2014-12-10-Help With New Urantia Book

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Topic: The New Urantia Book and Character Building for Staff

Group: At Large


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Steven Murphy



Yes this is Abraham. I’m pleased to be able to speak through Steven and offer a lesson that seems very timely. My observations and my work have shown me that many of you, not just on this forum but in other parts of the world are preparing yourselves for the announcement of Monjoronson and the official launch of the Magisterial Mission.


Ron has brought to all of your attention the need for a focused effort on bringing forth the revised, expanded and updated Urantia Book. Ron and one other person right now carries the weight of this endeavour. Ron in his natural tendency wonders how it will get done and from where he will find the help. That is Ron, that is the way Ron approaches any task that’s assigned to him.

I as Teacher am noticing that with his call of help many on the forum and other places have responded. A line will be drawn, those who want to bring forth the new Urantia Book and those who will never want to bring forth another book and will defend, sometimes viciously, the status quo.

These opposing forces are necessary. The Law of Opposites is inherent in all of existence and it is the vibration and the rhythm of the predominating energy which shifts from one opposite to another, where the balance remains in favour, which in this case will be a revised Urantia Book.

I tell you this because the vibration, the energy, terms with which you are all familiar is very important at this stage. Many of you are experiencing a mild degree of impatience and perhaps even a level of frustration waiting for Monjoronson’s announcement and for the mission to begin. It is time to put that energy and change that internal vibration of your own into realizing that the Magisterial Mission is in fact underway.

My job teaching was to prepare. My job teaching now is to identify the actual manifestation of the Magisterial Mission. Many of you have asked what will be expected of us, what kind of changes will we go through. I can tell you from my personal memories that the change of mind and the change of heart that Michael often speaks of is one that is personally very challenging.

You all have a developed idea of yourselves and yourselves in the context of your perceived reality. This will change. It will change in such a way that what you thought was real about yourself, what you thought was real about the world will suddenly be dissipated. You will not know what to think. What often happens with mortals in this state is the store, the residue of experience rises up to fill this void. These are usually memories, both good and bad memories. This gives a feeling of familiarity to you, one to which you’re tempted to cling.

Mind change means contemplating leaving the civility, the predictability of a routine life in order to immerse yourself mindaly in the endless career of adventure, the everlasting life of anticipation, and the eternal voyage of discovery, which sounds to the mortal mind to be thrilling. The mortal mind is designed to find that thrilling, to find it inviting. What it means is that the mortal mind will no longer have those moments of rest. The stability of routine which is founded upon a reduced vibrational level which gives the mind and the body a resting point, a slowing down.

Working with and for Spirit means you must face letting that go and being in what you might imagine now, the image I will use is, being in constant motion, exertion of your minds and then your bodies. You do and you will receive changes, cellular changes which usually follow mental changes, changes of your mind. You will notice these in dreams, you will notice these in feelings of being alone, and feelings of a lack of familiarity in your awareness.

Your inner adaptation to these micro-estates; I borrow the word micro to identify for you that such states of flux and fluidity of reality happen many times during the course of your waking life, during the course of a day, during the course of a week, and so on. You will have moments when you reflect back and notice that you have survived such fluidity of reality you have managed to sustain your reality which is held by Spirit, through all of the exertion which was required of you in order to orient your mind toward the thrill of adventure.

In all of this exertion you will experience if you notice a very deep sense of congruence, of coherence. This is you becoming more coherent with your Thought Adjuster. This is you having a really early dawning realization of the existence of your soul. Even a fleeting moment of this realization will give you a degree of comfort you have never felt before. Contrast that comfort with the exertion required most of your day to make these adaptations.

Physical changes will happen quite out of your awareness. There are a variety of techniques used, most of which will not be explained to you. But once the mind is oriented toward full acceptance of the exertion required to sustain focus and will to merge with Spirit, then the physical changes can begin. I will not identify, partly because I don’t know all involved; I will not identify all those that monitor you and manage this process. Just know that Life Carriers are involved. Know also that Dr. Mendoza is very much involved.

This process I’m describing is one that is spiritually, profoundly moving and satisfying. Humanly, that can be very challenging. Steven himself has been disappointed multiple times, has been promised certain experiences which never manifested, and is just now entering a stage where he realized those exercises were to reduce the mortal longings that remained, the mortal longing to have contact with Spirit. Disappointment has been necessary. It is inherent in any mortal wanting to merge with Spirit. Disappointment is a reflection of the mortal mind facing the lack of familiarity, expecting from Spirit the satisfaction of a mortal mind, the familiarity of conditions which give those moments of respite.

The disappointment experienced when such does not manifest forces a choice, a choice of faith action or a mortal state of discouragement, retreat and withdrawal. Steven still stands up to that test and now knows that the Magisterial Mission is not dependent on Monjoronson’s announcement, the Magisterial Mission IS.

Monjoronson’s announcement is for the rest of the world primarily, to inform all mortals of the changes to come. Those that know Monjoronson and want to work with him, and do work with him, do not require an announcement. They accept that such an act has a purpose that only Monjoronson and Michael know, and will happen when Monjoronson and Michael want it to happen.

The sense of impatience with this coming announcement can diminish. That is a sign of the mortal mind adapting to the energies of Spirit, to the acceptance of the mortal concept of time is on such a low vibrational level that one cannot bring it when working with Spirit.

Even Ron himself, whom we marvel when we see the high levels at which he functions, has moments of worry about getting everything done, but is very responsive to reminders that with the help of Spirit, with the direction of Monjoronson and Michael and Manutia and Machiventa, that he will have available spiritual forces that will remove from him the burden about making all decisions about all actions. He will then be in the position to seek helpers. That is what the preparation is for now, to identify and seek helpers. He must be able to feel yourself helping now. Practice helping. That is the best antidote for impatience and frustration and not knowing.

There is a knowing to be had now, know it. You do not need to be called on a list, you need to be on a list and know that you are, know that the Magisterial Mission unfolds now and you are part of it.


I will end this lesson now. I've just touched upon the surface, mostly of the mind changes you can all expect to go through.

Human qualities such as perseverance will enable faith action. I leave you with this for now and I bid you all a good day.