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  • 1. The quality or condition of being fair; beauty: a. in the abstract; also concr. something that is fair, a beautiful feature, an ornament.
b. of women.
c. of men and children; rarely of animals. Obs. or arch.
d. of inanimate things. Obs.
e. of speech. Obs.
  • 2. Of the complexion or skin: Lightness of colour.
  • 3. Equitableness, fair dealing, honesty, impartiality, uprightness.
c1460 Townley Myst. 195 It is best that we trete hym with farenes.
1722 Wodrow Corr. (1843) II. 628, I hope fairness and truth were in mine eye.
1771 Junius Lett. xlvi. 245 No man..will dispute the fairness of this construction.
1802 Med. Jrnl. VIII. 184 We do not doubt of the fairness of the statement.
1859 MACAULAY Biog. (1867) 91 A show of fairness was..necessary to the prosperity of the Magazine. 1888 BRYCE Amer. Commw. III. xcix. 387 The criticisms of an outspoken press rarely assail..their [English judges'] fairness.
  • 4. Of the weather: The state of being free from storms or rain; fineness. Obs.
  • 5. Courtesy. Obs.
  • 6. Gentleness; only in by, with fairness: by fair or gentle means. Obs.

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Never forget there is only one adventure which is more satisfying and thrilling than the attempt to discover the will of the living God, and that is the supreme experience of honestly trying to do that divine will. And fail not to remember that the will of God can be done in any earthly occupation. Some callings are not holy and others secular. All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairness--justice."[1]