2014-04-12-Focusing on Your Soul

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Topic: Focusing On Your Soul

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this time to be here with you today. Thank you for encircuiting us in your love and your Spirit, helping us receive what you share with us through your words and through your energies of personality. We’re grateful to have your presence in our lives, especially to hold us more secure in our hearts and in our minds as the energies of change continue to bathe this world. We open ourselves now to receive you, and may your will be done in us.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children! This is Michael. Take a few moments to focus on me. Center your gaze upon the idea of growing your budding morontia soul. Your soul is a very precious part of your being. It is that which survives the dissolution of the physical body, enabling you to progress on your eternal ascension journey. It is a part of the evolutionary child’s development to grow this beautiful part of yourself, that which is aligned with the WILL of the Father, that which you bring into material existence by your thoughts decisions and actions.

Today, your Mother and I desire to help you focus your own willingness and intention to be more soul-directed and to aid in your development of your soul growth by providing you with certain spiritual energies that are very necessary to your continued development of this pursuit of soul consciousness. Center your thoughts on this intention. If it helps to hold your gaze, see the words MY MORONTIA SOUL. Feel your desire for your soul to grow. We will bring more light and spiritual energy into this circuit now. We begin. (Pause)

What is food for your soul? It is LOVE, pure and simple. LOVE comes in many forms and fashions itself into the various life experiences to help you choose the Father’s WILL and ways. There are circuits of LOVE that stream into your consciousness. Communion with your indwelling Father Fragment is the foundation of your ability to receive this LOVE, as well as your ability to come to your Mother and me to receive our LOVE for you. How many times during the day do you simply focus your thoughts on your need for love and recognize this—to ask for, you might say, an internal hug to strengthen you? It is then in receiving this LOVE that you can expend more love to your brethren and maintain a more conscious awareness of the stream of LOVE that is always flowing to you.

In my human experience as your brother Jesus, I was able to develop that constant communion which afforded me to live in this stream. I know that you desire this and make many attempts to follow this example, and yet there are times when you do forget where your power source originates and to focus on that. Today is another opportunity to receive and to feed, to grow and remember that your soul is the most precious part of your being, and that you have the capacity to grow this in a more conscious manner. Allow these words to settle in as your Mother and I continue to nurture and nourish you in our LOVE. (Pause)

It is so wonderful for your Mother and me to witness how you receive these energies and use them for your spiritual development. For us, it is like watching a precious baby take his and her first steps—unsteady at first but gaining strength with practice. Here you are gaining strength in your souls by making those decisions to monitor your thoughts, to ask for guidance and clarity, to monitor your feelings, and bring your fears and concerns to the Father Within. Spiritual muscles are gaining strength and this all fosters your soul’s development even though you may not perceive it. But at some level you know. You are growing and it is good. (Pause)

We encourage you to treat yourselves with more dignity, honoring your physical vehicles, your mental faculties. These are great gifts. And we do encourage you to make use of them fully but with respect and care, and the recognition that these are all gifts of the Father for you to experience life. There is a holiness, a sanctity to LIFE. Life has been besmirched by sin and iniquity because of the rebellion. We are here to help you regain that sense of divine reverence for life, all life including your own. Let us help you receive more of that conscious recognition of the sanctity of LIFE, and let it go into those places within your own being, where there is still this place of darkness within. Let our light touch it, and transform it into what will truly heal you, and help you regain that sense of sanctity for your own life, which will also foster more beautiful soul development. (Pause)

LIFE is grand and beautiful, my children. Your souls are part of this wonderful undertaking of building Father’s WILL into material reality. I invite you in coming days to ask your indwelling Father Fragment for greater perception of the beauty and grandeur of LIFE. It is all too expansive for your human mind to grasp at this stage of development, but certainly the Father Within you can convey that which you are ready to perceive and experience to embody.

It is important for you to adopt this perspective as more change comes to your world and you see certain things seem to fall away, and yet have perhaps no real hard fast evidence of what is replacing it. LIFE is replacing it, my children, and you are the co-creators of this new life. So let your hearts open to more LOVE, that your souls might be strengthened and help you operate more fully from that place. For it is within the soul that you will be able to maintain composure and participate in the re-establishment of life upon Urantia.

There are many new forms of life that will be imparted in the coming years. Many children of this world are being prepared to operate with these energies to construct a new reality for this beleaguered world—my beloved world. So again, let these words settle in. In a few moments your Mother will speak to you after I have taken my leave. Receive us, and let these energies take their time to move, circulate, and grow in you. (Pause)

I will leave you now, my children. Mother is here to speak into you—to lift your hearts, to embrace your souls. Let Her love fill you. Let Her BEAUTY fill you and wash away any unloveliness that may be contained within your being and fill you with great joy. Remember that all LIFE is sacred and that you are truly my beloved children. Good day.

NEBADONIA: Greetings, my precious children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. There is an impartation of LIFE that I stream into your consciousness during these times of communion. If it helps for you to receive this life renewing and enhancing energy, allow the words SOUL LIFE to be your focus as I move in you now. The soul loves LIFE and LIFE creates the soul, for it is in LIFE that you live and make decisions and have relationships. And it is all part of the Father’s creative plan. So let my presence move in you, augment you, and stimulate you as you allow these life giving energies nourish your souls. (Pause)

LIFE contains LOVE. LOVE is the energy of LIFE, it renews life. When you allow my LIFE FORCE, my presence to stream into you, you are receiving the love your souls need. Your Father and I encourage you to think of your lives in terms of your soul development. While your conscious minds may ponder these ideas, it is truly your hearts that need to receive these energies of LOVE and LIFE and LIGHT to formulate that internal awareness and to help you recognize consciously the information being conveyed by your Father Fragment into your mind.

So it is altogether acceptable to simply desire these energies come into you, knowing that the Father Within takes control of them and augments your conscious perception of reality. And this conscious perception stimulates your own willingness to grow your soul. And I encourage you to simply receive now and let your gaze be on the words SOUL LIFE. You may expand what I provide to you now. (Pause)

The world is poised for change, real change, lasting change. You are those who will make those changes. Some of you have larger spheres of influence for these changes to take deeper root into your planet’s consciousness. When you make that conscious decision to grow your soul, to live more faithfully in alignment with the Father’s WILL, you are indeed making changes in this planet’s consciousness. You are adding your particular flavor of personality into the growing fabric of the Planetary Supreme Being, which fosters the development of the Supreme Being of the universes.

Do you understand the significance of what you do when you make these conscious choices? It has a ripple or reverberating effect throughout the cosmos. The children of this world are becoming aware of this concept, which is still very young and not fully developed. So we look to you who understand these things more to live more faithfully with this understanding, in this understanding. Development of your soul is part of this process, and we encourage you to become more attuned to living life this way.

This is not always the easiest path for you to follow, but it is the path where you will receive the most help and guidance. So you must choose which way you desire to make the most of your life. Again, let these words settle in and continue to focus on a SOUL LIFE as I continue to minister in your minds, and help to imprint upon you what you need to let this experience go deeper into your beings. (Pause)


The end of an age is upon you. The dawn of a new era is unfolding, arriving. Witness this awakening with great relish, appreciation, and participation by allowing your intention and desire to grow your soul to be at the center of your life. What an opportunity you have here upon Urantia! You will long remember this time of correction as you journey through the universe, visiting many worlds which are so vastly different than what you experienced here in this human life. Face these times of change with peace, courage, hope and joy. Know that your Father has this world in His hands. All is well. We are with you and we will guide you, especially when you come to us and receive what you need to maintain and foster the growth of your souls. Good day, my beloved children.