2014-02-23-Focus on Receving Energies

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Topic: Focus on Receiving Energies

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this opportunity to gather as one—one heart, one mind, one soul—to focus on the Magisterial Mission and our desire for it to manifest here on the earth plane. We trust in your timing. We trust in the undertaking of this mission and what must be done in preparation for its manifestation, and we joyfully gather here today. We thank you for weaving us together in this circuit of intention as one. As we go about our focusing today, we thank you for protecting this circuit from all outside interference, that your will may be more fully implemented here on the planet in our consciousness in the ways you know will support the Magisterial Mission. May your will be done now.

MONJORONSON: My beloved brethren, this is Monjoronson. Welcome to our forum today where you join with us into infuse your planet’s consciousness a new way of life, one that is in alignment with the WILL of the Paradise Father and His design of creation.

As you know, the evolutionary journey of a material world is a very long and arduous process. The universe administration that comes to a planet during its developmental stages creates that synergy between the humans of the realm with various orders of personality who come to shepherd evolution into the ways of Light and Life. You know that this world is still a long way from attaining that status, yet it is this Magisterial Mission that will further the WILL of the Father on the planet to help successive generations from this point to build this new planetary culture that reflects the ways of Godliness.

In our last time together we invited you to focus on your desires for the universe administration to imprint upon your planet’s construct of consciousness. It is in keeping with this theme that we will further today, inviting you to focus on your desire for the universe administration to come closer, to seed into the consciousness of this world Michael’s plans of redemption and rehabilitation and the information you need to move your social institutions into alignment with the ways of Light and Life. What you construct with us today is important, significant. We invite you to recognize that you have a role to plan simply by focusing on this desire within your hearts for the Father’s WILL to prevail here on Michael’s beloved world.

Let us begin then by inviting you to allow the energies of UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION to imprint on your minds and hearts. It is not important that you would recognize the implications of what this means. We ask you to open in faith and to truly desire this by opening your hearts and allowing what we wish to share with you, to move into you, and to imprint upon your consciousness that you may recognize in time the implications of what means for this world.

So let us begin, and if it helps in your focusing envision the words UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION over your heart centers, and invite that energy to imprint upon you now. And we will move in this circuit and assist you in receiving this. (Pause)

As well as you can, as focused as your gaze may remain, see the words UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION over your hearts. Maintain your focus there for as long as possible, allowing what we share with you to be seeded not only into your hearts, but to be spread among the heart energy contained within your planet’s consciousness. We will maintain this stream of focus for several more minutes. (Pause)

If you wish, you may add the desire for more of Michael’s WILL, Michael’s desire for this world, to penetrate through this coding of the desire for the UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION being seeded in this construct of consciousness. May His desire, His WILL move through this channel, interacting with it dynamically for His plans to manifest here, not only in this circuit of the heart, but into the various circuits of the planet’s consciousness when we shift our consciousness, looking out upon the world in a few moments. For now, simply receive Michael’s WILL through the UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION in your own heart centers, as we continue to administer with you and to you. (Pause)

Michael’s WILL is penetrating through many layers of divisiveness that are such an engrained way of life, a way of thinking, a way of perceiving reality that exists here. His UNITY and HARMONY are moving through this circuit of the heart. We invite you to also feel your desire for Michael’s desire for this form of separation to be cleansed from this world’s consciousness. Continue your focusing as best you can as we move in this circuit of the heart for a few more moments. (Pause)

Let us add one more level of focus, and that contains the energies of ONENESS IN THE FATHER—the connecting thread of life. Let this move within your own hearts. Feel your own desire for you to be more interwoven into this ONENESS IN THE FATHER. Allow what you have placed your gaze upon over your heart center to bond together in a synergistic whole: the UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION, MICHAEL’S WILL, and ONENESS IN THE FATHER. (Pause)

We are now ready to ask you to move your focus upon the world as a whole. As you have done many times before, project these energies from your own heart centers into the world: UNIVERSE ADMINISTRATION, MICHAEL’S WILL, and ONENESS IN THE FATHER. Let it go into the very center of the earth, directing your gaze steadily there as these energies pour forth from your hearts into this world, into its consciousness, into the planet’s heart. (Pause)

In your mind’s eye envision the words IT IS GOOD TO DO THE WILL OF FATHER. Wrap this around the globe from the North to the South Pole in a counter-clockwise ribbon of divine light energy. Your hearts are connected to the planet’s heart and you are inviting this phrase, this living desire for the Father’s GOODNESS to grow in this planet’s consciousness. So wrap this ribbon of LOVE and LIGHT that contains the Father’s GOODNESS around the world. IT IS GOOD TO DO THE FATHER’S WILL. More hearts may then feel this spiritual pressure and receive the call to open, awakening their own spiritual potential. (Pause)

If you wish, you may now move your focus to certain circumstances or situations upon the planet or in your own life that would greatly benefit from these energies of MICHAEL’S WILL or ONENESS IN THE FATHER. From your heart, let that go into the center of that situation and wrap that phrase of energy of the FATHER’S GOODNESS, following His WILL around this situation. Take your time as you roam the globe or place your gaze upon loved ones who are experiencing difficulty. We will follow you and add what we can. Do this with great love and great compassion. (Pause)

Beloved brethren, let us lift our gaze up to the Paradise Trinity that the Father’s GLORY may shine upon this world more divine and radiant LIGHT. May it pour forth from Paradise to embrace tiny Urantia. Join me and the celestial host as we spend these final moments in worship in appreciation of the Father’s GLORY moving now in these circuits of what we have co-created together in His WILL.

Father of Lights, we come together as one in appreciation for you shining your GLORY upon this world. Receive our praise and appreciation for what you provide always and forever. Let us increasingly be those vessels of your GLORY upon this planet. It is your WILL that is done here. (Pause)

Let us descend to Urantia. As you have done in the past, let us plant these energies into the earth plane. Take this phrase in your mind’s eye IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. See it as a seed, a large seed, and plant that with great love and care and devotion into the earth plane, especially where you would wish to see the Father’s WILL more manifest. Then as you plant this, let it be watered with the Father’s LOVE and the Father’s LIGHT to shine upon this seed. Stand upon the ground where this seed is planted and send your heart energies into it, for your hearts are all connected now as one, and these seeds can take deeper root into this planet’s consciousness in various levels. So take your time as you do this. Take great care and tenderness. We will follow you, adding more of what we can to these circuits. (Pause)

Dear children of Urantia, we appreciate your efforts in building these circuits of planetary change with us. We need your hearts. We need your intentions, for it is only through human will—choice and desire—that these changes can truly manifest here through your efforts and through the efforts of those who also desired to see this world healed, and have awakened to the call of the Spirit within themselves.

As we have encouraged you in the past, go boldly forth each and every day to live what you have learned, to embody the Father’s LOVE, FORGIVENESS, MERCY and RIGHTMINDEDNESS that others might be inspired your loyalty to the Father’s WILL. Remember well who you are, and do your part each day to make this world more beautiful and reflective of the Father’s GLORY. Good day, my beloved brethren.