2014-02-18-Veil of Words

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Topic: Veil of Words

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings, It is I, your friend and Brother, Michael

...a few thoughts for your consideration. A photo picture captures a memory of an image, and yet the photo does not do justice to the actual subject of the photo. It does not reveal the temperature or the sunlight, the breeze and the translucent nature of natural color. Like this photo picture, words of truth cannot reveal the depth of such a personal experience. Living Truth is not words, it is the experience which reveals the truth to you personally. So many on your world are trapped into believing in words and not in their experience, "Can you find someone who reveals information to you through their personal experience, rather than quoting words? This personal experience of truth was exactly what I attempted to convey to my apostolic friends, when I was on your world. How often was I confronted to challenge my apostles, who would rather sit around and find reasons why certain tasks would prove fruitless and then in the experience of such a "fruitless exercise", the variable of life lends an opportunity for a full experience of something that was not anticipated. Like the picture, an assumption cannot actually reveal what something will actually be, it cannot fully express the dynamic which ensues in an actual situation, that a variable brings an unexpected intrusion into the situation, and upsets any prior thought of negotiation.

Then I am having a one way conversation with you, using word symbols to convey the nature of something so subtle which would allow for the personal and individual nuance to comprehend. It is like I am leading you into experiencing a fuller and more connected relationship with spirit. Again like words, spirit cannot reveal its actual dimension to an un-inquisitive mind. Just thinking and reading about spirit cannot reveal spirit in the actual moment of your life when you call out in dire need. It is in that moment, that "default" moment of direct contact of spirit by mortal mind when all other resource has been exhausted, it is the moment the Father as Thought Adjuster in your mind, sets up in the dimensional reality of the individual personality.

The "veil of words" and the "image film", create a "myth", actually concealing the depth of greater reality. How can you as a society grow into a greater depth by being constantly bombarded with the fear word/image. Fear is a depthless holding pattern. Fear cannot create "safe". Safe is a fearless state. Spirit is that fearless state where you are safe to act, to be, to plan and think. The experience which awaits beyond words is full of expression. Within the mind of spirit does your mind take origin. Within your mind resides the spirit ancestor, taking you back to spirit mind, the mind of dimension and possibility and creativity; the mind of correctness, promptness, integrity, the negotiable and just mind, the 'safe' mind. Begin to experience the depth of spirit mind as you entertain it's possibility.

My friends, I am with all of you, connected by my spirit of truth and surrounded by the great and universal love connection to myself and Mother Spirit. It is in this connection with spirit love that you begin to feel the safeness of which I speak. It is like entering a "kingdom" where the king bestows great blessings on all within the kingdom. It is the reason many are drawn to its gates, to live in the abundance of the king. The Father is this abundant King, and His Kingdom resides within the heart and soul of all He inhabits. There are no rules to enter the kingdom, yet you must leave everything you have at the gate and enter in this "cleansed" state. Everyone within the kingdom is in relationship with everyone else who is in the kingdom. In the fearless relationship with your brothers and sisters lies the essence of the Father in His relationship with each and everyone of you. It is like a puzzle which reveals another level once the first is achieved. The relationship with Father reveals the pattern for all relationship.

Continue, my friends to enjoy the connection, many of you have made with spirit and spirit personality. Grow into a great vine of love which entangles the soul of all men, that they also grow into a great vine of love. This vine of love can grow even in the most inhabitable of places; like war torn zones, areas of intolerance. of corruption, of oppression, of low frequency, and despair, places of hurt and sorrow, where no options are available, where hate and anger, revenge and selfishness exist. Like a wise plant, send the tendrils into these areas; love contains its own nutrient, eternal light.

Keep your option open to be available to others, like Father who is always available. Step into the possibility, begin to live beyond words and experience their meaning, the hidden agenda which all life compromises to. Step beyond your mind into the mind of life and experience, into the journey of revelation, into the spirit and soul of another. All life conspires to a great revelation; for you to find its true meaning. In life's revealing and corrective lessons lie the true grit, the value of experience. Urantia is one of the great test worlds of Nebadon, and carries a badge of merit with all who will journey and sojourn the vast multiverse and one day claim as a first world Agondonter to achievement of paradise and the eternal Presence of Spirit.


Go forth in Peace and continue to outpour our great love resource, and in all ways, know that you are loved and share as kindred spirit, I, Michael of Nebadon.