2022-03-06-Peace and Harmony

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Topic: Peace and Harmony

Group: Cosmic Circle


Teacher: Amanson, Capicio, Machiventa

TR: Mark Turnbull, Allene Vick



t/r: Mark T: Amanson: Fear not. You have been doing due diligence to the cause. The time spent away from these lessons has been time spent in applying the lessons to the art of daily living. You can come clean as a whistle when your studies have provided you with the where-with-all to tackle all that besets you, confronts you, as you disentangle all the foillage on the trail before you. Once you’ve put into performance the concepts we have discussed here, you can feel free – unencumbered – to head back into the classroom for more ‘fodder’. These shouldn’t feel like homework – duties to be performed – they should register in your heart as enthusiastically anticipated meetings, fun for both of us. And now that we’re here let’s advance the agenda. The equilibrium that is currently being sought in the world is a balance that is presently so far beyond the requirements of the participants that it is almost embarrassing. I realize this seems an odd thing to hear from a Trinity Teacher Son but we must call, as you say, ‘a spade a spade.’ Where are the desires for equilibrium? Where are the purposes needed to achieve balance? Compassion is in short supply even though it is advertised daily in your war headlines. Your world is being gifted (as crazy as this may sound) with a living example of a theater of mercy-pleading and compassion called for. But it’s the irony of the answer to these pleadings and calls that make me shudder. The very ones calling for mercy abroad are the very ones denying it at home. Your world is in desperate straits, but perhaps – just perhaps – this present situation will indeed turn the tide; the extreme irony will sink into the participants and some self-reflection will ensue.

How tired people will and must become. The stress of an aggravated relationship is most stressful of all, and when it’s relationships between entire nations it can be devastating. The problem is the people – the citizens, nation to nation – can get along just fine. We all realize we drink from the same well. But the governments, those entities working at the behest of those with the money, are determined to keep all of mankind at their mercy. There’s that word again [mercy] but in its offensive posture. Mankind will get through this – there is a pattern and it is being played out – but it’s one that will do much harm - much destruction in its deconstruction. Love has to be implemented as the fundamental constituent at society’s core. And to do this much nasty, prohibitive, tired, mercenary conceptual thinking must be dismantled, taken apart and buried in the past. Put it in a museum as relics, examples of “what was”, but it must never be allowed to become so predominant again. These are the lessons of the times,

t/r: Allene Vick Capicio: As I shared with you and Ray earlier Rana and I are here to help you learn to heal all things on your world recognizing and using the power of love. The key focus is on relationships of all things from the tiniest particles in your bodies to relationships with all the beings in the many universes and beyond. Everything you can imagine is a part of the whole and each part makes a contribution positively or negatively. All sentient beings influence the contributions that are made collectively. It is your choice how you choose to use the talents and abilities you were given and have developed.

Your body is a perfect example. All the electrons, protons, photons, mitochondria, cells, organs, systems and structures are designed to form a particular function in the body. When one part is injured or malfunctions, it has the potential to effect all parts of the body. Just as you have the ability to influence how the body will respond, you have the influence to how the larger world outside of your body responds to the situations that arise in all the various relationships between people, communities, states, nations, worlds universes - even galaxies and beyond. You don;t need to have any advanced degrees to recognize and appreciate truth, beauty and goodness and the desire to share it is where your sphere of influence takes place. The desire to share this is an act of love and thus adding to the healing of the world you live in.

It would be a great service of love and healing to let all know that we, the Arcturians, are here to help all beings on earth to heal themselves and their world in every way. We are not allowed to interfere with your free will, however, we are most willing to be of help when our help is requested..All that is needed to contact us is to sit quietly and say our name silently or vocally. We are able to pick up your energy signature and communicate with you and/or respond to you healing request.

Rana and I work as a team. I am what you might consider the more masculine part of the team and Rana, the more feminine part of the team. Please feel free to contact whoever feels right to you either Rana or me. It makes no difference as our healing abilities are the same. n

Please keep in mind that our healing abilities are not limited to healing the body. They can be used to heal the many afflictions you have with the corruption of many systems on your world - financial, medical, political, governmental, and legal among others. When difficulties and disagreements occur between planets, I am a negotiator, who goes to each planet and tries to help them come to understand that are ways that are better and more beneficial for both planets through cooperation instead of contention. Rana and I have a wide variety of experience in many areas that you deal with on your world. We would like you to know and to share the information that we are very contactable and appreciate all attempts to contact us. It may take a little bit of time to realize that this is possible. With your practice and our intention to be in contact with you, it should not be too long before the conversation starts and we develop an on going relationship with you that is pleasing to you and to us allowing us to fulfill our mission to be of service to help you to learn how to heal yourselves and your world to become the way you and it was designed to be. - beautiful, whole, and healthy.


We thank you for sharing our message and look forward to conversing with many who read this message about the power of healing with love. It is free and it works!

t/r: Allene Machiventa: Good day to each of you and it is a good \day. Your banner with the words, Love, Peace and Harmony in Oneness that you created and visualize over Putin, Xi and Bidden and then over their advisors and once again over their generals is very effective. I suggest that you let as many people as you can know about this banner and how you use it to promote peace at thiis time. As some of you have already found this visualization is easily understood and others are willing to join in this effort. Thank you for your intentions and efforts. Peace will come about through many such efforts by many individuals and groups around the world that desire peace for all. Feel free to join in support of all efforts you come across for peace to come to all parts of your world in all relationships.