2014-01-25-Q and A with Michael

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Topic: Q&A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this space you provide to us to receive you, your personality essence and your words of counsel and guidance. We open ourselves to you to receive you in the ways that you know we are capable of receiving. We thank you for your words to guide us to help us make sense of what is happening in our lives. We open our hearts to receive you now, and may your will be done.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children! This is Michael. During these times of change, you might find yourselves confronted with many conflicting thoughts and feelings running through your mental and emotional corridors. The outworkings of your planet’s system of consciousness forms the major component of the Correcting Time, especially in its early stages, when much needs to be outworked so that the new spiritual frequencies that you need to grow and to flourish are able to be perceived within your entire system of consciousness.

This transition period, as you might call it, provides you with the opportunity to perceive the inner workings of your minds and feelings with greater clarity, and to provide you with the larger perspective that there is a new quality of mindedness upon which you can feed and grow and become more spiritually mature. For many of my children who have awakened, this is a most exciting time, and there is this element of activation within the human thought constructs to help you open to this more fully, trust this more implicitly, and follow your inner guidance more faithfully.

Today, in asking questions, I would encourage you to take a few moments to commune with your indwelling Father Fragments, and look at the ways in which you still have challenges with monitoring your thoughts. Where do you put your thought energy? What emotions are you still perceiving and feeling that trouble you? We wish to help you become more confident and assured that you are growing in this new reality of consciousness, and that it is largely a matter of faith in what you are becoming that forms this new way of perceiving reality.

Spend a few moments communing with your Father Fragments. When you feel ready, I will be happy to entertain those questions regarding how it is that you maintain your faith perspective in the midst of outworking these old mental habits and emotional patterns. Take your time as we minister to you, and then in a few moments, I will invite you to come forward with your questions. (Pause)

Who would like to begin?


Student: Hello Michael, this is H., I am happy to be here and I like to face three things. One is a comment on something we have discussed last year which I think is very nice to read in Paper 90 of our textbook about the people in the old times, about healing where it says that the whole life was just prophylactic but even in their healing methods they had full trust and faith and it says that this is very powerful remedy.

I found that interesting that I saw this sentence there because we had talked about faith as a healing energy. The other thing I want point out is that lately hear a lot of rumors if the content of the Urantia Book is totally authentic or are there things that have been put in or have been taking out by the publishers or Dr. Sadler. I cannot really make a question now because I just start to think about it and it is interesting to also relate to the work of Mathew Block. Maybe you could comment on that. But I am also fully aware that the whole thing has to what you said before about looking at the inner faith. Thank you.

Michael: H, my son, faith is the gift you bring to the Father whose presence dwells within you and to me as your more immediate Father that provides the environment that says, “Yes, I am willing to learn your ways. I am eager to discern more truth. I am open to being guided in my life.”

There is, what you might consider to be, a mechanistic process to the unfolding of your potential in terms of the development of your soul and how you grow from phase to phase, psychic circle to psychic circle, and it is this quality of faith that you exhibit along this journey that helps this mechanistic process do what it was designed to do: to foster your growth, stimulate your potential, and to whet your appetite for the attainment of those spiritual ideas that you perceive within your hearts. When you adapt and adopt that attitude of faith you are, in fact, allowing this natural process to unfold, and you are activating certain potentials within your being to become more operative. Faith is what helps you grow—helps you develop. And it is also what you might consider to be a component of spiritual curiosity or hunger. There is something within you that is seeking, or you even might say, inviting or imploring you to turn to the ways of Spirit.

So I encourage you to go within at a deeper level of your being and begin to perceive if you are using the commodity or quality of faith at its most, let us use the word, richness—its depths, its heights, it breadths. For in this mechanistic process the faith is an energy, or you might call it, a propulsion to move you forward. Intellectual curiosity and hunger is built upon faith and your experiential nature is also build upon faith. So let this time of your development be one in which you seek to grow in faith, and learn to trust in this evolutionary process of growing in the Father.

Now as your question about the Urantia text, I am not necessarily going to make any pronouncement as to the validity of what is conveyed there because some of the information was conveyed at a time when human understanding was at a certain level, and now some of those facts or information may need to be updated. But that does not mean that the essential message of the text, which is a development of the relationship with the Father predicated on faith, is not valid. This remains forever true. No amount of time will ever change this.

