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from Latin fascinat- ppl. stem of fascinare to enchant, f. fascinum spell, witchcraft. Cf. F. fasciner


  • 1. trans. To affect by witchcraft or magic; to bewitch, enchant, lay under a spell. Obs.
  • 2.a. To cast a spell over (a person, animal, etc.) by a look; said esp. of serpents.
b. In later use disconnected from the notion of witchcraft: To deprive of the power of escape or resistance, as serpents are said to do through the terror produced by their look or merely by their perceived presence.
b. To attract and retain the attention of (a person) by an irresistible influence.
c. .Now usually, To attract and ‘hold spellbound’ by delightful qualities; to charm, enchant.


allure, beguile, bewitch, captivate, enchant, charm, kill, magnetize, wile, witch


A person can be fascinated by or with another person or thing. It is correct to speak of someone's fascination with a person or thing; one can also say a person or thing has a fascination for someone