2014-03-23-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My beautiful children, this is your Mother of Spirit. There are fibers of light streaming into the planet that emanate from my being. When you come to me and sit in the quiet of your thoughts and open your hearts, you will receive these threads that instill spiritual energy into your beings. This is food for your souls, and it is the kind of nourishment that renews and replenishes your deepest needs. I encourage you to spend time receiving these endowments of Spirit, that you may imprint upon what is required for you to transform your lives during this time of change upon Urantia.

Take a few moments to visualize this now. Image a vortex of LIGHT spinning counter-clockwise in your mind’s eye and allow it to form over your frame. Ask the LIGHT to infuse your being. Relax and breathe while this is occurring. Some people may feel certain physical sensations, such as tingling or opening or stretching, and some may not feel anything physical. However, when you focus on this, you will indeed receive, and over time, the spirit fibers will grow in your awareness and convey certain information that is highly productive, constructive and renewing.

So you see, my children, you are not alone during this transformational time, and every provision has been made available to you to be uplifted in Spirit. However, you are encouraged to do your part each day to ensure you get the vital spiritual nutrients to support this change within your beings. Know that I am speaking into you with my SPIRIT LIGHT, and that little by little, you are becoming a brighter and lovelier beacon of LOVE-LIGHT into the world.