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Topic: Ultimatonic Data

Group: Serara.org


Teacher: Many

TR: Ron Besser

Session 1

Subject: Basic Ultimatonic Data

Johnny S asks the following questions to which we will have Monjoronson respond in the text below:

Johnny S: As we found in our Local Universe:

There are 100 different types of Ultimatons, each have unique characteristics and capacity (God´s Will) to know with whom they associate to form many different forms of electronic matter (Electron, Proton ....)

Of these 100 ultimatons, 22 are bosons (photon, Graviton, Gluon, Higgs A, Boson B, Hadron, Meson, Higgs Boson, Fermion ......)? . . .

Question A: Are the other 78 ultimatons . . . in other types of classifications?

Answer - The other 78 break down with the 22 bosons as follows:

22 are Bosons
17 are Leptons
54 are Electrons
19 are Ferrions

The total number of sub-particles is actually 112, and they are all made up of Ultimatons.

Of the 112 sub-particles only 8 are really Leptons and only 15 are only Ferrions

When subtracting out the odd non-Ferrions and the unusual Leptons we are left with 99 kinds of subparticles.

Where then is the 100th sub-particle that defines the use of all 100 Ultimatons?

The answer lies in the God-centered use of Ultimatons on Paradise. Paradise has only 100 different kinds of Ultimatons but carries one less type because the 100th Ultimaton sub-particle creation is not available in the time-space universes.

We also wish to notify the reader that the odd behavior of certain Leptons and Ferrions is due to the presence of the Unqualified Absolute within the rods. Normal behavior as Urantia scientists know them is due to the fact that the Unqualified Absolute (God’s will) does not direct Ultimatons with only two blue rods.

Question B.

What are the names of all the sub-particles in our Local Universe?

Answer: (Monjoronson) We are not permitted to tell you the list of 99 sub-particles that exist in Nebadon. (Remember the 100th type sub-particle is found only on Paradise as Absolutum) We have given you the classification of the families (Leptons, Electrons, and so on), but the particular kind of sub-particle is not even fully classified on Uversa much less in our local universe. In other words, some types of sub-particles are not used in normal space in the local universe, so they are not revealed. We have to leave it at that.

Question C. How are [Ultimatons] classified and why? (Eg, speed, axis tilt ...).

Answer: (still Monjoronson throughout these answers)

1 - Tilt
2 - Revolutionary Speed
3 - Height of Temperature Expansiveness (how high can they be heated)
4 - Merge Rate (how quickly they can be moved to make a sub-particle)
5 - Determination of Length of Ultimaton (some are longer than others)
6 - Rods and their numbers inside
7 - Types of Bases: Do they have a Beauty Base or a Boson Base? and what is their attendant base

stability?(Explanation: A Beauty Base is a base that has no reliable self definition and is displayed on our oscilloscopes as a splash of rose or a splash of pale blue, depending on their rod status. A Boson Base is determined by their density and their weight according to the plasma definition used within the inside rods.)

8 - Case Extension Type (Not all Ultimatons are case enclosed although all are protected by the heat

shield attached when they enter time-space. We call cases that are open “extended”; cases that are closed are simplified by name and are called “Closed”)

9 - Thoroughly Closed
10- Fairly Open

(These last classifications on this list are also classified as being thoroughly closed or fairly open which are sub classifications we will not get into further).

Question D: The electronics matter is the result of the association of various types of ultimatons, A.

In our local universe the minimum is 50 and the maximum is 100,000, or less?

Answer: The minimum number of sub-particles in a superuniverse is 50

Answer: The maximum number of sub-particles in the Grand Universe is 350

Answer: The maximum number of sub-particles in the Master Universe is not revealed but believed to be about 10,000.

Question E: For our local universe the maximum number of associated ultimatons is already defined?.

Answer: Yes. And that number is actually 99 and not 100 as explained above.

Question F: Generally [there] are 10 variations of the electron. [These are assumed to be of] the same type of ultimaton . . . . What is the name of this ultimaton?

Answer: It has no general name in the local universe. On Paradise it is called Absolutum (see the Urantia Book for its description)

Question G: Does this Ultimaton . . . [associate] with any of the bosons?.

Answer: No. Electrons are Electrons and they do not associate with anything but atoms that need electrons.

Question H: . Is the minimum amount of ultimatons in an electron . . . 100 Ultimatons (Lepton) and the maximum is 110 Ultimatons?

