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  • 1.The action or fact of agreeing.
  • 2. The action of pleasing or contenting; satisfaction. Obs.
  • 3. The action of consenting; consent. Obs.
  • 4. A setting at one; atonement (both in its earlier sense of reconciliation, and its later sense of propitiation, satisfaction). Obs.
  • 5. A coming into accord; an arrangement between two or more persons as to a course of action; a mutual understanding; a covenant, or treaty.
  • 6. Law. A contract duly executed and legally binding on the parties making it.
  • 7. Accordance in sentiment, opinion, action, or purpose; harmony, concord; absence of dissension.
  • 8. Mutual conformity of things, whether due to likeness or to mutual adaptation; concord, harmony, affinity.