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Sustainability Design Teams or design teams for short and SDT even shorter, also called co-creative design teams (CCDT) are a small group of individuals and celestials that gather together periodically to “design,” plan the way new sustainable institutions will work. And more.

Our current civilization and institutions were never designed to be sustainable and we are now seeing the problem this lack of planning has caused. The celestials, specifically Rayson, Sondjah, Monjoronson, Charles, et al. Have given us a schematic for sustainability and a set of three interlocking values, the quality of life, equality of persons and maximizing the potential for growth of each individual. Design teams utilize these to analyze and formulate plans for a sustainable future.

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Unlike current efforts to promote material sustainability the emphasis here is on social sustainability. Design teams are all about creating plans for society that maximize the individual, the family, the neighborhood, town, city, state, nation, world. From the perspective of the celestials the wealth of this world is the individual. The individual has suffered in the current civilization and as this civilization crashes it needs to be replaced by a civilization that values the individual and family as its premier resource.

This will require a completely different perspective than the one most of us have now. A different way of looking at things that is more in tune with our celestial brothers and sisters. Design teams will be involved in doing the planning, making the plans that will be instituted by other teams, that will be the beginning of the era of light and life.

The celestials have been talking about design teams for several years now but relatively few SDTs have actually been formed and are working. Recently, in Conversations with Monjoronson #61 & 62, Monjoronson has said that he has said enough about design teams, now is the time for action, it is time to actually get design teams started.

There is a great deal of information about design teams in the transcripts and soon there will be a book entitled HEALING A BROKEN WORLD, a power point presentation published and other books will follow.

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