Answer: There are a total of 50 types of electrons. Electrons vary in weight from 100 kwmv (kilowatt micro volts) to 5,000 kwmv. That means there are from 50 Ultimatons in one electron (an electron you have not discovered) to 1,000 Ultimatons in an electron your science calls Mega Electrons or Heavy Water Electrons in Deuterium.

Johnny S: now provides a list of matter he speculates about and Monjoronson replies: Monjoronson: see Question A which discusses what you are trying to state below. Numbers are correct in the response to Question A) and we do not have time to show you why you are incorrect in the lists below.

[Ron: Johnny S. provides more of a list that is primarily a tally of his own thinking and we have deleted it to maintain clarity (Ron: See the original post to see Johnny’s list. We remove it here because it can confuse a reader with suppositions incorrectly stated.)

  • Note for Readers and to me (Ron) to distribute this material per his request below.

Monjoronson: We have concluded our work for you today, Ron. We see there is avid interest in this entire subject of the Ultimaton. We therefore respectfully request that all material interests in this subject be played over the internet in your BCC List as Q and A and sent out to them. We are unable to determine who is listening to these Q&A sessions, but we suspect we are being followed avidly by foreign nationals and even American interests. We wish to make this material available to all and invite ALL interests including Governments and Science Foundations to respond to the Q&A with their own Questions. They will be answered.


  • The Prince of Peace
  • Michael of Nebadon
  • The Prince of Mercy
  • Monjoronson, Urantia’s Magisterial Son

Session 2

  • January 08, 2014
  • 2100 EST USA
  • From the Discussion List at https://forum.serara.org/index.php
  • Welmek: Chief of Educational Literature and Philosophy, Urantia Magisterial Mission

Subject: Rapier Sonics

Space is folded and if you know how to use the folds you can make great speed to your destination. Humans can not make use of the folds unless they know how to fold their ships with skins of light known as rapier sonics. New term here "rapier sonics". Rapier sonics are treble-type ultimatons that can be painted on a ship's skin and pass through orbits of electrons that bathe the folds of space. Without rapier sonics the ship meets obstacles of transportation known as sonic belts which prevent further penetration of that particular area of space.

Treble-type Ultimatons are transportation-type Ultimatons. You recall there are 100 kinds of Ultimatons? One kind is the type Rayson speaks to and is used for energy development. The Treble-type Ultimaton is larger than Energy-type Ultimatons, and when differentiated between the other types, is also much heaver than the energy-type described in Ron's papers. Energy-type Ultimatons have two rods, some one rod, others three rods, but none anywhere in the universe have four rods except those in the 4th outer space level where they do the work of energy dynamos. Energy dynamos are without heat or light and they spend their time in floating brigades of heart-shaped bosons. Heart-shaped bosons travel in a straight line and carry none other than forty thousand Ultimatons in liaison with other types of sub-particle energy - this happens only in the fourth outer space level.

Seraphim are spirit beings and therefore they pass through atomic and sub-atomic particles with ease. Morontia beings also can do this but not as well as spirit beings. Ron has correctly correlated the fact that when he is visited with Midwayers that they do not enter the room he is sitting in unless they need to. They can see Ron by looking through the folds of space they know about and are established around Ron's home and can converse with him and manipulate the environment if they needed to from a space point some thousands of miles distant from him but still on Urantia.

Session 3

  • January 08, 2014
  • 1930 EST USA
  • From Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four

Subject: Ultimatons and Urantia’s Unloving Pose Forbids Early Use

I am Master Spirit Ocilliaya [Master Spirit Number Four, Superuniverse Number Four called Lanterton]. I am the Voice of the Father-Son union and am the heart of the universe of love and goodness. The heart of the matter about this thread and this post is that [there is] less than 8 percent of the universe . . . devoted to science. Yet, on Urantia, the devotion to science is over 80 percent with the attendant distortions and loss of sanity about what they say and what they predict.

I predict that in seven years from today that all of Urantia will have heard of me, and that all of Urantia will be wondering just how they have gotten into the fix that they can not free energy because they do not know enough to use free energy.

Your corporations are finding themselves in a deep bind because energy demands are far ahead of the need of the people who use the energy. In this I, Ocilliaya, will let them be in their misery for a few more moments before the second Urantia Book becomes available. Then I will release the information required to portray The Father and The Son Union as a genuine help to science. So very few on Urantia do not understand that Ultimatons are a universe secret and that they must be treated as such or we will withdraw the possibilities for them to be used and let them remain fallow until an era of science appears on Urantia that CAN use them without benefit to clergy and Wall Street.

