2015-09-21-Ice and ISIS

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Topic: Ice and ISIS

Group: New TML



TR: Ron Besser



I am receiving this messages as a first message to show how users of the list are to format their transmissions on the new TML. Essentially it is the same as we used in the old Teaching Mission postings of transmission lessons. Please note the header above and your header should have all these elements of information as the intention is to archive these teaching mission messages on tmarchive.org, like the we did for the old Teaching Mission.]

Always include the statement at the very top: "For Teaching Mission Eyes Only" if not already dictated to you by the teacher (they say they will always use this notice before transmitting) before you do the header [The transmitter is always welcome to bracket his comments with the message if you wish to.]


Andromadeus - I am speaking from Salvington tonight [21 Sept 2015], and I wish to commend Ron Besser for providing this forum to receive Teaching Mission Messages only. We need to provide a forum to deliver these lessons and a place to make comments, and although Ron has used only one category so far, I see he needs to add another Category to handle discussions other than transmissions.

I also wish to speak to the idea that ISIS is dangerous and a great retarder of useless changes on Urantia. You are correct, but we Most Highs use ISIS to gauge radical conduct on Urantia and find it useful to tally their work versus what Urantia thinks about what they do.

ISIS is a trouble maker and a great lesson for all of us to teach humans on Urantia humility. I say this because ISIS has created a huge backlog in refugees going into the underbelly of Europe where nation states do not like to be engulfed by foreign nationals that neither speak their language or have no jobs to support themselves. I am unusually done this evening because I must speak from Salvington and hear clutter in the mind of the transmitter so I will speak slowly and deliberately so my message permeates his busy mind.

In about two weeks from today I am going to send an envoy to ISIS, one they trust and can speak to without concern of being arrested by the western powers. They will be warned to desist at once or face criminal penalties when the Magisterial Son arrives near that time. I have it on good authority that nothing we do in the next few weeks will accomplish much due to the problem of the Magisterial Mission with the Second Return and how to use Jesus in a way that benefits the Magisterial Mission. In this endeavor I hear the transmitter wondering why I should state such a thing since Jesus has already stated he works as a co-director for the Magisterial Mission. While we consider this to be true, we must also state that no one can come before the Board of Approval we operate and not have a specific plan in mind to do as they say they will do.

Our work on Urantia is just beginning and while the Magisterial Mission is ready to go, the work Jesus has to do is nearly ready as well, and the Board of Approval that we run on Norlatiadek is willing to listen and approve if it can. This runs counter to some remarks by high officials in the Teaching Mission that we will use Jesus first and then bring the Magisterial Mission announcement forward after that. This is a decision not fully decided by anybody except Jesus who declares that the House that Jack built [Transmitter: a phrase used by the spirit administrators to refer to our culture and civilization here in the United States and Europe and other civilizations not usually appended to these discussions from the Most Highs]which is collapsing at a remarkably fast rate.

In our work on Salvington, we learn that the House that Jack built is lasting no more than a few years after we appear on Urantia as the Magisterial Mission, and the Second Return of Jesus. Our work on Urantia is to be slow but sure and nothing we do will speed it up-- at least we do not think so. We concluded these remarks by saying that the last time we have to tell you anything is now, and that is because the House that Jack built is crumbling so fast we are not sure we will be there in time to see it go. This of course is so surprising to the transmitter because to have a civilization fall that fast is unheard of, but nonetheless, there are good reasons to state this at this time. Europe has no reason to capitulate to the refugees and America seldom involves itself with issues that Europe must deal with, but in this particular case the United States has opened its borders to well over 10,000 more refugees beyond the 4,000 already assimilated into the American homeland.

We are nearing the conclusion of this dictation and congratulate the transmitter in hearing so well I do not have to repeat myself ever. The new Teaching Mission will open officially in about two weeks now and that is because it has taken that long to get permission from the Ancients of Days regarding how to handle this Mission without causing more problems from users of the old TML, which is a list that is run by a former member of the old Teaching Mission and who refuses to budge regarding the idea of giving the old domain up to be replaced by the new TML, which is this list.

Do not confuse the two as this list carries official transmissions now and no amount of fooling around with names and domains will change our view that all activities need to be directed to this site for the truth to be clearly stated about what is to happen next from the teachers being revived to work this new Teaching Mission List (TML).

This is the first message to be archived for the new teaching mission, and Ron is directed to post it to Tmarchive.org upon completion of this message.


Monjoronson - I am Monjoronson and I approve this message to be the first TML entry of the new teaching mission recovery from the now defunct old teaching mission. All are asked to provide bona fides concerning their transmission abilities and their renewed pledge to work as transmitters for this project and others if they are deemed worthy of working with other groups too and transmitting for them. I am Monjoronson. Good day.