2014-09-27-Q and A with Michael

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Topic: Q & A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father. We are so grateful to receive you in the ways you imprint your energies into us. We open ourselves to receive—to receive your words of guidance and counsel. Thank you for opening this circuit of our consciousness that we may receive more from you as you know what we need during this time of transformation. Thank you for our celestial helpers for helping us imprint upon you more deeply and expansively that we may be ever more aligned in your will and the will of our indwelling Father Fragments. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. First of all, let me begin by expressing my gratitude to each one of you for your faith and dedication to be about the Father’s business—to grow in His WILL, to develop your souls while having this very rugged human experience.

Today, before we move into the question and answer period, I invite you to drink deeply of those qualities that are contained within your Mother and my being. You do not need to hold any thoughts in particular. But I do invite you to open your hearts and feel that deep need to become more of who you are. As you receive this, as you hold that desire, let your minds be quiet, let your bodies open and awaken more deeply to those life-giving spirit sparks we imprint into you. Then after a few moments, you may re-engage with your mind and ask me any questions that are weighing on your heart. Focus on your hearts now. Hold that desire to receive more of what we wish to share with you. Let us begin. (Pause)

Parental imprinting is fundamental to your spiritual, intellectual and moral development. Let these energies move deeply within your beings, creating new places of space and light for our presences to nurture in the ways you need. Let yourselves be realigned in what you need. Your Father’s presence will then be able to convey those compelling thoughts for you to consider and also direct more of the spirit vitality to your emotional beings that you may indeed feel this deep love penetrating you, even down to the cellular level. (Pause)

Each one of you is being called forth into serving your brothers and sisters. What you offer to your brethren will be different for each one of you. But I draw your hearts towards this desire to be of service now that you may convey more of my essence to help those around you who need a greater degree of spiritual sustenance—to help them with their own lives and the challenges they face.

It is not so necessary for you to engage your intellect as to what you will do to be of service as it is to maintain that desire to be of service. The desire is what I seek for it provides that willingness to receive from Spirit and to convey from Spirit to help another person. You know this already, but what I invite you to consider the depth to which you can reach in your desire to be of service.

I say to you that each one of you has barely scratched the surface of your potential. I do not say this to discourage you, but to invite you to open to that desire to a greater degree than you already have that I may meet you in that place and maintain a bigger presence within your beings for me to convey to your brothers and sisters. They need to see personal embodied representations of Godliness.

There is type of morality bankruptcy that is pervading your culture now. Your brothers and sisters are struggling and yearning for something better. They do not know how to find the treasures within. So by you maintaining that desire to be of service allows my presence to deepen within you and to help you be a larger vessel to share my love with those individuals whose paths will cross with yours. Let these words settle in as your Mother and I continue to minister in you. Allow these energies to go as deep as they can at this particular point in your development. (Pause)

If you are now willing to shift focus to your thoughts, you may come forward with your questions and I will be delighted to assist you.


Student: Hi, Michael, this is L. As you know my desire to be of service recently has been very close to home with family members and I feel like I’ve made a great deal of progress recently with my siblings and my parents but I have a child who seems to be very frozen in place and unable to envision a purpose for himself and have any imagination about what he should be doing with his life. I’m sort of at a loss as to how to help him through this. I’ve tired making suggestions about things he could do or pursue or look into. I obviously pray for him a great deal and I’m just at a loss, so I’m hoping you might have some advice for me. Thank you.

Michael: Thank you, my daughter, for bringing this forward because this is a bit of a puzzle for many parents who have children in the early adult stages who do not have direction and focus. When you say you are at a loss to help him, there is an indication that he has rejected or discounted your words of counsel. There is the emotional component of his nature that is outworking various facets of development. He is outworking insecurity and fear, and you cannot necessarily see what is occurring within his inner being that would afford you some sense of comfort or understanding that he is indeed trying to find himself.

It is at this point that I would encourage you to consider this type of separation of your emotional over control of his life. When a child is young the parents provide the environment of the home for the child to develop. There are many types of energies that you emit that your child imprints upon, and at some point the child reaches the stage of maturity when he or she feels that they no longer need the parental over-control. What you can do for your son now is to help him establish more inner assurance of his own ability to make decisions and find himself and that is by offering up your emotional over-control of him.

This is not something you are doing consciously, but there is a type of desire or, you might even say, an agenda that you want for him that he, as a very sensitive person, senses and it adds to a certain level of insecurity and confusion. Once you in your own heart make that disconnection to let go of him emotionally by coming to your Mother and me and asking for our help, you release what you want for him, so that he can indeed find his way.

It does not interfere with your love for him, but it does help him to develop an inner quality that is fundamental to his independence and future developments emotionally, intellectually and hopefully spiritually. But there are various underlying patterns that have been a part of your relationship with him and also via his father’s influence in him that are interfering with his ability to, as you say, find himself. I will pause here to ask if this is helpful or if I need to elaborate further for you.

Student: I think that’s helpful. I haven’t been aware of doing that and I’m happy to have something I can work on within myself that might be part of the problem here. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Michael: I would add a few more thoughts for you to consider. These patterns of energy that you emit are essentially, what you might say, under the radar. You do not necessarily know or feel what you are doing. So do not be judgmental about yourself in any way. This is the natural order of relationships and the energies that people emit when they are in intimate relationships with one another, especially in a family situation. But you also recognize that this is not so much a problem but merely an opportunity for you to learn how to manage more of your own energies that you may become more effective in service to one another.

This is simply a matter of maturation what your son is undergoing. It is a part of his process and as time evolves, he will find his way. But as you know, there are so many chaotic and changing energies on the planet that you must be willing to release your obligation to him emotionally, intellectually in favor of asking us to support him more. You may find that by doing that, it eases your mind as well and places more of the responsibility upon him and that will give his indwelling Father Fragment an opportunity to help him. Does this help my daughter? (Yes, thank you very much.) Be in my peace, my daughter, and know that all is well.

My children, there are many ways to be of service to one another. As more change comes to this planet, let your desires to serve reach new depths that we may guide you to new heights of helping your brothers and sisters open and reach for the greatness within them. As you allow this service motive to reach a deeper and more fundamental foundational place within your beings, you find a greater ease and simplicity with life for now the focus is off yourself and the pressures that come with too much self focus recedes into the back and you are no longer so motivated.


I leave you with these thoughts and ask you to allow this imprinting of the desire to be of service to echo more deeply within your beings and help you reach within and bring forth the greatness that lives within you. Be in my peace, my children, and thrive in being of service to me, to your Mother, to this world, and to growing Supreme Being of which we are all a part. Good day.