Our hearts bleed for Urantia. Ultimatons find no heart on Urantia large enough to fold them as they need to be folded. Their work as pre-energy is not to be understood on Urantia for decades, but in a few years, they need to be put to work. In this there will be prearrangement with Urantia individuals who can be trusted. I am Ocilliaya, and I commend this Scribe to his work.

Session 4

  • January 09, 2014
  • 1130 EST USA
  • Rayson and Christ Michael
  • [From the Scribe: I am hearing both Rayson and Michael speak at the same time!]

Subject: Ultimatons and Metals

To Inquiry on the Serara Discussion List:

Rayson: I am trying to understand your question concerning the Ultimaton element of your activity with manipulating metals to their boiling point. Let us just say, at least until I understand what you are trying to get at better, that metallic condensates have nothing whatsoever to do with changes in numbers or application of Ultimatons in your environment as you work with these metals.

Metals are nature's meaning of sub-atomic life behaving in predictable patterns of condensate matter and the Ultimaton content never is released by heating them. Only by removing their skins of electrons do you get at an Ultimaton in the material you are working with, and to remove the skins of metals you have to bombard them with gamma rays.

Gamma rays come about only by tremendous gravity pressure exerted on plasmas! So there is no way on Urantia to obtain a gamma ray machine unless you attempt to bombard metals with x-rays, but that is so dangerous do not ever go there.

Your interest in metals is genetic. You were given the talents to work with the condensate matter that Urantians call metals and they have an attraction to you because you may find that the last of the metallic elements to ever be discovered is coming. Be on the watch out for an atomic number beyond 200 for the surprise of life to scientists.

For those curious about the elements and their atomic numbers (that measures the number of protons in the atom) and atomic weight is the average mass of the atom averaging all of its common ions together to show the average mass or the atomic weight in a chart. The number of electrons in an atom is the same as its number of protons, and should an electron leave, the atom is called an isotope or ion of the same element. However if a proton leaves, the atom changes itself to another kind of element.

Here is a chart [deleted for length] showing all known elements and their atomic numbers and average mass. Hydrogen usually has only one proton and one electron and is usually represented as having an atomic weight of 1.00. But hydrogen has several ions which indicates a variation in the types of sub-atomic particles in the atom. Ever hear of heavy water? It is deuterium (a hydrogen ion or isotope) that has one electron, one proton (so far a normal hydrogen atom), but a neutron has come into the nucleus to form this isotope that acts like a big bubble of gas when it comes in contact with oxygen or other deuterium-type elements. Deuterium is formed when a bolt of lightning strikes a wet surface in a rain storm and some of the water is changed into a puddle of deuterium.

Craig’s question: In order to metalize (Ron: “metalize” means to strip off individual atoms from a sheet of atoms) rhodium (atomic number 45; i.e. 45 protons), you would need to bombard it with a hundred thousand megawatts of x-rays to change it into gold.

Science believes such is not possible (i.e. the pipe dream of the medieval period believing in something called Alchemy), but if one removes the so-called metal cover overlay that makes rhodium atoms huddle to together to form a sheet of it by splashing it with high octane x-rays for a certain duration, then those rhodium atoms are disassociated and scatter and destroy their cover or coherent bonding. When that happens, the Ultimatons are free to go and if certain power is applied one could change, at will, what element you wish to have in its place. The laws of the universe require that no information be given out before its time and that is why they dare not tell you how to do many things with what you are working with in your place of work.

Session 5

  • January 09, 2014
  • 1330 EST USA
  • From Christ Michael in response to Ultimaton Questions from a reader in Central America

Subject: The Nuts and Bolts of Ultimatonic Behavior in Atoms

Dear Ron:

I was reading the Urantia Book Paper 46 and some questions arose in my mind, I´d appreciate your response . . . .

1. Why is a mesotron heavier with 98 ultimatons than an electron with 100 ultimatons? (180 times heavier)

Michael of Nebadon: The answer lies in the fact that a mesotron has no support from God as a user of Ultimatons. The mesotron is an derivative of two bosons and their weight is higher than any given variety of an electron.

2. How many ultimatons has a proton, if is 2000 times heavier than an electron?

Michael of Nebadon: There are over 500 types of protons in use in the universe. Each uses a different style of proton expression and each type of proton uses a different combination of Ultimatons to construct them. Proton use of Ultimatons range from 50 to the simple atomic nucleus protons to over 100,000 Ultimatons in specific uses in the universe not found in Nebadon. The Urantia Book refers to the simple proton found in nuclear centers of common elements found in Nebadon.

