2014-03-08-Imprinting Upon the Rhythm of Life

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Topic: Imprinting Upon the Rhythm of Life

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for being with us today that we may receive your words and your presence within our beings. Thank you for preparing our hearts and minds to receive you in the ways you know we are ready to receive and perceive you. We thank our helpers who assist us to grow in your beauty and your grace, helping us to be ever more mindful of doing things in your will and your way. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children! This is Michael. It pleases me mightily when you come to me and ask me to impart more of my spiritual qualities upon your systems of consciousness. There are many enhanced vibrations that you can attune yourselves to when you come to me, sit with me and receive me. It is my gift to you. You can do this at any moment of the day, and it is highly beneficial for you to remember to exchange your mind for my mind when you are in the midst of circumstances that seem to be beyond the means for you to understand or handle. We have a natural bond—Father and child.

Today, I invite you to strengthen our bond through your faith and through your desire to be more attuned to the natural RHYTHM OF LIFE, which is an aspect of your Mother’s being that will help you open to more of who I am, that you may imprint upon this and grow in God-likeness.

Let us begin then by having you focus on these words: RHYTHM OF LIFE, inviting your physical systems to encode this energy that we will now stream into you. Focus on these words, and your own desire to be more attuned into this most beautiful energy of life and the stream in which it flows. Receive us now, my precious children. (Pause)

Can you relax more into this stream? Can you feel more of my being, being shared with you gently? Allow yourselves this time of deep inner relaxation. Release the stressors of your daily routine and what life has put upon your path. You may find deeper inner space where you are connected to the RHYTHM OF LIFE at foundational levels. Desire to meet me here in this place as we continue to minister to you, my children. (Pause)

There are many places within your emotions and bodies where you store fear. Yet, you have a rudimentary understanding that fear depletes your spiritual vitality, emotional well-being, and physical functioning. As you allow this RHYTHM OF LIFE energy to imprint upon you, invite it to find those places of pockets of fear. As you do this, allow any information contained within those places to show you why you may react with fear, harbor subconscious fear, or resistance to open to see what this fear represents. Most fear represents a type of misunderstanding, whether it is conceptual or even emotionally charged or based. Here in this natural RHYTHM OF LIFE is where I am able to step in and allay those fears for you to help you receive what you need to outgrow these fear responses.

It is time for my children to embrace your own spiritual potential and dynamism, thereby helping this outworking of fear to lose its grasp upon you. And you will grow and be able to perceive more of who I am that you may imprint upon me in a larger manner. Continue to focus on RHYTHM OF LIFE. Do allow some space for the fear stimulus to outwork through your own forgiveness and desire to be more faith based and operative and less fear influenced. We will continue to minister to you, as well as your helpers, to make changes and circuitry adjustments for you to continue to outwork fear and allow these life energies to reform you. (Pause)

Life is growth. Living is expanding into new opportunities for you to perceive more of who you are as a child of God. The more you invest your focus into this RHYTHM OF LIFE, will you sense this larger frame of reference of what reality encompasses. You will begin to relax more in your development of soul growth—spiritual attainment. You will savor the experiences more. They will bring you deeper meaning and richer insights. The Father Fragment within you then has a greater ability to convey truth and goodness into your systems of consciousness, and you live in a state of faith and grace a little more each day. Trust this RHYTHM OF LIFE, my children! It comes from the Father in Paradise. You cannot change it. You cannot remove it, but you can co-operate with it and in it, and all of what you need to learn and understand will come your way through daily life lessons.

I will continue to imprint upon you, even though I will take my leave of you in a few moments that your Mother may address you. Grow in my peace, my children, that comes from flowing in the RHYTHIM OF LIFE. Let this provide that anchor that you need to continue your spiritual focus. Join the process, growing in the loveliness of God within you. It is all unfolding according to our Father’s plans, and your heart and place in our universe of our evolution delights your Mother and me. We are very proud of your efforts, and we continue to feed you and nurture you. Good day, my beloved children.

NEBADONIA: My dear children, greetings upon you this day! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. As we feed you with these energies of life and its inherent rhythms, your Father and I desire that you would relax more and enjoy how you are growing in spirit.

We hear your complaints about life and we understand why you have had those perspectives of reality. But now it is time to truly let them go, and to be nurtured upon what we provide to you to alter these perspectives and to help you gain a greater grounding in the truth of who you are as children of God—sparks of creation—now truly coming to life in the greater unfolding of the Father’s plans. You have some concept of reality. Your Urantia text provides you with this bigger container within which to view your life. But have you tasted of that essence of ETERNITY which is a part of this natural LIFE RHYTHM?

If you wish to shift focus slightly, invite that energy of ETERNITY to comingle in this RHYTHM OF LIFE, to help you acclimate more and more to it. While you are finite beings, you do have an eternal destiny, and this destiny is all wrapped up within this RHYTHM OF LIFE—the ETERNITY cycles. And while much of this may be beyond your comprehension, you certainly have the equipment to imprint upon this. So allow this word to be maintained as a focus while your Father and I continue to minister to you now. (Pause)

Invite this word ETERNITY and its energetic meanings to penetrate deeper into your beings and trust in what it wishes to disclose upon your minds and souls, your hearts open to this, to speak of its glory and grandeur into you. (Pause)

These are circuits we provide to you as a means to assist your growth—stimulating your potential, to do and be the WILL of the Father here on this material plane of existence. These energies are here for you to embrace, embody as you go about your everyday lives. And over time you will catch glimpses of what these words really mean, deepening your reality recognition and perception, adding more meaning and value to the personalities you are as children of the Father.

You have glorious destinies, my children! And we know that you do speculate about the future and what your destinies have in store for you. But for this moment, it is more advantageous to your spiritual growth to let these energies go deeper into you, that you may live in the moment, feeling more love and peace and wonderment of the beauty of creation and the infinite, eternal existence of its being. Let the tethers of your energy system become more firmly rooted in the energies of THE RHYTHM OF LIFE and ETERNITY. his is food for your soul, and it is intended to spark the development of it, progression of it, attainment of it here and now. (Pause)

In the coming days, you may sense new thoughts coming to mind and new feelings being perceived within your hearts. Open to them. Enjoy them and remember that you are now living a new life—a life in Spirit. And these energies and awarenesses grow and serve you well as you demonstrate Father’s LOVE and WILL in your daily activities. More help will come your way. You will make yourselves more available to your spiritual and celestial helpers. Anticipate your abilities to become better servers of your brothers and sisters to grow in their own spiritual development.

So, in the coming days, your Father and I invite you to spend your stillness time focusing on these energies. Let them teach you. Let them support you, and know that more guidance will come your way. There is so much life for you to enjoy, my children. We are providing you with what you need, that we may delight in your delight as you explore life in more of its rich dimensions and offerings. Let these words and energies continue to settle in for a few more moments. Let them go as deep as they would like, even into the core of your beings. (Pause)


I will leave you now, my children, but only in this manner, for we are never separated, you and I. You only need to place your thoughts upon me and these words, and you will continue to receive. Your Father and I love you, support you and guide you in ways even beyond your comprehension at this time. Have no fear! Walk in faith and know that all is well. Enjoy what life has to offer you this day, and make it a part of your soul’s memory. Good day, my beautiful children.