2015-05-09-Let the People of This World Awaken

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Topic: Let the People of This World Awaken

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske


  • Edited by Linda Abell


The Beloved One: “Let your heart be pure and undisturbed when the news of the world upsets you in any way. This is an opportune time for all mortals to learn that those who care deeply about the state of their souls contain with them a Spark from the living God. They shall learn that nothing can disturb the calm peace of their souls, as their souls are safe in the citadel of Spirit.

“Let it be known to all who still need to awaken to this momentous truth that a Spark from the living God indwells them to help and guide all mortals through life for now is the time to discover this momentous fact and therefore realize that they are not bereft of heavenly help.

“Most well-wishing peace-seeking humans on this planet seem to flounder and lose their way, whilst the negative factions are scheming in the darkness of their hearts to enslave all good people willing to uplift the planet but who don’t know how. All it takes is for good men to do nothing so the evil ones — who have lost their way, to the peril of their eternal soul — can enslave others monetarily. These evil ones forget that they too shall have to give a reckoning of their evil works and therefore will have nothing of value to redeem in their mortal soul for eternity. They shall be as light as a feather and shall be blown away on the wind, to be found no more as their life-records are stricken from eternal life.

“Truly now it is in you all to wake up and realize that the pen of diplomacy, with understanding for others in sincerity, truth, beauty, and goodness, is far mightier than all the nefarious weaponry to date. God’s love and mercy shall win out; there has never been any doubt about that, even though everything seems contrary at present.

“You all find yourselves en masse at a critical period in the history of the planet. Encouragingly, however, it is being noticed in the celestial reams that there are the beginning signs of a stirring wakefulness now. A new day in the world’s history is dawning. You are all familiar with the saying: ‘The night is darkest just before the dawn appears.’ Let this be a sign that the new day is sure to follow.

“It is up to humankind to decide what sort of day this is going to be. The legions of heaven are standing by to help; however, you are the ones, who are God’s hands, feet and lifeblood on the ground. Therefore for your soul’s sake, do the best you can where you are planted under any circumstance. Ideally that would be to start the day with your God Spark within, taking the time and asking for guidance for the day ahead. It is as simple as that. To be in communion with your heavenly Helper takes a lot of stress out of the day. With God’s ‘wind’ in your sails, how can you fail? There is simply no better way to start your day.”