Crown Jewels

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Crown jewels are artifacts that represent or symbolize the power of a sovereign over their respective state.

  • 1. a. An ornamental fillet, wreath, or similar encircling ornament for the head, worn for personal adornment, or as a mark of honour or achievement; a coronal or wreath of leaves or flowers.
b. fig. Chiefly referring to the wreath with which the victor was crowned in the ancient Grecian and Roman games, or to the AUREOLA of a martyr, virgin, or doctor, as victor over the world, the flesh, or the devil; usually the sense is more or less idealized or spiritualized (e.g. in crown of martyrdom, martyr's crown; "no cross, no crown", etc.), or transferred to any kind of honourable distinction or reward bestowed upon a victor.
  • 2. spec. a. The cincture or covering for the head, made of or adorned with precious metals and jewels, worn by a monarch as a mark or symbol of sovereignty; a diadem.
b. Christ's crown of thorns.
c. crown of thorns (starfish): a poisonous starfish, Acanthaster planci or A. ellisi.
  • 3. fig. The sovereignty, authority, or dominion of which a crown is the symbol; the rule, position, or empire of a monarch. Chiefly in phrases in which the sense, originally literal, has ceased to be analysed.
  • 5. fig. That which adorns like a crown; a chief or crowning ornament.