2016-01-31-You Sit in a Greater Circle of Many

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Topic: You Sit in a Greater Circle

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris Maurus


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to continue with our theme of getting back to the basics of connection and meditation. We spoke to you students on the path about beginning again and how it is never too late to begin or rebuild your conscious relationship with Spirit. The Indwelling Spirit of the Creator is infinitely patient and desires for you to explore this sacred connection. The Spirit knows how difficult it is to live on your world and how history, social conditioning and science have led you away from the “real” connection you have within you and to your spirit family — those who are similar in propensity and capacity who are making ready to receive you into their care when you arrive on the mansion worlds.

“There is a plan for you, my beloved friends, and every day you live upon the earth are you given opportunities to learn and grow — to be ready for the next journey and to join with these benevolent universe citizens who work behind the scenes of your present life and make preparations for your arrival. Making time to sit in the silence and connect to your God Fragment can bring a wealth of benefits to your growing soul, your peace of mind and a feeling of connectedness that transcends human language. Truly, you are not alone, for you belong to a greater family and a friendly universe that has a plan and purpose for your development. The plan — the purpose — it all begins here in the present as you live and breathe and learn the rudiments of love in your relationships with others and your connection to the Greater Consciousness that lives in and all around you.

“The workings of the universe are infinitely complex, intelligent and benevolent. Every soul that is born into it is cared for and guided, for if you actually understood all that goes on behind the scenes of your life to move you and prepare you for the greater epics to come, you would truly be amazed at how it all fits together and how all the experiences of your life — what you would see as “good and bad” has shaped and groomed you for what’s ahead. Even the failures and regrets you have in this life will one day shape the decisions and the path you shall take in your future journeys.

“Come, sit now in the silence and join with us, your soul family, and know and feel the connectedness of a benevolent universe that has your best and highest good in mind. This family cheers you on and makes ready to receive you into loving arms, who wants to show you all the wonders the universe has to offer. It wants to experience something new and unique and wants to pour out unconditional love on you and welcome you to the greater family of souls who are all working together and participating in the Great Plan.


“You are a part of that Great Plan, my friends, and we invite you to connect with us and share in this feeling of brotherly love. You are known by name here and when the body sleeps we commune together in higher planes of consciousness. The more disciplined you are in your commitment to sit in stillness and connect, the greater shall this feeling of family and belonging become to you. Be aware when you come into stillness, that you sit in a greater circle of many who are also learning from you, for there is a great exchange taking place in the complexity of universe circuitry that makes efficient use of all experience — you teach as well as learn — even when you are unaware of it.

“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”