3. How many ultimatons min and max, can be put together to get electronic matter?

Michael of Nebadon: Good question! the minimum number of Ultimatons is never less than 100 to form an electron and this may go up as high as 25,000 Ultimatons in the bosons that once were using electrons to spin their way through the space areas of the Grand Universe. We have no idea how the Father constructs outer space (especially level four) areas using Ultimatons, but Ron has informed all of you that the matter in outer space level four is far different than what is used in time space.

4. Are there present, at the same time, the 10 modified forms of the electron in a simple atom?

Michael of Nebadon: No, no atom has variations of their electrons in them. The basic electron contains one hundred Ultimatons, but some electrons can gain as many as 100 new Ultimatons or as a little as one extra Ultimaton which Ron reminds me Rayson calls them muons. Muons are electrons that have gained one additional Ultimaton in their construction.

5. Where is the mesotron?, jumping inside the proton and neutron?, How many Mesotrons in a Helium atom . . . ?

Michael of Nebadon: Good question! The mesotron (now called an anti-proton by science on Urantia today) is not found in the nucleus of the Helium atom at all! Rather, the mesotron or anti-proton is located in the outer shell of the electron belt around the nucleus. It hops back and forth to the nucleus and never stays in it and comes to rest briefly in the outer electron shell known to science as [shell] IV, I believe.

How many mesotrons are there in a Helium atom? [The answer is ] Four.

6. How . . . [many Ultimatons are there is a Mesotron?] and how do they jump from one to another particle? Does this cause either neutron or proton to lose any Ultimatons by the Mesotron making these jumps?

Michael of Nebadon: Another great question! Mesotrons are not electrons ever, but they are related. When a Mesotron jumps out of an atom, it leaves the atom entirely alone. When the electron jumps out of an atom from a distant outer shell, it shepherds changing itself into a Mesotron briefly before rejoining the atom it originally was part of. Not any of these sub-particles lose any of their Ultimatons unless they have an accident while temporarily living outside of the original atom they were part of.

7. A proton has more energy than an electron? Why?

Michael of Nebadon: That is not really answerable because the proton is self centered on its Ultimatons just as an electron uses Ultimatons, and these combinations are unpredictable as to how they will exhibit energy output. I can not answer the question with any definitive knowledge except for what I have just told you.

8. What defines the amount of energy in different types of electronic matter?

Michael of Nebadon: See my answer above Johnny. It is not explainable by physics but more by philosophy.

9. What is antimatter? Are they just different types of electrons or other electronic particles?

Michael of Nebadon: Antimatter is a verboten subject, meaning it has no classification on this side of Paradise but exists as a dangerous form of energy that has no real use by a Creator Son, Daughter, angel or other type of being anywhere in the seven superuniverses. Its presence is demarcated by the use of anti-protons which science loves to talk about but has no real idea that anti-protons are antimatter in a form useable by no one.

10. Question deleted.

11. What defines the electric charge in a sub particle? . . . . (Using a proton as an example)

Michael of Nebadon: A charge is defined by what a proton does with the Ultimatons in it. If the proton is using all of its Ultimatons to do its work, then the charge will be positive. If the proton is using less than all of its Ultimatons, the charge will be negative. Special uses of protons are by Creator Sons and they do not divulge how they use them except we note that they can alter charges within a proton by changing the number of Ultimatons put to use in the proton.

12. What makes an electron, negative, or a proton, positive, or a neutron, neutral?

Michael of Nebadon: Please see the above answer. These are excellent questions Johnny. . . . .

13. Question: Does the proton exist by itself, [meaning is the proton subscribed elsewhere as something else before becoming a proton.]

Michael of Nebadon: The proton exists by itself. It is the Mesotron that is built up by using Ultimatons both of the electron and the Positron in the nucleus of an atom of some element. A positron is not a proton but they are related because they both use Ultimatons that result in a positive charge. The positron results because it is used by the nucleus to balance extraneous matter impacts to the atom itself. The proton is only used for internal balancing of charges.

14. If the Mesotron maintains the stability of the nucleus, jumping from being a neutron to becoming a proton, then the nucleus of a hydrogen atom does not need a neutron because the mesotron is within the neutron, and this brings into existence the proton. Right?

Michael of Nebadon: No. The helium atom is built upon the premise that all charges are to be in balance. Heavy water, deuterium, composed of one additional electron in the hydrogen atom is an example of what we mean. H3 (deuterium) is balanced by a mesotron inside the nucleus appearing to be a neutron. Science thinks it is a neutron but it really is a mesotron (an anti-proton as they now call them).

