabriel stood there in all of his finery as Chief Counsel to the American ideal of freedom. I spoke tartly as I was unhappy, and I said to Gabriel, that the danger for Uversa was that I was ready to take matters into my own hands if Michael refused to speak to allow some discussion about the future of Urantia in Satania.

Michael of Nebadon received Gabriel’s report and it was said that Michael was counseled by Gabriel that I was close to insurrection on Urantia. This was not true as it did not enter my mind in those days, but what did enter into my mind was the need to speak to Lucifer about the impending showdown with the universe in general about how I was to govern a planet I considered so backward that it was an exercise in futility to continue in my present post. In this matter, I considered Michael of Nebadon to be slow to accept what I needed was unusual and at the same time precedent setting. I received no satisfaction from anyone and later, when Lucifer came to Urantia for the expressed purpose of asking for my support in his choice to remove the System from the jurisdiction of the Constellation Fathers, the Most Highs, he refused to speak at all to the question.

In my concern for Urantia elders on the planet who shall remain nameless, I was placed on probation by the Council of Twenty-Four, an organization that represented the special requests of Michael after he left Urantia for Salvington to renew his sponsorship of his dislike and disdain for me. I was placed on probation because I had nothing to say regarding the bestowal and the work of the Most Highs regarding the status of Urantia once Michael’s term in the flesh was over. I then began thinking about what I could do to further the stewardship of Lucifer over Satania and helped myself to the prevailing attitude of Michael that all things need to be disclosed . I therefore began writing a new principle I released as the heartless version of the King James Bible and called it The Hour of Return, which no longer exists as it was purged out of extraction from the growing literature that would become the original Bible after the death of Jesus.

In my work to purge the name Jesus off the planet, I sought to disembowel the New Age as well by portraying the books that came out from time to time that showed me as nefarious and Jesus as the King of all that is Good, and I took umbridge that the House of Cards that Lucifer built was no longer useable on Urantia. I now refer to the bookends that are represented by the Melchizedek Receiver, Machiventa Melchizedek and his companions known as the other eleven Receivers. In this I was granted no time to recompense the trial that was placed on my shoulders by Machiventa Melchizedek, and to this day, I disdain his actions as a Melchizedek who should have known better than to institute race relations as a guide to normal living on Urantia.

In my final adjudication before the Courts of Salvington, I was given two reasons for my arrest.

1) I held no compunction to re-advise my mortal charges of their right to ever-lasting survival;

2) I gave no reason to anyone for my actions to digest the Bible on Urantia as a keen observance of human nature but utterly devoid of spiritual sense to anyone who knew the true status of the universe and its organization.

In this it was decided that I should remain unnecessary on Urantia for all further time and that I was to be purged of my life style immediately. Up until then I was allowed to roam Urantia freely and do my work as I saw fit. Then I was allowed to hold conferences with those in spirit who supported Lucifer and myself in the work being done on Urantia. I held that nothing I did was wrong and only that I insisted that the world war (II) would be remembered for atrocities I did not commit nor did I support.

In my final statement before you my peers and my superiors, I suggest to you that I hold nothing in heart against Michael for now, but that I hold him in contempt of all that is grand and glorious in the life of a Son born to the grandeur of Salvington. I display distaste for stories about a Paradise no one reports on, and I dislike the idea of a potentate the size of the Ancients of Days, which are conceptualized meanings of Justice I adjure. Nothing in my heart or in my mind in those days of the rebellion was purposefully evil, although I attempted to decide the fate of mortals I considered irrelevant to the higher causes of the universe. In this my final days before the Courts of The Ancients of Days, I admit to fault in one area only, and that is to the idea that I could bring Justice to a System of planets that was already deteriorating so badly from the lack of oversight from Salvington, that I was ready to throw in the towel and begin anew as a free-born mortal if that could be arranged.

In 1975, by the present Urantia calendar, I was asked to vacate the planet on my own volition. I refused. In 1978, I was asked to renew myself before the interior departments of Salvington to apply for mercy if I could muster the view that I had done wrong. I, today, stand before my Judges stating that I never will provide the Courts or the powers on Paradise any sense of my feeling wronged on Urantia except to say that I was led down a path of excruciating policy decisions I could no longer tolerate until I understood the universe policy for restating the ideals of freedom that would have allowed me to continue on Urantia indefinitely.

In my heart of hearts I know nothing of the rebellion other than what occurred on Urantia for 250,000 years in round numbers, and of those numbers, only the last twenty-five were of any note to me as I have nothing to hide in my appearances before General Eisenhower, President Truman, and even the followers of Christ in those days in San Salvador and other South American locations. In my heart of hearts there was no necessity for my removal before I was finished with my work on Urantia as it pertains to the energy grid which Michael forced on Urantia to keep those morontia souls alive while they remained planet bound. I detest and hate the work Michael did to save worthless beings who could never be anything but the lackeys of the Gods on high.

Now that I have reached the end of my time in the universe, as I have determined that I will be found guilty and bound over to the work of Michael on Urantia which in some cases I regret and disdain forever that it be done. I will negotiate no longer, and I will profoundly discharge my duties as a Lanonandek as far as my life proceeds. In this final farewell to Urantia I stand ready to commit my anger and my angst to the devil’s own play ground, the United States of America.

I rest my case.