Cambridge Cosmology

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Cambridge Cosmology

These Cambridge Relativity and Cosmology public home pages have been created in response to the UK Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) drive to improve the public understanding of science and technology (PUST). The editors and authors of these pages are indicated below. We are also gratefully acknowledge permission from the listed organisations for the free use of photographs and diagrams. Most of the graphical design, animations and WWW authoring was achieved on Silicon Graphics workstations.


  • H Andrew Chamblin & J Ashbourn (Holography)
  • Kate Croudace (Inflation)
  • Rufus Hamade (Black Holes)
  • Carlos Herdeiro (M-theory)
  • Thomas Hertog (Quantum Cosmology)
  • Carlos Martins (Cosmic Strings)
  • Harvey Reall (Quantum Cosmology)
  • Paul Shellard (Hot Big Bang, Galaxies, CMBR, Cosmic Strings & Inflation)
  • Andrew Sornborger (Cosmic Strings & textures)
  • John Stewart (Black Holes)
  • Jiun-Huei Proty Wu (Large-Scale Structure)

Photo Permissions