2014-01-26-Focus on Rehabilitation

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Topic: Focus on Rehabilitation

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to be here with you again, and with one another, and to add our energies into this growing fabric of consciousness to help the world in its transformation to the higher realms of your will, your love and light, and to help prepare the way for the Magisterial Mission. We take a few moments to focus in our hearts that desire to be of service to you, to our planet, to one another. We open ourselves up to our celestial helpers that they may combine our energies and add them where they will do the most good in service of the Magesterial Mission. We open our hearts in appreciation for the love you provide to us for our healing and transformation. May your will be done. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings one and all! This is Monjoronson. I am delighted to again join you in this forum where we collaborate in building these circuits of transformation into the planet’s fabric of consciousness. As many of you are now experiencing, there is a great change that is underway. People are responding to these enhanced circuits of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE, and we anticipate that as time progresses that many more hearts will respond favorably to what is being provided to you and this world to grow in these energies that emanate from the Paradise Father and His WILL for creation.

I call upon you today to again join me and assist my staff and me in these growing circuits of LIGHT. You have added your heart energies and we respond to that—there it is growing into this fabric of consciousness and we have augmented that. Today we invite you to focus on these plans that Michael has created for the rehabilitation of the planet to be more keenly perceived within this fabric of consciousness. We have focused on the energies of REHABILITATION and we will continue to do so, but with the added flavor of your emotions—your feelings of desire for Michael’s plans to be deeply seeded here for their manifestation in human thought, word and action. Within Michael’s mind are the plans that have far reaching reverberations of how this will change your Urantian culture. It is not meant to occur over one single generation, but over many generations. But within his plans are developmental stages which you must attain in order for subsequent upliftment change to unfold. His plans of correction far outweigh any human comprehension, but yet and as we have encouraged you in the past, you can desire this because you trust Michael and you know He loves this world, you know He loves the children of this planet.

So today, as we again invite you to focus on this energy of REHABILITATION, we invite you to feel your desire for Michael’s plans to be imparted more deeply, and for more hearts to be open to His plans. You do not need to know or understand what those plans are, as we wish for you to be in that place of trust—that the desire would outweigh the understanding; that your need for his plans to unfold would be stronger than your need to know what those plans are. So as we begin to focus, hold that attitude that simply says, “Father, I do not know what your plans are for this world, but I trust in them and I thank you for imparting more of the energies necessary for these plans to manifest in human consciousness. I gladly provide that space for you to use my energies to bring more of your WILL to our world.” Let your mind settle on these words, and your heart open to this desire, and let us continue to construct these energies of REHABILITATION into this co-creational field before we begin our outward focusing upon the planet. Let us begin. (Pause)

The desire within your focus is providing you with an opportunity to receive more of Michael’s WILL for your own personal transformation, whereby you then become more receptive to sharing your gifts of personality to this growing outpouring of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE into the planet’s consciousness. So, in desiring Michael’s plans of REHABILITATION to bathe the planet’s consciousness, you are essentially receiving it for your own lives, and you are allowing His mind to provide that container within which you will grow and share who you are and the desires in your heart to serve.

It is a matter of becoming familiar with the part having an effect on the whole, and the whole as the container within which the part is able then to participate at the higher levels of cosmic reality. Your personal healing and transformation is vital. What you bring into this arena of collective transformation is just as important as the person next to you, persons in your lives. You here now are stepping up and being more responsible by simply having that desire for more of Michael’s plans of correction to unfold.

Continue to focus on this, and allow what is occurring to continue, to expand, and to recalibrate these fields of consciousness to Michael’s WILL. (Pause)

Allow the REHABILITATION energies to move deeper into you. Then in a few moments, we will project that outward into the fabric of the planet’s consciousness as we have done in the past. Simply focus on this word and your desire for Michael’s plan to unfold. (Pause)

The container of consciousness aligned in the Father’s WILL is taking form and it is growing, and what a beautiful construct of co-creation it is to behold. Some of you may have glimpses of this during your stillness time, perceiving the spirit fibers of light that feed this pool of consciousness with the Father’s LOVE, seeding in divine values that translate into new meanings as more facts of co-creation and creation are discovered. So, my dear brethren, Michael’s plans are working.

We now invite you to truly, deeply feel that desire for more of His plans to envelope the world. Focus this desire from your heart as you hold the world in that field of REHABILITATION language, and you may use that visualization of wrapping the word REHABILITATION around the world in a counter clockwise spiral from the North to the South Pole. But I encourage you to focus on this desire and need for Michael’s plans to soak in deeper into this planet’s consciousness, for this is what we use to support your efforts and to build these circuits of spiritual vibrancy into what your world needs. (Pause)

As we have done in the past, you may roam the world, settling your gaze upon those places where you would wish to see more of Michael’s plans of correction take root and form the new construct of consciousness. There are so many places and situations, so take your time as you settle your gaze wherever your heart desires. We will meet you there and add what we can. Take your time and enjoy seeding Michael’s LOVE and WILL into these places of great need. (Pause)

There are innumerable situations all across the globe just waiting to receive Michael’s plans of correction. Many people are being stimulated, prepared to receive these energies. With great love within your hearts, great devotion to Michael, great compassion for your brothers and sisters, send these energies into these situations and circumstances. We will continue to provide you the environment to settle you gaze into these ways and means. Continue to desire Michael stepping in, as if He were personally reaching in and healing every wound with His loving touch, for in reality this is what you are providing. (Pause)


Feel your desire for this. Go deeper into the fields of consciousness to bring in the new reality, to carve a new foundation of spirit, and be the heart of human activity. Join me in affirming this spiritual language of: IT IS GOOD TO DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER. IT IS GOOD TO DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER. IT IS GOOD TO DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER. Let that be directed into the focus you maintain. (Pause)

Now lift yourself up to the Father in Paradise and carry this world in your mind’s eye with you. Let us spend these final moments together thanking the Father for His WILL and for Michael’s plans of correction unfolding here upon this world and within each one of you more deeply.

Father, we thank your Son for His plans of correction that have been sanctioned by you, and are operating in your WILL upon this world, and for these courageous children who have volunteered to be your hands, your hearts and your mouths to speak the words of love and to minister healing to your children. We thank and honor your presence in their lives, and we stand with appreciation that your presence within them is becoming stronger. Bless these little ones and strengthen them for the tasks at hand each and every day. Thank you. (Pause)

Dear brethren, the hand of the Father is extended to you. This is a very large hand you may imagine, yet it guides you gently but powerfully in His WILL, in His plan. We invite you to feel more of that presence within your beings, and as you sense this, envision yourself planting this energy into the earth plane, patting it gently into the ground, projecting your heart energies into it that the Father’s WILL would become more operative, and Michael’s plans of correction contained within that will unfold more securely within the circuits of consciousness. Let the REHABILITATION that He wishes to seed in this planet gain strength and attract more people to what is unfolding, and provide that mighty force for others to join in and participate in the building of the circuits for Light and Life to blossom here. This is your sacred work, my brethren, each one of you contributes something to grow Michael’s plan here upon this world. (Pause)


So the circuit is complete. The light is growing. The shadow is fading, and Michael’s plans are indeed providing the stage for a mighty transformation in peoples’ minds and hearts. Enjoy the unfolding of this time of correction and ensure that you are doing your part each and every day to make it an ever more present reality. We will be there to assist you and provide you with many opportunities to continue to make it so. Good day, my dear brethren.