2014-01-19-Message for the Heart

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is your Father. I am contactable within your realm of consciousness, and I long to impart to you many things which will enhance the quality of your lives. You have direct access to higher minds of divine beings who are able to convey to you information about facts and facets of universe reality to help you see your life’s situations with fresh eyes, with forgiving hearts, and demonstrate compassionate actions.

When you come to me and ask me, as your Father, to guide you into a higher way of living, you provide me the open access to your consciousness for these thoughts to emerge within your awareness. You are exchanging your mind for the divine mind, and you start to develop the FAITH that builds your soul. You essentially acknowledge that something is occurring in your life that is beyond your understanding, and you need a better way of perceiving. Here is where I step in and reach into your mind to uplift you into the realm of spirit where all things of TRUTH reside. You are trusting me to help you understand reality, which is the act of faith that draws in divine help. I always respond!

Therefore, my beloveds, hesitate not to ask me to help you! I am your Father. It is my delight and joy to show you as my children what you need to learn. Train yourselves to use this part of your mental equipment known as the FAITH mind, and you will surely lighten your load of the burdens you place upon yourselves by trying to understand reality with your own human minds. Exchange your mind for my mind, and grow in the comprehension that liberates you!