2014-03-02-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Dear children, this is your Father Michael, who lived a human life as Jesus upon your little world. After I finished my earth career, my Spirit of Truth was made available to you over two thousand years ago that you may be aware of my presence within your minds. It was my desire to stay close to my children that you would have the internal means to perceive what is real and what is true.

When you seek answers to the questions of your lives, call upon me to help you discern what is truth from what contains error. You have many influences all around you, each speaking from a different perspective of what is perceived as real. While some viewpoints are more closely aligned to the divine ways of universe functioning, others are merely the attempts to maintain a way of life that fosters chaos, disease, and destruction. Some views seem to be correct in the short-term, yet in extrapolating their beliefs upon a longer look at life, the effects can be recognized as dangerous and injurious to human growth and spiritual development.

When you are confronted with various opinions and beliefs of others, take a few moments of internal respite. Come to me. Ask, “Father is this true? Help me to see this situation and/or belief from your eyes.” Trust that I will give you the TRUTH in any situation, especially when you are ready to move beyond the limitations of what humans conceive as true and into the divine ways of LIFE. Then, you will be able to sort the truth from the error and be uplifted into a better way of living.

It is time to recognize the part you play in ways of creation, my children. Move beyond the planetary culture of living into our universe family, which will help you comprehend how to build a better world for yourself and future generations. Trust in the insights of TRUTH, and allow yourselves to move out of the errors of the past into what is now growing upon the world. The Spirit of Truth calls you into this higher path, and my presence will guide you upon it.