2014-02-15-Message for the Heart

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Dear children, this is your Father Michael. While the universe is your home, it is not your ultimate destination. You have an eternal career awaiting you should you choose to follow the divine plans seeded within your hearts. There is a grand and glorious destiny for those who start at the human evolutionary level of LIFE. Paradise, at the center of creation, draws you ever forward in the discovery of the facts, meanings, and values that our Creator Deity Parents put into motion.

The seeds of this journey are within you, beloveds! Allow them to catalyze! Awaken to your soul potential. You have any guides and helpers to escort you on this eternity adventure. The Spirit Within sets the pace and provides you with the spiritual stamina and fortitude to birth your soul and grow your potential. I provide you with the assistance necessary to birth and grow into what Spirit wishes to express through you of the higher realms.

When you look at this world with its situations that appear to be difficult or chaotic, remember that this is a training ground to birth your soul by demonstrating the spiritual attributes that you receive from me. Then know that you are allowing the Spirit to move in you to gently allow the seeds of your soul’s potential to activate, triggering the growth process. This is the start of the eternal career, my children, and it is the natural unfolding of the divine process of creation for you to experience fully, completely, repletely and in JOY.