2014-02-22-Q and A with Mother

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Topic: Q & A with Mother

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re grateful to be here with you today, and to receive more of what you wish to share with us. Thank you for opening this circuit to your presence that we may imprint upon you and receive your words of loving guidance. Thank you for protecting this circuit from any outside interference that these energy fields may remain clean, clear and open. We thank all of our celestial helpers who gather to help us receive from you today. And may your will be done. Thank you.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my beloved children! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks! It is a joy for me to receive your attention. When you focus upon me, you allow the life current that is part of my nature to become more operative within you. You might say that you are adding more spiritual vibrancy into your overall being, that you may imprint upon your Father and be more receptive to the inner promptings of your Father Fragments.

Before we go into the question and answer portion of our call today, I invite you to open your hearts, and especially, to focus on your physical needs to be nourished in Spirit. If it is helpful, focus only on the word MOTHER. You may see this in your mind’s eye; feel this within your heart. It matters not where you place your focus, but that you have this desire to receive from me what I wish to provide to you to help you gain more spiritual vibrancy within your physical cells. Take a few moments now to turn your attention upon my presence. Relax, breathe deeply, rhythmically, mindfully, and allow me to expand within you. Let us begin. (Pause)

There are many calibrations that must occur within your physical cells to imprint more upon the spiritual circuits that are a part of my being. Slowly, carefully these spirit sparks speak into your bodies creating new spaces within your physical cells to receive more light. As you focus on me, and your desire to expand, also take a few moments to honor your body: to love your body as the vehicle to navigate this earth plane existence, as well as being the receptacle—the vessel—for the presence of your indwelling fragments of the Father.

Your bodies were carefully designed in the universe (let us call them) laboratories of the Life Carriers, and it is very important for the children of this world to understand the physiological functioning of the body in conjunction with what you know as ‘consciousness.’ Over time your scientists will become more aware of this dynamic relationship and how fundamental are the workings of Spirit in the human anatomy and physiology.

So as you imprint upon me, you are helping your body to expand, your consciousness to grow, and allowing more light to prevail upon the fabric of the planet’s collective consciousness to help those in the arena of scientific study to receive more of the information they require to perceive this relationship between Spirit, consciousness—or mind—and physical matter.

For this present moment, however, all you need to do is receive. Feel your need for my Mother’s touch to move gently in and through you. (Pause)

Yes, my children! You are indeed growing. There are many cycles to your development. The intellectual or conceptual frame of reference is expanding to new ideas to consider thoughtfully, carefully. Your hearts are opening to more love. Your emotional bodies are healing. The Father’s presence is gaining greater access within your beings to help you follow the divine WILL more faithfully each day. And then you have your physical bodies being able to receive more light that also assists and facilitates the spiritual energy to become more active. This is, as you well begin to understand over time, a most beautiful process of growing in Father-consciousness in developing your soul.

Your Father and I wish for you to find that point of relaxation in your inner faith journey to allow this process to keep you moving forward, to go into the mystery of its unfolding with faith, hope and great love for yourself and the Father’s presence within you. You are our children. The more you receive from us, the more you grow in faith—childlike faith—and become more beautiful and radiant in Spirit. Let these words settle in to help you find that point of relaxation deeper within your beings. Put aside your thoughts. Simply receive. (Pause)

If you wish, you may now shift your focus to address me with your questions. However, if you feel you would desire to remain in this state of receptivity, by all means, please do so! Come to me with your questions when you are ready. I will be delighted to address them for you.


Mother’s Closing Comments:


Beloved ones, it is delightful to your Father and me to see your growth, to provide you with the help you need to climb out of this construct of evolutionary consciousness that has stunted your cultural development. Remember that you are the ones who are changing the world along with many others who have awakened and are continuing to awaken. You are the ones who are paving the way for Light and Life.

As you go deeper into your own journey, as you come into this place of (what you might call) the mystery into the ways of creation, know that I will meet you there. Your Father will meet you there, and your Father Fragments will guide through, helping you receive and perceive the next steps along your path. And as these energies imprint upon your physical bodies, know that there are changes occurring, and it is all for the greater good for yourselves and for humanity—all life.

Know that I am with you and you only need to call upon me at any moment, and that I will indeed speak upon your energy systems the words of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE. Enjoy your day, my children. It is a gift to you from the Father. Good day.