2017-04-29-Give Me Peace

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Topic: Give Me Peace and I Will Give You Peace in Return

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon

TR: Valdir Soares



Gaia: “I am Gaia, the God the Supreme’s planetary deity-focalization for Urantia. I am the rendezvous of all bona fide life energy on this sphere. I absorb all good and bad experiences; the former immediately, the latter, after they have been purged of their inconsistencies through spiritual resolution. I synthesize these experiences and give back to you the average balance in accordance with your present spiritual status. If you give me peace, I give you peace in return. The more peace is given, the better the evolution of peace will manifest on Urantia. You now need much Peace, so give me Peace.

Give me Peace by Wishing for Peace. Thinking of peace is good, but not enough. In order for me to process your thinking, it must be more than an intellectual observation. It needs to come from your will. It needs for you to desire the peace because a sincere desire can bring effective action and start the circuit of real decisions motivated by Beauty. Peace is related to Beauty because peace is harmony, which is the core of all that is beautiful. Don’t be a theoretical expert for peace. Be an experiential one, longing for peace from within, from your very heart.

Give me Peace by Feeling Peace. Emotions may carry spiritual energy if they spring from love, truth and beauty. So, if yours were born from these, I can absorb your emotions. Do not only wish peace in your heart but enjoy peace, which is proportional to the degree of harmonization you have in your personal life. It is not only harmonization at the intellectual level, but rather the moral, ethical and spiritual levels that count towards a plus-experience of peace in your life. Harmonize your life with what you know of the will of God and you will increasingly feel peace in your life.

Give me Peace by Practicing Peace. So far, by wishing and feeling, peace is about you and how I can process it for my experiential growth and give it back as a racial gain. The personal dimension is important, but it is in the social one of practicing peace that it makes the greatest difference. Practice peace by renouncing violence, abuse, prejudice, and by advocating peace in all human relationships. Start with your family relations, extend it to professional, community, national and global relations. Be a beacon for peace. Listen to what your Jesus taught: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers!’

Therefore, my child, peace will not happen by magic. It will be a consequence of what you have nurtured as the human race on Urantia. In fact, if peace now fails to lodge on this planet, you are responsible for such failure. You have all spiritual help available, if you would only make use of it to expedite your spirituality as a race. Let me help you. Give me more bona fide goodwill towards peace and I will assist you in making peace a reality on Urantia. I am Urantia, Gaia, your Mother Earth. Give me Peace!”