So my advice to you, my son, is to develop your faith. Devote your energies to the expression/ experience of living in faith more and more each day. In doing this, you are not only stimulating your spiritual potential, you are also demonstrating a way of life that so few of humans of this world truly understand or dare to achieve. Recall well my life experience as your elder brother Jesus, which was essentially a life of faith in the Father, and I share this with you. I encourage you and I hope that you will take time to allow this form or energy of faith to move deeper into your being, to help you trust more in the unfolding of God`s eternal divine plan that is growing more pronounced within your own system of consciousness. Does this help, my son?

Student: Yes, thank you very much. I would like you to make one more comment on what you told me before, a year ago that, I am looking at faith and on the other hand I have in my mind what you told me, the thought and feeling patterns that I live in and others live in. Could you say that faith is the light that shines into these patterns and changes them or helps them to soften? Thank you.

Michael: I will use the analogy of the guiding light within your mind and heart. Now, as evolutionary free-will creatures, children of the Father, you are composed of various forms of energy: thought energy, emotional energy and physical energy, and faith serves as the guiding light to bring these various components or aspects of your being into a greater unified whole. It is as if you are saying, "I trust faith as the guiding light to bring me into wholeness, to help me experience what I need to learn of the Father’s way, that my personality would become more unified in the Father through my acts of childlike trust in how I am being lovingly guided.”

During my human sojourn as I explored the inner depths of my mind—my human mind—I came to the realization the actual, you might call it, current of faith, that lives within me. I felt the Father’s LOVE. I experienced His trust in me and that moved me mightily out into my outer life in this very trusting childlike state. This is the courageous act of living that I invite each one of my children to explore fully.

Healing is a part of this. It is the amalgamation of the various aspects of being coming into a more vibrant alignment with the WILL of the Father. And so, if you were to strip down the actual process by which all of this occurs in human development, it is because there is this commodity we call faith that acts as the driving force that you bring into your own free-will, let us say, “beingness” to follow the Father’s WILL. It is a relationship that becomes more harmonized as you grow in love and trust. Behind it all is your free-will decision to make and then the path opens up before you. Faith becomes more activated and it grows and it stimulates your desire to reach ever expanding dimensions of the Father’s creative plan and His LOVE. Do you understand my meaning, my son?

Student: Yes, thank you. I have a lot to think about and I thank you for your words and I am very happy, even that is to me something that can develop my faith, that I can talk to you in this way. And relating to what I just read in the Urantia Book, was reading the last few days about the human being in the old times, and I just think, you know, maybe evolution is a development from fear to faith and faith is the essence of it. Thank you.

Michael: I will make one final comment: You live on a world where you did not have physical representations of the universe government here, so this faith component is a more necessary constituent part of your being. I encourage you to ask the Father Fragment to help you understand what it means to be an Agondonter, because it is this actual faith commodity, in which you are now developing, that provides you with an added quality of spiritual energy for you to live your life. And on this world this is a quality that is very much needed because you do not see through your physical eyes the Gods and truly know of the divine plan that is unfolding.

For yes, you do have much to consider, and as you explore this realm of faith, you will perceive the answers in a new way, and you will indeed find new places of the Father’s LOVE speaking within you, developing your relationship trust bond with greater joy, greater delight and deeper peace. And be in my PEACE, my son. (Thank you)

Are there any more questions for me today?


My children, faith is a gift you give your Paradise Father, and to me, and your Mother. Simplify your lives—mental conditions of your thoughts, the emotional components of your feelings—by moving into the energies of faith. This is a very broad realm for you to explore what life means. It is an open realm of discovery. It is inner realm to learn to bring certain facts together in new meanings, all reflecting the Father’s LOVE and the values He places on life.

So few humans have ever dared to live this type of life, and yet, this is what we encourage you to develop as you open to these energies of transformation. Everything you need to learn will be shared with you, but it must come from your faith. We ask you to keep it simple and trust that like a child without preconceived ideas, agendas, desires, but to simply ask be shown the Father’s will and the Father’s ways and to grow in that. The divine plan will then unfold for you more gracefully, and your life will take on a richer dimension of beauty since so much of the mental tension will be gone, and the emotion al burdens you place on yourselves will be alleviated.

So have FAITH! Develop FAITH! Live in FAITH! Let FAITH be the catalyzing energy within your souls to create that clearer vision of who you are and your destiny. You have a role to play in the unfolding of the Father’s creative plan. Your Mother and I hold you in that design. We nurture your lives in it. We ask you to have faith in your lives, in yourselves that you may be more obedient to how you are being guided to experience your lives in Spirit. Good day, my precious children.