15. In a helium core then I'll have 4 neutrons and two mesotrons? 4N+2M+2e= Helium

Michael of Nebadon: Not quite right. The mesotron is really helping the helium atom begin its revolutions around its counterparts (other helium atoms). The helium atom holds two parts electrons and two parts protons, but in the nucleus, the mesotron (anti-proton) works to keep the protons moving in and out of the atom so it does not revert to hydrogen. Write your equation this way 4Mesotrons) + 2Protons) + 4Leptons = 1 helium atom as it operates in our space area.


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All are encouraged to ask questions as we have opened a full court review of all the information found in the Urantia Book revelation and what additional information will be available in the Second Urantia Book to be published sometime in the next twenty years. That text is almost finished as of this date, and some of the revisions come from questions asked on the discussion form as shown in the link above.

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Machiventa Melchizedek: I am about to take on the major responsibility of become a Director of this planet’s spiritual organization as Chief of the Board that shall direct the Supreme Court and the day-to-day activities of the spiritual government on earth (Urantia). My duties as a Receiver for the Magisterial Mission will be immense and I look forward to the return of Michael who then will assume his duties as Planetary Prince, the Chief of all Urantia’s participation as a living and evolutionary planet of human souls.

The Master Spirit of Orvonton - I am Aya and I present one other facet to these notes. The Ultimaton is something I can attest to as the most important aspect for Urantia’s coming revival. Ultimatons should be used by all but we must await the Trinity’s concurrence that we may do so. I am a spokesman for the Paradise Trinty and I work pretty much alone in detailing their views; however, be advised that the Planetary Prince of Urantia will take his seat in the morontia Temple upon his return to Urantia, and it is then we expect the Trinity to rule on the use of Ultimatons on Urantia.

Michael of Nebadon: I am pleased we have a chance to speak at this point. I am naturally interested in any thing having to do with Ultimatons. I use them to build my architectural spheres including Salvington. Be aware I do not approve the use of Ultimatons on Urantia for now either, but I defer to my Father on Paradise as to his decision to allow them progress in technology I expect to introduce when I arrive on Urantia within the next twenty years. In this I am directed by Aya, Master Spirit Seven, who is also the Voice of the Paradise Trinity and The Supreme Being now resident in the outer circle adjacent to Paradise. It is their considered opinion that not all that has been removed from Urantia of the despicable Caligastia and his followers. In this I must remind the Scribe he carries no weight with me when there is a chance to remove the scourge while attempting to introduce Ultimatonic technology to industry and transportation to Urantia. I therefore do not rescind the liaison between the Science Officer and the Scribe, but do ask both to remain silent on the subject of Ultimatons without my expressed permission to release the data.

I have authorized the Scribe and the Magisterial Mission’s Science Officer and made my Directive to Monjoronson mention specifically the work of the Scribe and his work with Rayson. This Directive requires Monjoronson be attendant at all meetings between the Scribe and the Science Officer and that also includes meetings between the Scribe with Ramon, Jason, Hezlisbort, Daimon the Midwayer, and two or three others of Sonship Orders of an Unrevealed placement with the Science Team. The Scribe is well aware of who these individuals are if not now very soon as we must start descriptions of technical details to obtain Urantia licenses for electrical generators that burn nuclear waste safely. Ron is aware of what they entail, but the technical details must await the presence of Monjoronson to negotiate with sovereign-nation governments to bring them on line.

As spoken in a meeting today, these generators use a fluid bed of primary elements composed of radio active rods from the atomic power plants currently on line and from waste stations in the west, and some in salt mines. Radioactive waste is distributed throughout the rod being used to submerge into a pool of heavy water at a nuclear plant, and when they are withdrawn, they are dangerous and can cause death by radiation poisoning. The generators will fire up with the rods laying on the fluidized bed of chromium dioxide and other elements. This causes the rods to heat up to the point they turn to ash in low enough temperature to remove the ash without danger to workers. The ash is not radio active and can be used as potash on farms for fertilizer.

In preparing this FLURRY, I was hesitant about using the Scribe to discuss Ultimatons when I arrive on Urantia and the new generator as soon as we have permission to make the details known to some industry through persons we trust to deliver this information to them. However, tests show that we may and we will and the industry will be a power plant nearby known as Three Mile Island. That plant will not be decommissioned as currently planned.

We now close this FLURRY edition so the Scribe can get it out before it gets much later.

I am Michael of Nebadon, and may you feel the peace I offer all of Urantia.

Thank you. Ron Besser: