2019-01-06-All Is Well

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Topic: All Is Well

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Michael

TR: Allene Vick



I got this message from Michael very early this morning. I had been requesting a message from any of the members of the celestial teams I work with to share on our Sunday call. I was feeling discouraged yesterday as I heard nothing - nada - from any on my celestial teams. So, I was so delighted to hear from Michael early this morning with his message. He asked me to share this with our group and to send it to the other lists, also. So, this is what I will do. I feel it is a great message for the times we are in now and I feel you will too. Relax, enjoy, give thanks and celebrate this message confirming that the Correcting Time is and has been actively engaged in steps bringing us forward to Light and Life. May this message from Michael inspire all of us to give more consideration to what we can do to contribute for the greatest good of all. As Michael says, "All is well." With love and appreciation, Allene


Michael: In answer to a request for some words from me, I would like to share these words with you this morning. Your world is going through a birthing time that can be seen in technical jargon as switching to a brand new operating system that will benefit all on all levels in all areas of your society. This is a dynamic and disruptive process that requires taking down the old to build a new beginning. Just like an old dilapidated building has to be demolished in order to build a foundation for a new building, this is how it will be. Naturally this will create confusion and chaos, but be of good cheer. All is well. This is a major step during this Correcting Time that needs to be done and the time is now for this to take place. Much effort over a long period of time has brought the many pieces together to make this transition possible and it will be successful. It is important that you stay in your peace as you see all of the coming events unfold as your peace will be more beneficial to the over all good than any of you are able to realize. This I ask each of you to do. If you find you are losing your feeling of peace, please turn to me and ask me to embrace you with my peace and I will. If you find yourself feeling confused, please turn to Mother Spirit and ask her for clarity to more forward confidently taking the next steps on your individual path of service to yourself and all those around you. Remember the importance of taking care of yourself in order for you to be able to take care of others. This is often misunderstood as being selfish. It is not. It is what is needed in order for you to make a greater contribution to the Correcting Time. Let not your hearts be troubled. This is a time of gratitude and celebration as you are to witness a wonderful new world begin to develop with wondrous opportunities for new growth from the mundane to the majestic. Now is a good time to take some time to reflect deeply on the desires of your heart. Clarity, focus, intention and belief are the basics of manifestation.


I wish to take time now to assure you once again that you all are powerful creative beings beyond your comprehension. Your greatest limitation is your inability to fully believe. Your challenge is to learn to move beyond the uncertainty that impedes your ability to believe. As you sincerely petition Father, me and Mother Spirit to build and strengthen your belief, it will be strengthened for you to move beyond uncertainty and develop your creative potential.