2015-09-21-New TML and Invitation

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Topic: New TML and Invitation

Group: New TML


Teacher: Michael, Andromadeus, Abraham, Machiventa, Nebadonia

TR: Ron Besser


Michael of Nebadon - I am your first teacher and your new leader on the planet we all call Urantia. The Reserve Corp of Destiny is planning to open the doors to this Corp to allow all who can transmit to join the new Teaching Mission and the List (TML) to which these lessons and discussions will take place.

Many now will receive independent transmissions instead of through group procedures as in the past. It has become too difficult to insist on teaching mission groups due to the large size of the new Teaching Mission, and because most groups have disbanded permanently due to fractious behavior of past individuals and their groups notwithstanding their behavior. In any case, the new TML will be open shortly at https://tml.website/index.php

All should bookmark this URL as it is the official web site for all new Teaching Mission activities and postings. I expect there will be people who issue warnings that this is a power grab by some, but we assure it is not, and that is because the new Teaching Mission was not formed until about six days ago with permission of the Ancients of Days. They have issued a stern warning to Nebadon, that this time it better be kept in control and those who wish to independently strike out on their own will be stopped.

In my days as Creator Son, I seldom have seen such behavior that was elicited by some in the old Teaching Mission which utterly confused and destroyed what cohesion we could manage and so it had to be scrapped and with the hope of being useful this time, I have asked this transmitter to relay to all of you the following concerns and invitations:

1) All are welcome to join the new list, TML. You have the address of the web site listed above.
2) All will come are welcome regardless of past demonstrations of defiance and open ware fare.
3) All must come with a good attitude and it is recorded here that any serious disruptions over who runs what will be banned in accordance with past policies to prevent this kind of thing every happening again where such fractious behavior lost me the one thing I had hoped above all: People who could transmit and who were peaceful in their endeavors to make themselves useful to the plans and polices of my government on Salvington.
4) We plan to inaugurate the new activities at the end of September, but the transmitter has graciously opened the site for practice and review to be ready when new teachers and lessons will appear to some of you in order to begin participating in the new Teaching Mission on TML.

I am Michael and I welcome Andromadeus to the discussion:

Andromadeus - I am the Chief Most High and we watch with glee as this new software is put into place and the new categories are tried out to see how well they work. I know this transmitter well and he will modify the board for ease of discussion when and if it is necessary.

I wish to add that I have spoken to Machiventa Melchizedek and Abraham about the opening of the new TML, the list it represents, and how to use it. Abraham is here to speak to it now.

Abraham - I am Abraham and I wish to note that the House that Jack built (Transmitter: A phrase used by our administrators and teachers referring to the current civilizations on Urantia], is collapsing at an alarming rate. It may be dead on arrival in the new Missions planned shortly, and if it is, not too soon as far as this old teacher is concerned.

I wish it to be known that this is the second Lesson to be posted on tmarchive.org because the old tmarchives.com was trashed by an IP that refused to let it be taken and redomiciled under another provider, and in order to protect the site and its precious database, it was renamed to protect it. Chances are good that in the near future its original name will be changed to its original version.

I will be in charge of the new teaching mission through TML, and I will rely on this transmitter to keep the noise down and the rowdy’s off, permanently if necessary. Much is now up to you now that we have reorganized and opened the Reserve Corp of Destiny to bring out secretly trained Transmitters to go to work for us. This time the mission is global and we intend to have all sorts of languages being used so get used to using Translators such as Google offers for free.

I am Abraham and I give you my boss, Machiventa Melchizedek.

Machiventa Melchizedek - I am yours truly speaking once more. I am the Big Mac we used to laugh at in the early days of t he old teaching mission and I welcome all of you to this new way of doing things. In my days as head guru for the old teaching mission I recall very much about Naperville and other debacles that followed our initial trials. But now we are sweeping aside those trials and mistakes and starting over. I expect we have lost most of our transmitters, but all must understand this is a new start and no one is going to hold any of you back by recalling old animosities. Blessed be the old man here and those like him who holds us high and we thank all for considering to join us as invited.

Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve - We join together this evening to welcome all of you to our new schools and how they are to be used is to be the subject of many lessons to come through the new and old transmitters we plan to join on TML. Ron has graciously provided software and open ended discussions should you wish to join. We are Adam and Eve and we will greet you on line in the discussion forum now used exclusively for our announcements to the world about these missions. Discussion forum URL is https://forum.serara.org/index.php

I am Adam and I wish all of you to remember good decorum is precious and we have a moderator who is fair and keeps things together (for the most part). His patience is long but when behavior exceeds his tolerance those who cause problems will be banned or just removed. We look forward to all of this shortly. I am Adam, good day.

The Creative Spirit, Mother Spirit - We are the Infinite Spirit when se speak as the Divine Minister. I do so now.

Divine Minister - I am the Infinite Spirit and I speak to you to remind you that if you love God and wish to see Urantia improved and brought safely back to what she was meant to be, then forget the past and join the Teaching Mission as is being resurrected shortly on line. I am the Infinite Spirit and I wish you a good day.

[Transmitter: I am being connected to Paradise. They ask for one moment.]

The Paradise Father - Seldom do I speak to my children directly, but this transmitter knows how to use those frequencies so few can use on Urantia or even on Salvington. I am your Father and the time is ready to be ours if you covet the life of an ascender who has already done Paradise service on behalf of a dying planet. That which you call ISIS are the worms that destroy the tree of life on Urantia to the point they no longer may be tolerated, and I will see to their end by my means, not yours. I am the Father and I support my Son, Michael of Nebadon in this Mission you all call a Teaching Mission and the list to support each other as you learn to transmit the celestial teachers trained to bring you the news and the Heart of God I pretend can be used on Urantia. I leave the details to my Paradise Sons and their helpers, and wish you a good night.