2014-01-11-Expanding in Consciousness

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Topic: Expanding in Consciousness, Human Energies & Experiences of Jesus

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re very grateful to be here today to open ourselves in faith, in trust, and to receive from you what you share with us. We welcome this opportunity to come together as your children, and we thank you for providing to us what you know we need to help us to continue to grow in your love and in the Father’s WILL. Thank you for our heavenly brothers and sisters who come into these circuits of our being to upstep us and help us. May your will be done. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my children, this is Michael! Peace be upon you! You and your planet are moving into a field of energy that is designed to upstep the consciousness of the planet as a whole. As you know, during this time of correction the circuits that were severed at the time of the rebellion have been gradually been reinstalled, and provisions have been made by myself and your Mother to supply you with ample spiritual helpers to awaken to the deeper and greater part of your nature.

Now that these circuits are properly in place, there is another upstepping soon to occur that will seem in your minds to activate certain potentials that have been seeded within you to implement more of the Father’s WILL in your own life and into the planet’s fabric of consciousness at large. Some of this has been gradually occurring over these early years of the Correcting Time, and now it is deemed appropriate that more upstepping is not only necessary, but that the conditions are ripe for this to occur.

In your coming to us today in this forum, your Mother and I invite you to continue to open yourselves to us through your desire to grow in spirit and to serve in this time of transformation. As we have shared with you in the past, the potential that you have and are now growing and achieving is something that your indwelling Father Fragments desire for you. It is a matter of collaborating with the Spirit within you in a more dynamic and conscious manner. What we provide to you is a catalyzing energy to support your growth, to sustain your development, and to continue to nurture you upon this path.

So in saying this to you today, it is merely the preliminary information for you to open and to retain that attitude of childlike faith that we may continue to impart to you more of what is necessary for you to achieve these higher levels of awareness of the Father’s presence in your minds. So relax. Adjust your thoughts to the Father within. Hold that attitude of childlike faith and trust in us, and allow what we share with you to move into your beings. Let us begin. (Pause)

Each one of you is being called into action—spiritual action. This is a level of understanding that moves you out into your material life in a more positive, dynamic, and loving manner. When you receive from us as your Parents, you will always be supplied with that which you need to be in this place of spiritual action. It is very helpful to gather in forums such as this to renew yourselves, for the energies are larger because it is coming in through the form of a group. You receive from us in your stillness practice on an individual basis, but there is a greater dynamism when you come together in a group setting such as this.

That is one of the reasons that group prayer is very effective because the energies are greater and you are learning what it means to be in more soulful collaboration with one another in the various prayer groups and transmission groups you join. So continue to receive, and at this point, feel your motivation to be in spiritual action throughout the day. What motivates you? Is it love for your world? Is it your desire to fulfill your potential? Whatever your motivation is, let that come forth, and let that help you gain more momentum in spiritual action. (Pause)

My love bathes this planet, yet there are so many of my children who do not know me, have not received me. and do not know where to access my love for them. Let this energy of SPIRITUAL ACTION move deeply through your systems of consciousness, that my love may activate you more and entice your brothers and sisters into a relationship with me.

As your Mother and I have instructed you in the past, you do not necessarily need to do this verbally with them, but to project that beam of love from your heart to theirs and invite me to speak into that individual’s heart the words I know they need to hear. So as you receive, know that you are gaining strength in Spirit. You are gaining power presence in the energies of LOVE, and they will be used to do great things in support of this planet’s transformation. This is one of the ways you are being prepared. I am preparing each one of you in mighty ways of which you may still be unaware. All I desire is your faith. You will learn to experience what you are capable of doing in the Father’s LOVE. So let you your hearts be light in this time of transition and transformation, and know that we joyfully invite you into co-creation with us. (Pause)

The other element that I wish to help you engage on a more regular basis in my human experience as your brother Jesus. I left many patterns of Father-centered living upon Urantia. Some of these patterns are now being activated, and the information and energies contained within these patterns are accessible by you. It is very helpful for you to focus on these patterns, not only during your stillness time, but in situations throughout your everyday activities. Ask for these patterns to harmonize with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As you do this, there is a very approachable human energy that will feed you and strengthen you for the tasks at hand.

My divine power as your Father is always available to you as is this circuitry of my human experience. Yet sometimes it is more apparent in your consciousness of the human energies that I deposited here for you to use. Take a few moments to focus on this circuit of my human life experience. Ask for it to harmonize with your own system of consciousness. Feel your desire to be with me: brother to brother, brother to sister—children of God living Godly lives on this very human material plane. (Pause)

I will leave you now, my children, but continue to focus on my presence as Jesus. Your Mother will step in and help you be more tightly woven into these energies, further harmonized in them. Have no fear! Release any doubts, and trust in the transformation of this world is well underway under my direction and guidance. Be in my peace, my children. It is always available to you. Good day.

NEBADONIA: My precious children, greetings to each one of you! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Yes, continue to allow these energies that your beloved Master so passionately and devotedly contributed to the fabric of Urantian consciousness. His was the perfected life, and each one of you is receiving a certain kind of frequency calibration that you may benefit from his personal presence as Jesus, your elder brother.

This will also help you achieve more synchronization with the Spirit of Truth that is your direct line of spiritual communication to your Father Michael. Through the circuitry of the Holy Spirit—my presence—more light, more love, more energy is being shared with you now that you may grow, and achieve certain potentials within your being you will actualize through your lives and daily experience. Continue to stay in that attitude of childlike faith as my presence moves in you now and helps you to imprint upon what we share with you. (Pause)

There is a wave of LOVE coming to the shores of Urantia. Many will be engulfed in this wave and it will, as you say, rock their world. We are helping you to be more firmly established in the waves and the ways of LOVE to hold you steadfast as these energies continue to upstep Urantia.

So glory and revel in what is coming, and know that it is not only a gift from us, but from the Father in Paradise Himself. For His love of this world is great, and His children of this world need this infusion now to truly heal with the world of its sorrows, its wounds, and to reclaim it in the victory of the divine plan being re-implemented. Many of you will face challenges that you have not yet experienced. You are being prepared. So drink deeply of these energies. Let them go into the most intimate places in your being. Let it penetrate into your cells. Let it penetrate to the deepest levels of your consciousness. Let it unify you in the Father’s loving ONENESS. (Pause)

As this wave comes to Urantia, it will fill you with joy! So to prepare you, in your mind’s eye focus on the word JOY, and let it rest gently in your hearts as you allow me to imprint more of my JOY upon what you are now focusing and co-creating. (Pause)

Soon you will experience a new kind of joy and it will be your delight. Your Father and I would wish for you to revel in this JOY and use it in dynamic co-creation with the Father who wishes to move you into more dynamic spiritual action. So you see, my children, you are well supplied, well equipped, and well prepared for the coming challenges of transformation. Together we move through these days of change one day at a time as more love is impressed upon the circuits of Urantian consciousness one more day at a time.


Now go forth boldly into the fields of transformation where you are guided, and allow that joy to stimulate your potential for spiritual action to be demonstrated each and every day. We are with you. You will not falter in your activities. We do invite you to keep your mind’s eye focused on us, and of course, the Father’s presence within you.

Let me embrace you one last time before I take my leave, and leave my kiss of delight upon your brow that you may perceive what is happening to you and to your world through the eye of Spirit. Mighty angels go before you, my children. Follow their lead, and enjoy how you are being uplifted into the realms of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE. Good day, my precious ones.