2014-06-08-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Dearest children, this is your Spirit Mother. Living on a material world is filled with choices and limitations. While you have a limitless eternal potential as children of God, living this earth life means you are conditioned by your culture—its traditions, mores, and your relationships with individuals. This requires your outlook on life to be two-fold: to have one foot in the realm of the spiritual, and the other in the realm of the material. The objective here is to understand your material nature and culture that you may find peace and harmony as you increasingly strive to live in the Spirit.

I encourage you to find peace in living with the limitations your culture imposes upon you, and to also turn within to make contact with the limitlessness of your divine nature that serves as the foundation for your continued spiritual, moral and intellectual development. When you are confronted with the limitations of others or what society imposes, take a few breaths to distance yourselves from what you encounter, asking how to respond to the limitation in a spiritual manner. You will be fed with information—thoughts and feelings—to encourage your response in a positive manner. As you practice this dynamic, you will find you are then more able to make peace with the conditions in which you find yourselves and have the spiritual insight to understand the situations from the higher perspectives.

Remember to call upon your Father and me to help you deal with any limitation. We will seed you with what you need to learn through experience to become bigger than what constrains you, fostering your spiritual and intellectual development in ways that truly expand your consciousness and feed your soul. Life then becomes more creative. You will move beyond the limitations your culture imposes because you now have the tools you need to live more assuredly in the awareness of yourselves as citizens of the universe, growing in the ways of Spirit and crafting your own limitlessness one day at a time.