2014-11-02-Monjoronson Dialogues

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Topic: Personal Influence and Planetary Power

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Monjoronson




LVP: Entering into the dialogue, I am dragging my feet so to speak, the weight of this world with me and a degree of despair over the fate of our once beautiful planet.

Monj: To hear me you must open your heart, your inner ear to the Celestial Voice. There is no imposition from the outside, only the connection we have when welcomed by you.

LVP: Then I say welcome and let us consider together.

Monj: What’s really troubling you seems to be the disparity you see between the dark forces of planetary empire and dominance and the lack of political acumen amongst those who are allied with the spiritual?

LVP: Yes. So-called “positive thinking” without awareness of the evil intent that controls much of our world, that is destroying Gaia for the plunder of what is left of Her resources, seems shallow and ineffective.

911, Deception

Monj: Perhaps I can assist, and speak through you to those who are similarly distressed? There is no doubt of the wickedness of those in high places in the current configuration of world government and also among the dogs of war they have unleashed upon the innocent. There seems to be no shortage of immorality or ill-intent and the world indeed is suffering.

Can you assist? You have no access to the seats of power. You know that so-called democracy is a parody of freedom controlled by the forces that profit from war and world dominance. You are aware of the deceit by which events are manipulated for insidious purposes, such as the 9-11 attacks upon New York, the supposed “revolutions” in the north African countries and the Ukraine, and most recently the ebola virus and its release upon the peoples of West African and spreading.

Those at the levers of power are intent upon the status quo and more of what is best described as the rape and pillage of the Earth. But the relevant question for you and likely for most of those who would read this dialogue, is, what can you do?


LVP: I think that is the question that is really troubling me. I am not dissatisfied with my writing, my work, my family life. I know I am blessed and gifted many times over. But I am concerned that I may be “fiddling while Rome burns.”

Monj: The fact that you ask this question is sure indication that you are not guilty as you might fear. Those who are of malicious intent ask no such questions of themselves and are in no way concerned with self-examination. The forces of empire have been at work upon the world for many, many centuries, since pre-deluvian times, and continue today with the intent of enslaving the masses, personal gain, and devil take the hindmost. They sense no accountability to a higher order. They see themselves as governed only by their own determination and desire, and so proceed to take all they can by whatever means possible. Whether they are dressed in expensive suits in corporate boardrooms or in jungle fatigues killing and burning away the lives of innocent people, the same darkness lurks within.

Inner Life, Self-mastery

Yet we must return to you now, because your question is individual, as it is for those many who are of moral intent, those who abide in compassion, and those who are under the boot heel of empire. What can you do to turn this tide? Is this not your question?

LVP: Yes, along with my fear that the answer is, not much.

Monj: In the external sense, what you fear is true. You will not grasp this ravaging beast without coming to fatal harm yourself, or perhaps worse, becoming like unto the beast by employing its methods. This awareness you have known intuitively since you began this most recent lifetime on earth.

However, you do have control of your own climate, your inner rudder so to speak. Many, many people, do not have this sense of self-control. Facing what appears to be doom and endless suffering, their minds are bordering on madness and joining in self-destructive behaviors the logical alternative. This is why the more and more common abscess of drug and alcohol abuse, the violence against women and children, the despoiling of the natural world, is so prevalent in and surrounding the “emerald cities” of empire.

Keeping your own house clean and in order, within and without, is the first order of business. Of this there can be no dispute. What seems to be at issue is how effective is this in the face of world chaos including the rapidly advancing affects of climate change. I would suggest that this inner composition and alignment with Higher Intelligence is of supreme importance. Not so you can pat yourself on the back for supposed spiritual superiority, but because clarity of the only earth you do control, your own inner acreage so to speak, is fundamental to whatever balance is going to be maintained through the crisis that is upon the world and slowly but inevitably working its way toward resolution.

Climate Change

This resolution is not one of “smiley faces and rainbows”, not now and perhaps not ever. It is difficult work with much of the responsibility resting upon geology and biology. The human race is not being governed in ways that support righting the imbalance of over-population and energy depletion, rather in ways that intensify the imbalance. Therefore the balance must come through the Earth itself, through biology and geology, which will have its way in restoring health to the Earth and Earth systems. In this sense climate change is an answer to the problem, not another crisis. Advancing disease is an uncomfortable, unwelcome but nonetheless clarifying response to the problems of over-population as well as the unwholesome and destructive agricultural and food manufacturing processes of industrial empire.


LVP: So right action begins with the individual, this much is clear. But what about right action in the wider sphere.

Monj: Review what I have said in the preceding paragraph please! Right action is underway! It just does not appear so to the forces of empire and those within its control. And at times it does not appear to be so to you! So clear your own mind first and foremost. Understand that you don’t have to turn this tide you are witnessing, because in the end the Earth will itself bring clarity and resolution.

I must also add that the steps beyond self control and inner climate change are critical as well. They include both the actions you take now to offer compassion, to provide right direction in whatever circumstances you find yourself in, yet moreover and perhaps more critically, through the seeds you are sowing through your thoughts, words and deeds for the future. You do not control the wider world, politically, socially or environmentally, but in every moment you are sowing seeds for the future; critical, vital seeds for the world that is to come.

LVP: This is very useful. Thank you. I hear you saying that I need to be confident in the ground upon which I stand and in the small and simple actions I take each moment, each day.

Monj: Yes, except even in this statement you minimize your actions through the descriptives “small and simple.” Each individual of right intent, aligned with the Celestial Forces of the Correcting Time, has a significant contribution to make, perhaps not on the large screen of empire adulation, but on the more important scales of spiritual economy and righteousness. Take solace in the support you have on High and within the Earth Herself. You are loved in this way beyond measure and the maintenance of your inner temple and the actions you take from it are intensely valuable and appreciated.


LVP: Thank you Monjoronson. There is much to consider, and as you say..

Monj: We will continue!